Crazy Detective Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Island Murder

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“Oh my god!” After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu suddenly realized that he had only been thinking about the Devil Case and Tycoon. He had not had time to even consider his hexagrams!

Suddenly, hearing such news reminded him of this. As he expected, when he finally went to check, the Miracle System showed a Kun Gen Hexagram.

Zhao Yu was quite familiar with the combination of these two hexagrams. According to his past experience, Zhao Yu had always encountered very adventurous things when a Kun Hexagram and a Gen Hexagram showed up together. Based on this combination, Chen Zhuo’s case must be quite special.

“You must be kidding! You’re the Special Investigation Group leader, and you’ve also cracked the Headless Female Corpses Case,” Zeng Ke said jokingly with his hands outstretched. “But you don’t know Agatha Christie and the reference to ‘And Then There Were None?’ Well… how about Detective Poirot?”

“I have tried a fruit called Poirot before, but it was too sweet! Why… Is Poirot also a detective?” Zhao Yu answered earnestly as he slowly pulled over to the roadside. At this moment, he had just left Qinshan City.

Wu Xiumin faked anger. “Why is it that every time we want to concentrate on the investigation, this happens? Leader, is this really a new case? And… Do we have to take over the investigation?”

Zhao Yu nodded.

“Master, what’s going on?” Ran Tao shook his head and asked, “What case is so urgent? Please tell me it’s not another drug factory murder.”

“Um… Mr. Chen just told me…” Zhao Yu turned his head as he spoke to the others, “There is a film crew who went to a deserted island in Tongjiang Province to film. Then, during the night, something happened and several people died. Because that island is under the jurisdiction of Quliang City in the Tongjiang Province, they were worried that the Quliang Police couldn’t handle this case, so they wanted us to help!”

“My God!” Ran Tao pinched his finger as he calculated the distance. “From Qinshan to Quliang is more than 2,000 kilometers! Is it possible to take a flight?”

Whether it was that Tycoon really understood his words or it was purely coincidental, when Ran Tao had just finished speaking, Tycoon’s bark was heard from the trunk.

“I don’t understand…” Wu Xiumin shook her head and said, “As far as I know, there are many Special Investigation Groups near Tongjiang. Are they all so busy? Why do we have to go? Leader, your superiors need to know that we are good at dealing with unsettled cases, but urgent cases are not our thing.”

Zhao Yu spoke, while smacking lips, “It seems that we handled the hasty murder in the pharmacy so well, the higher-ups think that we are the best candidates to oversee this!”

“Well, forget what I said then!” While she was speaking, Wu Xiumin seemed to notice something, so she then frowned and asked, “Leader, I don’t understand. How many people died exactly? Since the murders have already happened, don’t we at least need know how many victims there are?”

“I don’t know. Although, it seems that the situation is severe. Otherwise, they wouldn’t need us to come such a long way to help!” Zhao Yu said. “Chen Zhuo also said that he would send us the details as soon as possible. He also contacted the forensic pathologist Gao Facai to help the local police collect evidence and do autopsy tests.”

“Wow!” Zeng Ke couldn’t help but exclaim. “No way! Gao Facai? This must not be a normal case. Is there really a live version of ‘And Then There Were None?’”

“It’s really weird.” Ran Tao shook his head. “Why does a film crew have to travel so far to shoot on an island? What year is it now? With today’s technology, all they need is a green curtain and a synthesizer. Besides, you can also take shots at the seashore, right? That’s at least pretty interesting!”

“I’ve heard that even a very small crew has at least a dozen of people in it.” Wu Xiumin crossed her arms and asked, “Did none of them survive? If that’s the case, it’s not something that we can deal with!”

“No kidding. It’s not a video game! Would it be possible to kill so many people on such a small island?” Ran Tao shook his head.

“Of course that is possible! Use poison, and it’s all done…” Wu Xiumin said.

“You can try and see if you can kill so many people.” Ran Tao never missed an opportunity to bicker with Wu Xiumin. “Besides, it seems that it was not poison, right?”

“Stop! You two, shut up!” Zhao Yu hastily yelled at the childish pair. “Until the details of the case are more clear, it’s useless to say anything else! Let’s get to the crime scene first. It’s a tough case. Let’s go and have a look. Zeng Ke, book the tickets! We’ll go to the airport right away!”

“Okay!” Zeng Ke immediately took out his cell phone.

Zhao Yu looked around the car, then said to Zeng Ke, “Order three of the fastest flights to Tongjiang!”

“Master, what are you thinking? We have four people!” Ran Tao held up four fingers.

Zhao Yu pulled out his car keys, then threw them to Ran Tao and said, “Ran Tao, you drive slowly, and don’t worry! Dog food is in the trunk. Remember to feed my dog and let it out to pee periodically!”

“What?” Ran Tao suddenly felt like a fool. “Master, did I hear you correctly? Do you really want me to drive the car to Quliang? That’s more than 2,000 kilometers!”

“Actually, it’s 1,846 kilometers!” Zeng Ke corrected him, then said to Zhao Yu, “Leader, there’s a flight at 11:30. If we can make it, we can reach our destination by 4:00 p.m. What do you think?”

Zhao Yu nodded and then told Ran Tao, “Tao, rest assured that I’ll reimburse you for all of the expenses along the way!”

After that, Zhao Yu did not even pick up the luggage in the trunk, but immediately left with Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin in a taxi. Ran Tao wanted to say something else, but only saw Wu Xiumin’s happy face as they were leaving.

Just as Zhao Yu and others were preparing to fly to Tongjiang, Bureau Chief Wang Chenggang, head of the Quliang Police, arrived at Yongjin Island by boat. Becoming aware of the arrival of Bureau Chief Wang, Dou Zili, the Crime Investigation Captain who had arrived at the crime scene first, rushed to report the situation to him.

“Zili!” Chief Wang, with a grim face, asked in a trembling voice, “Can you tell me now how many people are dead?”

Captain Dou scratched his beard as he hastily handed the chief a cigarette and said bitterly, “Chief Wang, at present, five bodies have been found. But, we suspect that this may not be the final number!”

“What?” When he heard this, Chief Wang dropped the cigarette. He then sighed sadly and asked, “Not the last number? Then, what is the actual final number?”