Crazy Detective Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Sudden Assassination

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Telescope, Power Jamming Device, Invisible Propeller, Invisible Loudspeaker, All-Purpose Antidote, Invisible Invisibility Cloak, Invisible Bullet Proof Suit… As he was looking at all of the newly received devices, Zhao Yu felt overwhelmed. He had earned quite a lot!

Besides the devices that he often used, he had also received a few new devices. Also, besides the superbly high completion rate and a huge variety of devices, Zhao Yu had benefitted from a handsome influx of accumulated points!

The Kun hexagram that he had gotten previously had directed him to his hotel room. However, ever since Zhao Yu ran away from the hotel room, he had encountered quite a few miracle adventures continuously. Hence, his accumulated points had been constantly increasing.

In the end, the accumulated points, which were nearing their end after strengthening the two devices, suddenly increased and even surpassed his original accumulated points to become 668 points! After strengthening his device twice, Zhao Yu could really feel the benefits of the accumulated points. If he couldn’t have strengthened the Invisible Detector, he wouldn’t have been able to find the drone, which meant that he would have ended up being led by his enemy!

Hehe. Looking at his accumulated points, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but laugh. He never thought that the number would be so impressive!

Looking at Zhao Yu laughing at himself, Ma Runkui couldn’t help but interrupt. “Bro, are you okay? Don’t worry. Division Chief Jiao said that, no matter how strong the enemy is, we will guarantee your safety!”

“Oh, and I rushed over to tell you something. The embassy has taken care of the car crash and assault that happened in the Landing! You and Su Jinmei are fine now. In fact, you can return in a few days! Once we return to our own home turf, I don’t think that they will take action hastily!”

Regarding that, Zhao Yu couldn’t agree with him. In the Gem Theft Case, the Indian named AK couldn’t be consider as just any difficult person, as he had been able to kill the representative from China and fake a gas poisoning incident! Against such cunning spies, who were clearly more cunning than most, he couldn’t see how anyone could guarantee his safety.


Zhao Yu sighed, then pouted as he thought. Luckily, not only had the system awarded him an Emergency Alarm, but it also gave him a top-grade device, the Invisible Hedge Ball! With his few devices, at least he wouldn’t need to worry that he would be assassinated all of a sudden!

“Bro, the embassy is really nice to you!” Ma Runkui said with admiration. “Before I arrived, I already heard from the attache that he had prepared Australian lobsters for you tonight, and he even said he was going to open a bottle of really nice wine, too! You’re so lucky!”

“Nonsense. Why don’t you talk about the benefits that I have brought them, instead?” Zhao Yu had already had lobsters, so he naturally wasn’t that impressed.

“Don’t worry, bro!” Ma Runkui said. “I’ve worked for the Foreign Affairs Office for so many years, but I have never seen anyone who contributed in such a great way as you! So, the higher ups will definitely not treat you shabbily. Although it can’t be talked about openly, your reward will definitely be beneficial for your future career path and will most certainly involve a promotion!”

“Alright, but first let me ponder how to stay alive!” Zhao Yu said, then left the meeting room swiftly.

Ma Runkui him followed closely and said, “Oh yeah… I have something else to tell you. I’m afraid that there will only be a few of us at tonight’s dinner. The officers in the embassy are going to do their regular routines, including the attache. After all, everyone has to pretend like nothing happened! So, bro, let me have the honor of drinking with you tonight.”

“Mm? What?” At that moment, Su Jinmei heard some movement and came down the stairs on the other side. She then asked, “Section Chief Ma, is there any update today? Can I call my family again? I’m afraid that they might be worried!”

“Oh, sure. Go ahead,” Ma Runkui quickly turned to lead Su Jinmei into the meeting room.

Before entering the meeting room, Su Jinmei couldn’t help but turn back to steal a glance at Zhao Yu. However, Zhao Yu had already turned around to walk towards his room upstairs.

As he walked, he thought about the bizarre adventure in the Landing. It seemed that it was just like his premonition had depicted. The Landing wasn’t as calm as it had seemed at first!

Although Zhao Yu already knew a lot of insights, he still couldn’t understand the ins and outs of everything. For instance, if the vault in the honey shop and the spies were related, he couldn’t understand why the spies killed everyone. He wondered…

Could it be that they were enemies, too? Or… Maybe they were trying to clean up their faction?

Also… As they are such a mysterious group, is there a person… Or a superb nation that is supporting them behind-the-scenes?

As the information consisted of a huge corporation’s deepest and darkest secrets… Then, how did the information leak out?

Were they working together… Or were they framed?

Zhao Yu had never expected to be involved in such a high-level international dispute when he was merely there to look for someone regarding a personal matter! Although it looked as though he had performed an extraordinary deed for the nation, Zhao Yu felt uneasy.

He couldn’t tell if it was a good or bad thing! After all, he was merely a police officer, so how could he be doing a spy’s job all of a sudden? If it were to persist, he had to wonder if the nation would expect him to become a spy or a double agent in the future.

When Zhao Yu got upstairs, he looked through his Invisible Detector again. The Invisible Detector had a delay function, so it could work for nine days.

After it was strengthened, its detecting scope could reach over forty meters. Then, if the enemy was to use a drone for a surprise attack again, he naturally would be alerted.

Upon seeing that everything looked normal on the detector, Zhao Yu calmed down. Then, Zhao Yu pushed the door open and entered his room. He wanted to go to the toilet, but suddenly, when he closed the door behind him, a shadow appeared behind the door! Before Zhao Yu could respond, the person seized control of Zhao Yu’s neck with his arm!

Huh? Zhao Yu was surprised. He never thought that there would be anyone who dared to attack him in the embassy! Moreover, the person behind him was strong. After he seized Zhao Yu’s neck, Zhao Yu couldn’t shake him off.

However, Zhao Yu was no easy target. He quickly ran backwards and hit the person behind him against the wall with all of his strength!

As the distance between them and the wall was quite close, the person didn’t loosen his grip. In fact, the person’s arm held on even more tightly, while his other hand suddenly punched Zhao Yu’s temple in an attempt to knock him out.

Although Zhao Yu was hit, it didn’t affect him much. He suddenly flipped the person behind him over his back. The person was experienced, and he supported himself on Zhao Yu’s shoulder so that Zhao Yu couldn’t flip him over again.


Zhao Yu’s face was flushed as he walked towards the glass window in the toilet with the person still behind him. Zhao Yu’s thought was obvious. As they were in the Chinese embassy, as long as he made a huge movement, fully armed soldiers would hear the commotion and rush over in the blink of an eye!

As expected, Zhao Yu leaned sideways and hit the glass. The person behind him obviously didn’t want to cause such a huge commotion as breaking the glass, so he let go of his arm and kicked Zhao Yu away.

Zhao Yu landed on the ground, and just as he wanted to turn around and look at the assassin to see his face, the assassin picked up the clothes rack at the door and slammed it back at Zhao Yu.

In between the gap of the clothes rack, Zhao Yu could still see what the assassin looked like. However, the assassin was wearing a terrifying mask that was covered in tattoos! Zhao Yu instantly recognized the mask, so he had to wonder…

Who is the assassin that is wearing Maori’s mask?