Crazy Detective Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Not Eating Dinner

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The assassin swung the heavy clothes rack at Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu swiftly kicked it away. Then, the assassin slammed it down again, while Zhao Yu turned around to jump to the side. As the clothes rack landed on the ground, a few hangers fell off of it.

Zhao Yu grabbed the table lamp and threw it, but the assassin blocked it with the clothes rack. Then, Zhao Yu dashed over and landed a heavy punch on the assassin’s mask.

The assassin spun the clothes rack and withstood Zhao Yu’s attack, but Zhao Yu was too strong. Although his punch landed on the clothes rack, it was so furious that the assassin retreated and hit the wall due to the impact.

Zhao Yu punched again and came before the assassin. When the assassin saw that Zhao Yu was so near him, he abandoned the clothes rack and started throwing punches.

The two of them wrestled in the narrow room for quite some time. Zhao Yu’s punches and kicks were ferocious, while the assassin’s actions were swift. The two of them fought a few rounds, but there was no clear winner.

However, Zhao Yu was not stupid. Although the assassin was wearing a mask, he saw through him.

Firstly, when the assassin attacked him, the Emergency Alarm in his head didn’t alert him. This meant that the assassin didn’t intend to kill him! Secondly, due to his innate sensitivity, Zhao Yu was definite that assassin was a woman.

Thirdly, he found the person’s actions to be very familiar. So, the assassin was obviously someone he was familiar with!

Thinking of all of this, Zhao Yu was hot with emotion. However, the assassin didn’t look like she was going to show mercy. Just as Zhao Yu was daydreaming, she landed a punch on his shoulder, causing Zhao Yu to immediately take a few steps back.

Zhao Yu leaned his head sideways and was boiling with anger all of a sudden. He rallied his forces once more and dashed forward to fight against the assassin with all of his strength.

At that moment, the assassin seemed to have steadied herself, and she started fighting more confidently. She kicked with her long leg and flipped Zhao Yu over her back via some impressive Judo moves.

After a few rounds, the assassin suddenly jumped in the air and let out a ferocious spin kick at Zhao Yu’s chest. Zhao Yu couldn’t dodge it in time, so he could only block his chest with both of his hands as he was kicked.

Zhao Yu flew up in the sky and landed heavily on the CD player, which was on the other side of the bed. He happened to hit the on button as he landed.

Although Zhao Yu had stayed in the room for five days already, he had never turned on the old-fashioned CD player. He never expected that there was actually a CD in it.

When it turned on, a song with a lofty spirit and soaring determination started playing. It was Strong Will, Loyal Heart from The Legend of Condor Heroes.

“Ah. Ah. Boundless desert… Who’s afraid of greetings by snow.”

Accompanied with this music that stirred people’s hearts, Zhao Yu strived to defeat his opponent. Although he could already recognize the assassin that attacked him, he still dashed forward.

Maybe it was due to the influence of the music, but the assassin suddenly took on an arrogant posture and fought even more vigorously with Zhao Yu! The two of them took turns landing furious punches on one another.

“The Condor Heroes ran beyond the Great Wall, then laughed proudly that they did not have any regrets…”

As the high-spirited music kept playing, the two of them were enjoying the fight. Maybe it was because they were too familiar with one another’s fighting skills, but neither of them managed to take advantage of the other.

“Been through calamities, but gratitude makes it hard to break…”

Finally, the music that was filled with enthusiasm came to an end, leaving both of them panting for air and covered in sweat. Zhao Yu knew that most of his skills would be predicted by the assassin. Hence, he wouldn’t be able to win the match if he were to continue to fight according to the rules.

Hence, he had a wicked idea that popped into his head. When the fight resumed, he suddenly changed his fighting pattern and started attacking the person’s most sensitive body parts.

Specifically, he grabbed the person’s boobs and butt. As every attack was somewhat perverse, they caught the other person by surprise.

“Stupid gangster!” The other person was clearly starting to panic.

As she quickly realized that she might have exposed herself by using her voice, she quickly landed another heavy punch and kicked at Zhao Yu’s chest. After hearing her voice, Zhao Yu felt his heart pumping.

As he saw that her kick was descending, he performed a counterattack recklessly. He pressed the other person’s foot on his shoulders and pushed her against the wall. He then supported both of his hands against the wall with her head in between!

“Ah!” The other person was caught by surprise and quickly aimed at Zhao Yu’s face with some punches.

Zhao Yu rolled onto the ground. Not only did he dodge her punch by doing so, but he seized the chance to sneak behind her and grab her neck!

However, although she was at a disadvantage, she was a veteran of many battles. So, when Zhao Yu grabbed her neck, she leaned backwards to push Zhao Yu on the ground!

After they fell down together, she immediately put her headlocking skills into play to lock Zhao Yu in this position. However, she underestimated Zhao Yu’s capabilities. Although she had locked Zhao Yu’s limbs, Zhao Yu extended his neck to reach her chest!

The assassin panicked and punched him hard, but Zhao Yu only laughed and held her fist. He then flipped around and pushed her further onto the ground.

This shocked the assassin. She then realized that she had been pranked, so she wanted to break free. But, Zhao Yu pressed her arms down and did a shocking gangster move. He put his tongue out, then licked and kissed her neck!

The assassin got impatient with his shenanigans at this point, but she couldn’t shake Zhao Yu off! Her body started shaking vigorously, as she was quite angry and excited.

As Zhao Yu was about to continue with his loathsome actions, he realized that she had stopped struggling, while her chest was heaving up and down vigorously. It seemed that… She was crying!

Zhao Yu let loose of his grip, then took off her Maori mask. It was just as he had expected! Underneath the mask was the beautiful face of Miao Ying!

Although Zhao Yu knew long ago that the assassin was his beloved Miao Ying, Zhao Yu still felt a surge of emotions well up in his heart when he saw her face. Zhao Yu felt like he was dreaming and was at loss of words in that instance.

“Woo, woo…” Miao Ying was already covered in tears and was wailing her lungs out.

Even though she was emotional, she still scolded him, “You’re still the same old gangster! How could you fight off those people with your fighting skills like that? Woo…”

“Ying Ying, is it really you?” Zhao Yu pulled her into his embrace tightly.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu was thrilled. Tears welled up in his eyes, and although he hugged Miao Ying, he felt as though he was hugging the entire world!

“Woo woo…” Miao Ying was acting like a child. She buried her head in Zhao Yu’s arms as she wailed and hugged Zhao Yu’s neck.

Knock knock knock. Knock knock knock.

All of a sudden, they heard someone knocking at the door. Soon, they heard the voice of an embassy police officer, who said, “Mister Zhao, dinner is ready. You can come downstairs now!”

“Go away!” Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying tightly as he roared like a mad lion, “I don’t want to have dinner tonight! Go ahead and eat with whoever you like! If you disturb me again, don’t blame me for being rude. Now… Go away!”