Crazy Detective Chapter 723

Chapter 723 Great Days

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Although he had been approved to officially restart the Beiqian Devil Case, Zhao Yu had just returned from New Zealand, so he really needed a break.

At the moment, despite his long stay in New Zealand, Zeng Ke, Wu Xiumin, and others were still busy finishing up the Headless Female Corpses Case. As such, he had to wait until they had completely finished.

So, Zhao Yu went back to Qinshan to rest. When Zhao Yu returned to Qinshan this time, the situation was completely different than before!

Because the news about the shocking Headless Female Corpses Case had been on TV, Zhao Yu had become a hero overnight. For such a high-level unsettled case, this news was like a blockbuster movie, as it caused a strong public response! Zhao Yu, as the chief official in the investigation of the case, was known all over the world, and his popularity rose dramatically.

For the Qinshan police, it was a very glorious thing! So, on the first day of Zhao Yu’s arrival in Qinshan, Bureau Chief Hong of the City Council took the lead in preparing a grand celebration feast for him.

As Zhao Yu had just been in Qinshan office for a year, it was very difficult for him to meet the Bureau Chief, let alone to be honored by a large celebration! However, as the rank of Special Investigation Group was above the municipal and even provincial levels, Zhao Yu was the group leader and had solved many major cases. So, it was totally reasonable that others would treat him differently.

However, these changes didn’t excite him anymore. After he had joined the Special Investigation Group, he had seen a lot more than before. Everywhere he went, he received praise and special treatment from the local police. So, he was used to the official routines.

At the table, Zhao Yu’s lively talk and witty words caused everyone to laugh. He completely stole the spotlight from other high officials.

At this banquet, Zhao Yu also met many old acquaintances, including two Vice Bureau Chiefs, Liao Jingxian and Zhou Andong, Crime Investigation Captain Feng Xiao, Rongyang District Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, and so on.

In addition to the police, several officers from the judiciary authorities and the courts also came, as well as some prominent figures in Qinshan. There was even a big-named municipal official named Su Lin, who was the deputy mayor in charge of judicial affairs, who was in attendance. Among all of the people present, he was the highest ranked, so he sat at the front seat.

Zhao Yu didn’t take this person seriously at first, but unexpectedly, he toasted Zhao Yu several times. For the last toast, he even stood up, looking extremely enthusiastic.

Zhao Yu was appreciative, and he toasted others as much as others toasted him. In this manner, back and forth, they all drank several shots. It was not until their faces and ears turned red that Zhao Yu learned from Liao Jingxian that Mayor Su was the father of Su Jinmei, the young apprentice!

What the heck?

Zhao Yu was quite surprised that the young apprentice had such a privileged background. This explained why she was so confident when she spoke.

In retrospect, when Zhao Yu was investigating the Apartment Murder Case, because the matter involved Bureau Chief Hong, Zhao Yu had encountered obstructions from many parties. But, Su Jinmei had said that she could help him solve the problem. He wondered…

Maybe Su Jinmei asked her father for help! No wonder Bureau Chief Hong admitted his mistakes so quickly! At that time, Zhao Yu thought it was Miao Ying who helped him, but now it was more likely that it was Su Jinmei!

Mayor Su was enthusiastic and sincere. He told Zhao Yu that Su Jinmei was obsessed with solving cases and worshipped Zhao Yu. He also expressed that he hoped that Zhao Yu would teach his little apprentice more when he had time to do so.

Zhao Yu agreed happily as he breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, when he was in New Zealand, he had not had any intimate relations with the little girl. Otherwise, he would have had a huge problem today!

After all, it was never good to annoy high officials, let alone a mayor! Among several of the toasts, people praised Zhao Yu as being a model for the police and being the glory of Qinshan.

After enjoying many shots, Zhao Yu became somewhat absent-minded. Once upon a time, he was just a hoodlum with street smarts. But, unexpectedly, a magical experience and a magical system had changed everything! Today, it was really impressive that so many leaders had come to appreciate him so much.

Since returning to Qinshan, many good things had happened to him! The first one was the feast.

Next, because he had successfully cracked the Hasty Murder Case in the pharmaceutical factory, the Criminal Division had awarded him a group bonus of up to 250,000 yuan! This group bonus meant that the money was awarded to the Special Investigation Group.

Now, his position of group leader had finally played its role! It turns out that there was an unwritten regulation for the Special Investigation Group, which stipulated that the bonus would be distributed by the group leader based on merits. So, Zhao Yu could give the others as much as he liked!

For other Special Investigation Groups, the group leader only was able to distribute a little to the team members, yet had to keep all the rest. That’s why the competition for the role of group leader was so fierce.

Of course, Zhao Yu was not that kind of person. Although he did well in solving the case, the team members also worked. So, he took 70,000 for himself, then gave the rest to the other three members equally!

Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin were exultant to get so much money all at once. They never thought that they would get such a big bonus after solving the case.

Coupled with Zhao Yu’s distribution, they had already received 160,000 yuan, which didn’t include the bonuses for the Gem Theft Case and the Headless Female Corpses Case. These two cases were of a higher level than the pharmaceutical factory case, so the bonuses would certainly be even more!

As money increased motivation, they worked even harder. They even said that, in less than a day or two, they would be able to complete their work and join Zhao Yu.

As he waited, Zhao Yu enjoyed a few great days. After all, Miao Ying had been found and the big case was solved. Hence, he was in a particularly great mood.

Plus, he finally had time to do some things for himself, such as maintaining his two cars, getting a driver’s license, having meals with old friends and working out. Of course, he was also actively preparing for the Devil Case. For this reason, he visited Jin Zhenbang on several occasions, telling him the details of the Headless Female Corpses Case and discussing the Devil Case.

A few days later, Zeng Ke, Wu Xiumin, and Ran Tao finally completed their work and came to Qinshan to join Zhao Yu. To welcome them, Zhao Yu invited them to enjoy a special hot pot plus a sauna and massage, which made the three of them very happy.

However, these three had already known that there must be a reason for his luxurious attentiveness. So, when Zhao Yu said that he had applied to reinvestigate the Devil Case, all three of them revealed knowing expressions.

Of course, after the three major cases were solved, the three members were already convinced that Zhao Yu was a genius, so they didn’t have any objections to joining him for this new case. Moreover, when Zhao Yu mentioned the Devil Case, they got so excited, they couldn’t help talking about it at the dining table.

While talking about the case, Zhao Yu somehow sneezed more than a dozen times in a row, and his heart was thumping inexplicably. Feeling the palpitations, Zhao Yu frowned.

What’s wrong with me? Does this mean that it won’t be a smooth journey to solve this Devil Case?