Crazy Detective Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Playing With Life

"Head nurse, this is your mysterious boyfriend?" The nurse who picked up the jelly beans was more excited than the few parties involved and even gave Zhao Yu a thumbs up, "Hes actually a police officer, Im so envious!" Yao Jia gave her a stare and kept quiet.

"Miss Yao Jia, even if you have a boyfriend, I will not give up!" Hao Jiajun was unshaken, "I will work harder to pursue my own happiness, and Im not afraid of any difficulties." He turned to Zhao Yu, "Just wait, Ill issue you a challenge and I will have a fair competition for Miss Yao Jia!"

"Fair? Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu exclaimed, "What for? If you wanna compete with me, we can do it right now, theres no need to wait. Come, you wanna compete right?" Zhao Yu rolled up his sleeves and said to the nurse beside him, "Would you mind getting two scalpels, and also two large measuring cups! Were gonna slash our wrists and collect our blood; the one with the higher volume is the winner, okay?"

"Wh-what?" Hao Jiajun was a sheltered rich kid. How could he have heard of a competition that played with ones life? He was dumbfounded.

"Ah! Okay, Ill go, Ill go and get them!" The nurse seemed eager for more chaos to ensue, and actually agreed to get the items.

"Youre really going to get the sh*t?" This time, the usually gentle Yao Jia could not help but yell, and scolded the nurse, "Are you crazy? Are all of you crazy? You go and do your work!" Yao Jias rage caused the nurses and some of the doctors to leave.

"We can also compete by jumping off of the building!" Zhao Yu continued and pointed out the window, "Well start from the second floor and go up one floor each time before jump down until one of us fall to our death or become disabled. The one who jumps from the highest level will be the winner, alright? Come" With this, Zhao Yu grabbed Hao Jiajuns arm and tried to pull him outside, as if he were really going to make him jump from the building!

Hao Jiajuns face was as white as a sheet. He had intended to use money to compete, but he had not expected his competitor to gamble his own life! Yao Jia was also terrified. She kept tugging at Zhao Yu, wanting him to stop; however, Zhao Yu was determined, and pulled Hao Jiajun straight to the corridor.

Hao Jiajuns enthusiasm and courage had been destroyed by Zhao Yu. He struggled and broke free from Zhao Yu and shouted, "Little cop, just you wait, I will not let this matter rest! I will never give up pursuing Miss Yao Jia, just you wait" His words trailed off as he ran far away.

Yao Jia heaved a big sigh of relief after Hao Jiajun had gone. She quickly passed her medicine tray to another nurse and left.

"Head nurse, what should we do with all these roses?" a nurse asked.

"Call a janitor and get them here to clean up!" Yao Jia said.

"Dont!" The nurse said sympathetically, "These are expensive roses, wouldnt it a pity to throw them away? How about we give them to the patients?"

"Okay, okay, Ill leave that to you!" Yao Jia leaned weakly on the nurses counter, as if she were suffering from a serious illness. After a long while, she finally realized that her fake boyfriend, Zhao Yu, was beside her.

"I...Im so sorry, Officer Wang!" Yao Jia apologized, but she had gotten Zhao Yus last name wrong.

"Zhao Yu!" Zhao Yu was a little disappointed. He had played with his own life for the entire day, but she had already forgotten his last name.

"Oh, Im sorry, Officer Zhao!" Yao Jia touched her own forehead in exhaustion, "Im really sorry! I did an overtime night shift yesterday, and my heads spinning! Im really grateful for your help today; if not for you, I really wouldn't know how to have put an end to this mess!"

Zhao Yu thought to himself, "If not for me, you might have ended it better!" But he had to continue his act, "No problem, I just happened to pass by! It was nothing!" Zhao Yu had wanted to make up more stories about Hao Jiajun, but decided against it after seeing Yao Jias tired face.

"Oh, you said that youre here to see the doctor?" Yao Jia said suddenly, "Whats wrong? Where does it hurt?"

"Mmm" Zhao Yu looked at his own limbs and they all looked perfectly fine so he could only lie, " misheard me, I said I was here to visit someone, not here to see the doctor! See" He pointed at the flowers in his hands, "Why else would I bring flowers?" All of the petals were gone since Zha Yu had used the bouquet to hit the blonde.

" our department? Can I help?" Yao Jia asked with sincerity.

"!" Zhao Yus head was spinning, and he was no longer in the mood to chase girls, "I might have taken a wrong turn. My second grand aunt should be upstairs! I shall not disturb you anymore! See you!"

" the operating room"Yao Jia frowned.

"Oh...operating room" Zhao Yu was getting flustered, but continued his act, "Ah! Whats wrong with my brain? My second aunt is having an operation! The operation might already be over, gotta go!"

"Mmm, thank you for your help today!" Yao Jia saw him off politely, "Feel free to look for me if you need any help in future!"

"Sure, sure, you too. If that rich kid dares to bother you again, feel free to look for me"

After Yao Jia nodded, Zhao Yu finally left the hospital feeling relieved.

After Zhao Yu left, a female doctor said to Yao Jia, "Hes gotta be kidding? The gynaecology and obstetrics departments operation rooms are upstairs, how old is his second grand aunt?" Yao Jia looked at her without saying anything and walked away feeling exhausted. The second doctor continued saying, "Second child? Amazing!!"

After leaving the hospital, Zhao Yu felt uneasy and ambivalent. He had chased after a girl and caused such a mess. What were the chances? Saving a damsel in distress had really turned out to cause the damsel to be distressed.

Luckily he was quick-witted and had tried to salvage the situation. Although he did not win Yao Jias favor, he did not make her detest him either, so he still had chance! He would not be so careless next time, and would come up with a foolproof plan.

He headed straight to Yuxi Alley after leaving the hospital. The blonde and the other punks were already waiting for him there. Although they took a hefty amount of money from the hospital, they were all worried that their chiefs plan had been ruined, and they would be slapped again later. They had thought of running off with the money, but Zhao Yu was a police officer, and he had information on all of their relatives. Where could they run to? They could only hold onto the money and wait anxiously for the demonic detective, Zhao Yu, to arrive.