Crazy Detective Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Insipid Truth

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“The Nanjiang Film and Television School,” Zeng Ke said excitedly. “This Qiao Ruxue was not only Guo Yihang’s classmate, but she was also from Caohai City!”

“That is to say…” Li Qian felt surprised. “Guo Yihang may have done this for Qiao Ruxue? Then, Zhang Yong, what happened to Qiao Ruxue later on?”

“She left! “Lao Zhang said. “I didn’t know her very well. We didn’t talk to each other very much!”

“I found it. She jumped fell off of a building!” Zeng Ke pointed to a news article on the screen and read it aloud, “During a 2014 Spring Festival, Qiao Ruxue was hospitalized after falling from a building.”

“That was the same time as when she had just been kicked off of the crew!” Li Qian said.

“My God! Did she die?” Wu Xiumin asked.

“I don’t know, but I haven’t found an official death certificate yet! Okay, here’s her medical records…” After Zeng Ke searched again, he said, “Um… The hospital records show that she stayed in the hospital for a little less than a month before being discharged. So, it was not very serious, right?”

“Let me see…” Wu Xiumin seemed to have seen something, so she grabbed Zeng Ke’s mouse and clicked on several sections of the hospital records.

Soon, she shouted at the others, “Look! Qiao Ruxue has a skin allergy. The doctor’s note specifically states “cephalosporin!” That is to say… Qiao Ruxue may be allergic to cephalosporins!”

Hearing this, the others all got goosebumps.

Zeng Ke was shocked. “So… The murderer left the molecular formula of cefuroxime on Qin Hao’s neck… Does that mean that Qin Hao may have done something bad to Qiao Ruxue via the use of cefuroxime?”

“Since Qiao Ruxue missed being able to play the heroine role in ‘Crazy Delivery Woman’ because of her pimples, it might have actually been her allergic reaction… Which may have been caused deliberately!” Li Qian said.

“Yes!” Wu Xiumin agreed. “Qin Hao might have put cefuroxime powder into Qiao Ruxue’s makeup products, which caused her face to become swollen and red, so she had to give up shooting the film! That’s why the crew had to choose a new actress!”

Zhang Yong swallowed in surprise, then said sadly, “If this is true, no wonder Qiao Ruxue was so angry!”

“Zhang Young, you’ve been in the entertainment industry for so long, don’t you know what has happened? This definitely is not just about changing roles!” Li Qian’s eyes were full of unspeakable sadness.

She then shook her head and said, “Think about 255! If 255 represents 2.55 million in sponsorship funds, then ask yourself how did the sponsorship came about? How could a mediocre director and a rubbish script get so many supporting funds?”

Zeng Ke finally understood what she was saying and said, “255 was written on Qian Jin’s mobile’s screen saver. You think that Qian Jin used Qiao Ruxue to get the 2.55 million sponsorship? My god!”

“Actually… This kind of thing is very common,” Li Qian said coldly.” If Qiao Ruxue could help get the sponsorship by sleeping with the sponsor, that could be an easy task.”

“How could you say that?” Zeng Ke clenched his fists in anger.

Li Qian ignored him and went on, “The important thing is, if Qiao Ruxue really traded her body for the sponsorship, she shouldn’t have been kicked out like that! That is the cruelest thing! If that happened to me, I would stab him to death!”

Zeng Ke sighed. “Why didn’t Qiao Ruxue take legal measures to seek justice?”

“Oh, you are so naive!” Li Qian laughed. “Is there any legal contract for such a dirty thing? What could you say to the court? Would you actually admit in public that you slept with others for money?”

“This…” Zeng Ke’s pouted in anger, realizing she had a point.

“I’ll tell you something even more cruel…” Li Qian pointed to the computer and said, “The murderer exposed the cameraman’s videos. So, what does he want to tell us?”

What? Everyone was shocked, and they all gasped in unison.

“The director was close to the cameraman. They probably were involved in a conspiracy together. Zhang Chenggong may have taken an indecent picture or video of Qiao Ruxue long ago to threaten her. In this case, besides keeping silent, what else could she do?”

“That is so dehumanizing!” Zeng Ke shook his head. “They are a horrible criminal gang!”

Zeng Ke wanted to say “they all deserve to die,” but it was not appropriate for a policeman to say such a thing.

Zhang Yong sighed, but could not say a word.

Then, Wu Xiumin asked, “So… Guo Yihang killed these people in order to seek revenge for Qiao Ruxue? Is Guo Yihang Qiao Ruxue’s boyfriend, or have they ever been in a relationship in the past?”

“This is not something that we can find online, so we have to find their classmates or friends!” Zeng Ke muttered. Obviously, he was still upset.

“But… You must not forget…” Zhao Yu suddenly reminded the others, “All of this is just our guessing, as there is no sufficient evidence to back up these claims. It is also possible that the murderer has deliberately misled us!”

“Yes, maybe so.” Zeng Ke pulled himself together and said, “Also, we haven’t found out how the other victims were connected with Qiao Ruxue yet. For example, does Kang Leming’s ‘mommy’ have anything to do with Qiao Ruxue?”

Zhang Yong, who had been silent for a while, suddenly said, “I once heard Kang Leming mention that he was the one who introduced Qiao Ruxue to Qian Jin!”

Li Qian clapped and said, “Karma! It seems that Guo Yihang had made a thorough plan before he came to the island! I never thought such a seemingly innocent person would be able to…”

“And actor Xie Hao and screenwriter Cai Jinda… What’s the relationship between those two and Qiao Ruxue?” Zeng Ke asked.

“Xie Hao often bullies new actresses, so maybe Qiao Ruxue was bullied?” Li Qian guessed.

Wu Xiumin also had a guess. “What about the scriptwriter? The writers add to scenes a lot, too. Is it possible that he added scenes for other actresses in order to suppress or punish Qiao Ruxue?”

“It shouldn’t be hard to find out. Wait a minute.” Zeng Ke typed on the keyboard and soon found the answer. “It’s ‘Dragon Palace’ from 2010! It was a big-cost production, but was ultimately a big flop! Xie Hao and Qiao Ruxue both starred in this film, and the scriptwriter was Cai Jinda! Since that flop, Cai Jinda’s career has not been able recover!”

“Did Xie Hao and Qiao Ruxue have any love scenes in that film?” Li Qian asked. “I’m betting that Xie Hao was taking advantage of Qiao Ruxue during the filming!”

“We can only watch the film to find out!” Zeng Ke said.

“It’s already clear. Next, it’s up to Captain Dou to catch Guo Yihang!” Li Qian said.

The others were discussing their opinions. However, Zhao Yu still felt that there were many mysteries that still needed to be solved until he could relax.

He remembered that, in Captain Jin’s yellow notebook, it said that “The truth is often insipid.” That was to say, the motive for a crime, in reality, was often plain, and was not half as exciting as in the movies!

As such, this case was probably just Guo Yihang’s seeking revenge on Qiao Ruxue due to his own selfish desires. Therefore, this case might really be simple and clear.

But, since Zhao Yu was the leader of the Special Investigation Group, he had to think more than the others. Specifically, he needed to look at the whole picture.

So, he re-examined the case from another perspective. At that time, he suddenly realized a crucial issue! He started to think…

If Guo Yihang really wanted to get revenge on Qiao Ruxue, then why was it so coincidental that all of his enemies were gathered on this island at the same time?

Was it pure coincidence, or was there another hidden secret behind it?