Crazy Detective Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Sins

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The night was dark and the sea was clear. It was three o’clock in the early morning, yet the crew on the command vessel was still busy working on the case.

Zhao Yu was sitting on the sofa in his office, carefully examining the allegation records that had been provided by Kang Leming, the seriously injured person who had just woken up. Kang Leming claimed that, on the night of the accident, he had gone to bed very early and had slept very deeply. As such, he said that he had no idea what had happened until he woke up.

( Boxno vel. co m )   When he finally did wake up, he found a man stabbing at his stomach with a knife! Although it did not feel too painful, Kang Leming was frightened, so he ran away!

He said that his mind was blank at that time. He just remembered that the wound on his stomach was bleeding.

He also said that he could not cover it with his hand, and in his panic, he did not even know where he was going. He just remembered that he fell a lot along the way, knocking his head often!

However, the man with the knife kept chasing after him, which made him become even more panicked. Unfortunately, when he ran into the windbreak, the man finally caught up with him.

The man didn’t speak to him, but stabbed him immediately, again and again! Kang Leming screamed, but couldn’t stop him. After being stabbed several times, he gradually lost consciousness.

However, although it was completely dark and Kang Leming was frightened to death, he claimed that he recognized the man who had stabbed him. He said that the man was Guo Yihang, an actor in the crew!

He said that the reason he could identify him certainly was because he recognized Guo Yihang’s jeans and baseball cap! Although he did not see his face clearly, he confirmed that the man was the same height and shape as Guo Yihang. Therefore, Kang Leming was sure that the murderer was Guo Yihang!

As he was reading this, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but frown. Although Kang Leming’s testimony was clear, he had admitted that he not seen the murderer’s face clearly. So, Zhao Yu had to wonder…

What if the murderer was wearing Guo Yihang’s clothes? During such a dark night, amid such a dangerous atmosphere, was it possible that Kang Leming recognized the wrong person?

Thinking of these things, Zhao Yu shook his head. He didn’t know why he had such ideas…

Is it because there have been so many weird cases that I don’t believe that this case can be so simple? Or… From the bottom of my heart, do I really not think that Guo Yihang is the murderer?

How can I have such an instinct?

Am I overthinking this?

While Zhao Yu was confused, a local policeman suddenly walked in. He was carrying a plastic bag. After he politely greeted Zhao Yu, he went over to Li Qian and Zhang Yong.

At the moment, they were still sitting in front of the computer, watching the cameraman’s videos. Once he got to them, the policeman said, “Excuse me, your things are here. Please take a look at them, then you may have them back!”

It turned out that the policeman was carrying an evidence bag that contained the personal belongings of Li Qian and Zhang Yong. The two were totally not in the mood to comply, but they obediently took out their things, then laid them all on the table.

There were their phones, wallets, bags and so on. After verifying everything and taking her things back, Li Qian took out her cell phone and a pack of delicate cigarettes. She then went out to the deck that was connected to Zhao Yu’s office.

Seeing Li Qian leave, the young policeman in charge of her hurried to follow her. Although Li Qian had been cleared and was no longer an official suspect, they now had to keep her safe, as she was an important witness!

Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something, so he stood up and motioned for the young policeman to stop. As the policeman was quite clever, he understood Zhao Yu’s meaning immediately and quietly retreated. Zhao Yu then followed Li Qian onto the deck.

The south wind was blowing in fiercely. Zhao Yu zipped up his coat and slowly walked over to Li Qian.

Li Qian had already lit a cigarette. While she was blowing smoke rings, she checked her unread texts and messages on her phone.

Finding no important information, she quickly put away her phone and looked at the distant sea. Clouds covered the moon in the sky and the sea was dark and deep.

Li Qian stared at the sea’s surface, frowning. No one was able to tell what she was thinking about.

Zhao Yu looked at her face from the side. The light that came from the office reflected on her smooth cheeks, creating a unique aesthetic.

“People often say that, if you survive a catastrophe, you will be blessed!” Zhao Yu initiated a conversation. “Don’t be so depressed. This disaster may bring you opportunities!”

Hearing Zhao Yu’s comforting words, Li Qian turned her head and looked at him with a bitter smile. She then said, “You don’t understand. People in the entertainment circles are superstitious. I’m afraid that no one will dare hire me for any roles in the future!”

“That’s not right!” Zhao Yu smiled. “When I was working a case in Jin’an, I rescued a woman who was kidnapped on the street! She was naked in public! As a result, she became a star overnight!”

“Ha ha… You’re quite good at comforting people! What a great leader!” Li Qian handed her phone to Zhao Yu. “Have a look at this picture. How many of them do you know?”

Zhao Yu took a look at it and saw an old picture on her phone. There were several beautiful young girls in the picture.

“Um… The one in the center is you, and then… Um…” Zhao Yu looked at them, then said, “They all look familiar. They often appear in movies and TV shows, but I can’t remember their names!”

“Pay special attention to the humble looking one on the far right!” Li Qian said playfully. “Don’t tell me that you don’t even know the international superstar Lan Caiyan?”

“Oh… Now I see!” Zhao Yu said. “I heard that she is working with Shangge Yundun on a new film, right? A few days ago, the news said that she had found her twin sister and was involved in a lawsuit or something! Is that her?”

Li Qian responded coldly. “I’m afraid that’s just hype!”

Zhao Yu pointed to the photo and asked, “Was she one of your classmates?”

“No.” Li Qian took the phone back and shook her head. “This was taken at the audition for ‘Princess Lonely’! At that time, we were all candidates for the leading actress role! In the end, Lan Caiyan beat all of the others and won the role. From then on, she was a superstar!”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu nodded. “Do you mean that Lan Caiyan didn’t play fair?”

Li Qian smiled bitterly. “The so-called fair competition was just a show! Lan Caiyan’s family spent millions to snag that role for her. The rest of us didn’t even get a chance to compete!”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu nodded. “But, since you already knew the results before, you have nothing to regret. You know what? Your negativity won’t change anything!”

Li Qian looked at Zhao Yu for several seconds. Obviously, Zhao Yu’s words had made her feel even more crummy.

Soon, the atmosphere became awkward, and the two people were left just staring at each other. Li Qian stopped smoking, and Zhao Yu just stood there, completely mute.

Finally, Li Qian took the lead in breaking the silence. “I know what you want to ask me. I can tell you honestly that Zhang Yong is a good man. He is cleaner than Xu You! Believe me, there is absolutely no problem with him! I guess that’s also the reason why the murderer didn’t kill him.”

“Oh!” Hearing this, Zhao Yu was surprised. “How did you know what I was thinking?”

“Because the dead victims all committed unforgivable sins!” Li Qian said in a sophisticated tone. “Of course, you want to know about the living people!”

Zhao Yu slightly nodded. Unexpectedly, Li Qian was not only clever, but was also very good at reading other people’s minds!

So, Zhao Yu asked her, “What about you? You were also spared by the murderer. Were you innocent, like Zhang Yong?”