Crazy Detective Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Score A Lucky Hit

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“Your got longer!” Zhao Yu helped Miao Ying to her feet and wiped her tears away, while he held her hand tightly.

“How many times have I told you to not neglect your practice?” Miao Ying started lecturing, “Look how much you have you fallen behind! I only seized ahold of your neck earlier, but what if I had stabbed you with a knife?”

“Mm…” Zhao Yu quickly pointed at the mask and replied, “Your taste is getting worse. Why did you wear a Maori mask? The contrast is too striking. Actually, I knew it was you all along!”

“You’re just trying to change the subject!” Miao Ying wiped away her tears and complained, “Ever since I left, you’ve never gone for training, right? Look how weak you have become! You’re still using those same old moves! How can I not worry about you?”

“You’re the one who is changing the subject! I defeated you in the end, right?” Zhao Yu protested.

“Can’t you tell that I let you win?” Miao Ying refuted his statement stubbornly. “If I didn’t show you mercy, you’d have lost long ago!”

“What? You showed me mercy? Look at the clothes rack! It’s already broken! How’s that showing me mercy? And…” Zhao Yu pointed at his head and said, “That punch on my temple… I don’t see any mercy in that!”

“You are still so stubborn! D*mn gangster!” Miao Ying raised her arm and wanted to hit Zhao Yu but he move closer and said in intoxication, “Mmm… It’s been a while since someone has called me that. It’s such an awesome feeling, as I feel at home now. Only my Miao Miao could make that name sound so nice!”

“You!” Miao Ying didn’t know if she should be angry or happy. “Same old d*mn gangster!”

“Hurry up and hit me! I can’t wait any longer,” Zhao Yu said. “I even miss your punches!”

“Alright!” Miao Ying aimed at Zhao Yu’s face and swung her fist ferociously, while Zhao Yu closed his eyes leisurely and looked as though he was enjoying it!

Of course, Miao Ying wouldn’t be so heartless as to actually punch him severely. Instead, her fist stopped just before it connected with Zhao Yu’s nose. Sensing that she had stopped herself from punching him, Zhao Yu opened his eyes and embraced Miao Ying for the second time. Then, he turned around and leaned backwards, while they landed on the bed together.

He then said, “It’s actually not that I neglected my practice, but I have been investigating so many cases all this time. I have no extra time to practice at all!” Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying dearly as he explained himself.

“I heard that you were transferred to the special investigation group and became the leader. You also solved a major case!” Miao Ying looked at Zhao Yu lovingly, then said, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t be with you during that case! I’m green with envy!”

“Yeah!” Then, Zhao Yu quickly grabbed Miao Ying’s hands and asked her, “Quick, tell me… What happened to you? Why did you have to leave me? Why did you come to New Zealand? What’s going on? What did you do in the Landing?”

Before Zhao Yu finished asking her his numerous questions, Miao Ying leaped over and kissed him on the lips. Miao Ying’s aroused passion reminded Zhao Yu of the pain of lovesickness that he had been hiding. They kissed passionately, then quickly progressed to the next stage of intimacy.

Of course, Zhao Yu knew that since Miao Ying could appear in his room, it meant that she shared a special relationship with the embassy. Even though the Strong Will Loyal Heart was playing in the background on the highest volume, besides the person who had called him for dinner earlier, there was no response at all from the embassy regarding the noise.

Hence, he had no doubt that this meant that they knew what was going on in the room between the two of them. So, Zhao Yu relaxed entirely and unleashed his passion without holding back!

This lasted until about eight that night, when the movement in the room finally calmed down. At that very moment, Miao Ying was holding a bottle of red wine in one hand and a wine glass in the other. She poured herself a glass of red wine.

“This is a 1979 Sauvignon Blanc!” Miao Ying said as she took a sip. “My dad purposely told me to bring this for you!”

“Huh?” Zhao Yu was stunned by her words and quickly replied, “My father-in-law sent this? So, that means…”

“Come, try it!” Miao Ying passed the wine glass to Zhao Yu.

As he was thrilled, he grabbed the wine bottle instead of the small glass and chugged it! After a few gulps, Zhao Yu put his tongue out and said, “This is so darn good! Thank my father-in-law for me!”

“B*stard!” Miao Ying patted Zhao Yu’s shoulder and grumbled flirtatiously, “What a waste! There are less than a hundred bottles of this in the world! If my dad found out that you did that…”

“Alright, my love. Hurry up and tell me what happened!” Zhao Yu quickly said. “Let’s make a deal. Tell me your secret, then I’ll tell you the entire story about the Headless Female Corpses Case!”

Miao Ying suddenly beamed with joy and said, “I thought you were working on the Pharmaceutical Factory Murder Case! How… The Headless Female Corpses Case? Oh God! Isn’t that a case from the yellow notebook? Don’t tell me that you solved it when I was away! How long has it been?”

“You deserve this,” Zhao Yu replied frankly. “Who told you to leave me behind, just like that? If I couldn’t find you, I’m afraid that I would’ve gone on to solve every single case!”

“You! Quick, tell me… Who is the murderer?” Miao Ying was like an excited kid. She pulled Zhao Yu’s arm and pleaded with him.

But, when she saw that Zhao Yu kept quiet, she pouted and said, “Alright, I’ll go first. I’ll tell you, okay?”

Zhao Yu took another few big gulps of red wine, then made a face as he waited impatiently for her to start explaining.

“Mm… Where should I start?” Miao Ying looked at the wine bottle, then said, “Mm… From the last time I visited home then! Back then, I already told my parents about us. Don’t be angry, but when they found out about you, out of a hundred, my dad gave you a 19.5, while my mom gave you an 11.5!”

“What the heck? Are your parents accountants now? They’re good with decimal points, huh?” Zhao Yu put his tongue out and took another gulp of red wine.

Miao Ying suddenly switched her tone and said, “But, a few days ago, after they found out that you were the one who obtained the information from the travel suitcase, there was a tremendous change in your marks! Otherwise, my dad wouldn’t exhort me to bring you this bottle of red wine! Do you know that there was a yacht tycoon in Australia, who once offered two million to buy that bottle of wine? But, my dad wasn’t willing to sell it!”

After hearing that, Zhao Yu nearly spit out the wine in his mouth in Miao Ying’s face!

“You are so stubborn!” However, Miao Ying didn’t really mind about the red wine much, but said emotionally, “You, silly boy! You ran all the way here to look for me just because of a photo! Didn’t I tell you to forget about me?”

Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying’s neck and asked her solemnly, “But… Could you forget about me?”

As Zhao Yu asked that question, tears welled up in Miao Ying’s eyes. She touched Zhao Yu’s hand gently and replied, “Actually, I’d never imagined this could happen, nor could I have hoped for this!”

She then added, “Zhao Yu, you might not know this, but your secret fight in the Landing has changed the entire game! It’s different now. That’s why I was able to take the risk to come and see you today!”