Crazy Detective Chapter 735

Chapter 735 They Deserve It

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The actress named Li Qian had long black hair and charming eyes. She had not yet recovered from the tremendous terror of the murders. Although her body shivered and her face was pale, she still possessed the unique and elegant presence of an actress.

After experiencing such a night of horror on the island, Li Qian’s purple woolen coat was stained with spots. But, even while she was wearing such a dirty coat, Li Qian still looked beautiful and elegant.

After seeing Li Qian, Zhao Yu felt that she was not the one who had been filmed by the cameraman while using the bathroom. However, the case with the chef Zhang Yong was totally different.

Zhang Yong was 51 years old and was very skinny. After experiencing such a shock, his eyes were as wide as saucers, and he looked quite dazed and confused. Whenever someone spoke to him, he had to stop for a few seconds before he could properly respond.

He hadn’t changed, so he was still wearing the jacket that he had on when he was buried. There was soil on the jacket, and it had a strange and musty smell.

Because the pair were only suspects, the police couldn’t handcuff them, but only restrict their activities. At the moment, they had been taken to the command office. They sat on a comfortable soft sofa, while a policeman poured them two cups of hot water.

At this time, Wu Xiumin pulled Zhao Yu aside and reported in his ear with a low voice. “The doctors have given these two a preliminary examination. There were no injuries or clues on them, and there were no sign of indecent assaults towards Li Qian’s body. They didn’t lose anything, either. We also checked their mobile phones. There were no obvious traces of them being touched, and their screensavers showed nothing either.”

After listening to Wu Xiumin’s report, Zhao Yu wondered why the murderer hadn’t left any clues on these two people. What’s more, he still couldn’t understand why the murderer had only spared them.

While Zhao Yu was thinking, Zeng Ke had already put the clues that they had found on the corpses and the deceased’s’ mobile phones on the projection screen. Wu Xiumin started explaining the situation in detail to the two survivors, asking them to help their team figure out the clues that had been left by the murderer.

The actress Li Qian found something immediately. She stood up and pointed nervously at the racy picture and said, “Officer, I recognize this picture. It’s a clip from the movie ‘The Most Beautiful Season.’ That man is Xie Hao! In that movie, Xie Hao was the supporting actor.”

As soon as Li Qian’s voice fell, Zeng Ke found relevant information online and said, “This movie was a low-budget independent film, which was produced by Huaiyuan Pictures. It is a literary film, and the cast list does have Xie Hao’s name on it!”  ( Boxno vel. co m )

Zhao Yu pointed to the woman in the picture, then asked Li Qian, “Is that you?”

“No, I was not in the cast. At that time, I was not even in the industry yet!” Li Qian frowned and answered nervously, “I don’t know that woman. I just had a friend in the crew.”

Li Qian looked around as she spoke. She was good at observing, so she had already noticed that Zhao Yu was their leader. She then begged Zhao Yu, “Officer, can I have a cigarette?”

“No!” Zhao Yu was quite straightforward. He then turned to a young policeman and said, “Get this lady a cup of coffee. It’s going to be a long night. We may have to talk about a lot of things!”

“Never mind.” Li Qian waved helplessly, then looked down and said, “I’ve had a lot of coffee already!” Li Qian was clearly a bit annoyed.

Zhao Yu didn’t have time for any small talk, so he went right into discussing the case details, “I don’t need to emphasize the urgency of this case with you again, do I? There are ten people in your crew in total, six of whom are now dead, while one is seriously injured and another one is missing. If you don’t cooperate with us to catch the murderer, you two are in big trouble, as you are now our biggest suspects!”

“No… Not me… I really don’t know anything…” The cook waved his hands frantically. “We are all colleagues. Why would I want to kill them?”

The cook’s words provoked Li Qian, and she yelled at Zhao Yu through tears, “Have you ever thought about our feelings? We almost died! Have you ever experienced being hanged? How dare you…”

“Li Qian, please calm down.” Wu Xiumin tried to comfort her. “I hope you can understand that we’re simply trying to solve the case, not for ourselves, but for your colleagues! Don’t you want to help us find the murderer, so that the murderer will be punished?”

“No! I don’t!” Li Qian shouted at Wu Xiumin hysterically, which shocked the crowd. She then cried out bitterly, “I’m telling you, none of these dead people are good guys! All of them should go to hell!”

Hearing what Li Qian had just said, Zhao Yu and the others looked at each other in surprise. Zhang Yong, the chef, lowered his head and did not make a sound.

“Li Qian, what do you mean by that?” Zhao Yu seemed to realize something and asked her in a hurry.

“What do I mean? I’m going to tell all of you what kind of people they really are. Anyway, what does it matters, as they are dead?” Li Qian said.

She then pointed at the racy picture on the screen indignantly and raised her voice, “I’ll start with this guy! Xie Hao is a despicable, dirty, and shameless a*shole!”

She shook her fist at his picture as she spoke, “He uses his good-looking face to get investments and sponsorships from many wealthy married women, so that he can get the largest roles in every production! He is arrogant and domineering towards the other cast members. He also bullies the rookies and takes advantage of young girls.”

She shook her head. “The most loathsome thing is that this guy likes to take advantage of the actresses who have bedroom scenes with him. Sometimes, he even wants to do it for real on camera, while making the actresses suffer terribly!”

Li Qian shook her head once more, then said sadly, “This a*shole is smart, too! He always picks inexperienced actresses, who have gentle personalities. These actresses are usually poor and don’t have any impressive background, so it is very difficult for them to get roles. Due to this, he knows they will mostly keep silent, simply enduring such treatment.”

Pointing to the photo on the screen, Zeng Ke said in shock, “My god! So, the murderer left this picture… Is this the reason for the murders?”