Crazy Detective Chapter 736

Chapter 736 The Story

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Zhao Yu was aware of the importance of Li Qian’s words, so he turned to a young policeman and said, “Hey! Get her a cigarette!”

“Oh, I’ve got one…” The policeman was also a heavy smoker, so he immediately took out one and handed it to Li Qian, then lit it for her.

Li Qian was immersed in her own emotions. After taking the cigarette, she continued, “Compared with other people, Xie Hao is not the worst! Take the cameraman Zhang Chenggong, for example. This guy is a complete pervert. He put cameras everywhere, especially in the dressing room and bathroom!”

She shook her head, clearly disgusted by this man. “Sometimes, even those of us who knew about his tricks still couldn’t protect ourselves, let alone the new girls! This is because Zhang Chenggong had a strong voice among the crew, so we couldn’t do anything to stop him, even though we caught him doing shi*ty things all the time!”

She rolled her eyes, then continued. “He is vulgar, and if you offend him, he will try his best to showcase your faults when he is filming by using weird angles and so forth. So, no actors dare offend him.”

Li Qian clenched her fists and said, “I’ve heard that this pervert not only takes pictures of actresses, but also sells them at high prices to either his homeboys or porn websites! Many actresses have been secretly filmed by him!”

Hearing this, Zhao Yu swallowed hard. This Zhang Chenggong was really sinister. He didn’t expect that there were so many hidden secrets hidden among this seemingly normal crew!

In Zhang Chenggong’s USB, besides those videos of actresses, Zhao Yu also found some others. Although it had not been confirmed, there seemed to also be footage of directors, producers, investors and many others.

“Director Qian Jin…” Li Qian said the name with a disgusted look. “He used to work in many big crews, so he knew some famous directors and producers. So, he bragged about getting actresses important roles. He brought harm to many naive girls. But, in the end, those girls never even got to read a single line! Some of them even had to run errands for the crew instead of acting at all!”

“What about 255?” Zhao Yu pointed to the number on the screensaver and asked, “What do you think this means?”

“I don’t know.” Li Qian exhaled a ring of smoke as she turned to Zhang Yong and asked, “Do you know?”

Zhang Yong looked up and shook his head numbly.

Wu Xiumin suddenly came up to Zhao Yu and whispered, “Leader, I just received the report. It has been confirmed that the blood of these two survivors contains dimethylthiadine and benzodiazepine, as well as some other unknown chemicals, which happen to be strong sedatives.”

Zhao Yu nodded. It seemed that Li Qian and Zhang Yong did not lie. They were indeed poisoned!

“Qin Hao… I mean the assistant director… He is not good either,” Li Qian said, while pointing to the makeup artist’s picture. “This old woman was only supposed to be responsible for makeup, but she got some roles because she slept with directors! She is such a gossip, too, always speaking ill of others behind their backs. In fact, stirring up disputes and spreading rumors is her forte!”

“Then what about cefuroxime?” Wu Xiumin took the opportunity to ask. “What does she have to do with cefuroxime?”

“What’s that?” Li Qian exhaled another smoke ring as she asked.

“It’s an anti-inflammatory medication!” Wu Xiumin replied.

“An anti-inflammatory drug?” Li Qian frowned, then shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I haven’t heard of it.”

“Me either!” Zhang Yong answered as soon as he saw the people looking at him.

“Then… Next!” Zhao Yu pointed to a picture and asked, “How about Cai Jinda, the scriptwriter?”

“Um… To tell you the truth, I don’t know this man very well!” Li Qian shook her head and said. “This is our first collaboration. We didn’t know each other before. I only know he used to be quite famous, but then his stuff wasn’t popular anymore. That’s why he came to our crew!”

She then added, as if she had just remembered something, “Oh, by the way, I saw that plus sign… With a short line under it…”

She then pointed to the plus sign on the screen. “Whenever he would add a scene, he would always draw such a sign on the script!”

The mysterious cross was a plus sign, which means additional scenes had been added! Everyone who had just heard her wondered… Was this the reason that Cai Jinda was killed?

“How many extra scenes did you usually have to do? Can you tell me more about that?” Zhao Yu asked.

“A lot!” Li Qian said. “Cai Jinda cared about this opportunity very much. People said that he had prepared the script for two years, as he wanted to make a comeback. Our company was also very optimistic. Although it was not a big production, the plot was very special and bold. It was my first time receiving such a unique script!”

Zeng Ke spoke up at that moment, “I’ve read the script of ‘Lighthouse.’ It’s just a normal one. What special parts are you referring to exactly?”

Li Qian frowned and said, “Yes, the script is really simple, but after the shooting began, I felt that things were getting quite complicated!”

Wu Xiumin could not help but interrupt, “Well, shall we first finish talking about the victims first? We can talk about the plot later.”

“Alright! So…” Zeng Ke clicked a few times, as there were only a few pictures left. “Well, there’s the last deceased victim, the prop artist Xu You!”

“Xu You…” After seeing the picture of Xu You, Li Qian could not help but shed a few tears. “Xu You was burned to death. That must have been so miserable!”

“Yes,” Zhang Yong added. “If there were any good people in the crew, Xu You was among them!”

“I don’t know why the murderer even killed him!” Li Qian wiped her tears away as she spoke, “He’s really a good man. He’s diligent, hard-working, and never complains. He works on props and runs errands, and he’s always smiling.”

Hearing what Li Qian and Zhang Yong had just said, Zhao Yu was lost in his thoughts. So far, the Forensic Department had not found any clues on Xu You’s body. Hence, they figured that Xu You might not have been the murderer’s target.

In fact, as Xu You was hit and burned by a signal gun, they had to wonder… Was Xu You’s death an accident?

While Zhao Yu was thinking about this possibility, Wu Xiumin suddenly held up her mobile phone and shouted in surprise, “Really?”

After confirming the information, she then said to Zhao Yu with great excitement, “Leader! There’s news coming from the hospital! The seriously injured Kang Leming has just woken up! Moreover, he’s already named the murderer!”