Crazy Detective Chapter 755

Chapter 755 A Suspense Story Turned Into A Terror Story

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“Uncle? Cai Xiangbin?” Captain Dou was so surprised that he asked Zhao Yu immediately, “Leader Zhao, what is this all about? I’m confused!”

“I knew there must be something between them.” Zhao Yu didn’t give him a direct reply.

Zeng Ke said, “Cai Jinda’s father is Cai Xiangbin’s brother! There are four brothers in their family. Cai Xiangbin is the youngest, while Cai Jinda’s father is the eldest.”

Captain Dou seemed to have recovered from his shock and hurried to ask, “Do you think Cai Jinda is the murderer? But… Why?”

“That’s also my question. Although Cai Jinda clearly had something to do with it, it still doesn’t make total sense!” Zeng Ke shook his head, then said, “Let’s say Cai Jinda planned to use the film to prove his uncle’s innocence… Then, there’d be no reason for him to kill anyone.”

Zhao Yu also felt that Cai Jinda had no reason to kill anyone, even though he was related to the sailor.

“My God, is this case really related to that old case?” Captain Dou asked.”But… Is there anything that connects those killed crew members with the death of the sailor? Why did Cai Jinda want to kill them? Moreover, none of the people involved in that old case are still alive today. So… Don’t you think it’s all a bit far-fetched?”

“What did you say? Are they really all dead?” Zhao Yu was surprised to hear this.

“Yes,” Captain Dou responded quickly. “The lighthouse keeper was murdered, and the sailor died from an incurable illness in prison! As for the wife of the lighthouse keeper, she died inexplicably soon after!”

“She’s dead, too?” Zhao Yu was astounded and also curious. “What do you mean by an inexplicable death?”

“Um… Well… I really don’t know!” Captain Dou said nervously, “But, I heard that, not long after the murder, the wife died. Someone even built a tomb for her!”

Zeng Ke shivered as he muttered, “This was supposed to be a suspenseful story. How did it turn into a horror story?”

“Well, People’s creativity can’t be underestimated. Over the past few decades, all kinds of versions of this story have been created!” Captain Dou spoke with some bitterness in his tone.

He then added, “At the beginning, some people claimed to have seen the tomb of the wife of the keeper on the island, and not only the tomb, but also a tombstone! But, after many years, the tombstone disappeared, and later, the tomb even disappeared! Besides that, some people also claimed to have seen a long-haired woman on the island!”

Zeng Ke swallowed. He was apparently frightened by Captain Dou’s words.

“I don’t believe in ghost stories. They are purely rumors!” Captain Dou continued, “But, the fact that we can’t ignore is that the wife of the lighthouse keeper was really missing, as no one ever saw her again. As for me, I think that she is dead.”

Zeng Ke sighed, then said, “After this big case, there will be even more people talking about it! Once people associate the murders with the ghost of the lighthouse keeper’s wife…”

Zhao Yu suddenly asked Captain Dou, “Captain Dou, I heard before that your government was interested in developing Yongjin Island, so will it…”

“Oh my god! Leader, you don’t mean to say that someone killed six people in order to prevent the development of Yongjin Island?” Zeng Ke shook his head and said, “So… The murderer wanted to spread the rumor of ghosts on the island, so that no one would dare to set foot on the island anymore…”

Captain Dou shook his head as he asked, “Would that really be necessary?”

“Unless…” A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Zeng Ke’s face. “The island has a big secret!”

“Well, that’s not right.” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “It is because of the killings that the police searched the island carefully in the first place. If there were any hidden secrets, wouldn’t they have been exposed then?”

“You’re right. IT seems that this is not the right track for us to head down in our search for finding the truth! So, let’s go on digging for clues about the old case!” Zeng Ke said, while he suddenly had a new thought. “Maybe someone wanted to stop the crew from making this film altogether!”

Captain Dou didn’t seem to agree with him. “Would that be worth killing six people, just to prevent the filming?”

“I’m just saying that it might be a possibility,” Zeng Ke said. After Zeng Ke finished his words, the dialogue among the three people came to an end.

When Zhao Yu returned to his office, he began to add new content to the white board. This was a habit that he had stuck to for a long time.

He was particular about it, as he had to add all of the information himself. This helped him in committing the clues to memory and grasping every detail of the case.

Zeng Ke helped him organize all of the information that he had collected by reading it to Zhao Yu, while Zhao Yu added any useful information to the white board. They worked all the way until lunchtime.

Bureau Chief Wang Chenggang personally brought them fried rice with sea cucumbers again. This time, he used a special insulated carrier that kept the lunch warm.

Just as Zhao Yu was going to have a bite, the phone rang. It was the forensic pathologist, Gao Facai.

“Leader Zhao…” Gao Facai was as calm as ever. “We received your instructions and have carefully checked the corpses’ identities. Xu You’s and Cai Jinda’s bodies are really theirs, and the other deceased victims have all been confirmed as well.”

“Oh, good job! Thanks a lot!” Zhao Yu thanked him.

“Well, next I will share with you a little bit of my personal view,” Gao Facais said calmly. “Judging from my examination of the deceased victims, the murderer must be a very experienced killer! Moreover, this person’s psychological acumen is quite excellent. Also, he was precise and cruel!”

Zhao Yu listened quietly and agreed with Gao Facai’s judgments. Based on his own observation of the death scenes, he also felt that the murderer was precise and must have had a very clear motive.

But, he always felt like he was missing something about the murderer. However, he still didn’t know what that was.

Zhao Yu then exchanged some other information with Gao Facai, including all of the recent clues and his current investigation’s focus. After hearing Zhao Yu’s most recent information, Gao Facai did not give an exact response.

Instead, he told Zhao Yu that, if he could get the DNA of the three people or their immediate relatives, he could compare it with the deceased victims’ and the suspects’ DNAs to see if there was any blood relationship between them all.

Zhao Yu agreed to this plan immediately. “I will send someone to get it. Once it is ready, I’ll send it to you immediately!”

“Oh, by the way, there’s one more thing…” Before hanging up, Gao Facai said to Zhao Yu, “Some of the evidence that was sent here for testing has already been tested, so I have asked my students to send it back to you! There’s a lot of mobile phones, video cameras, and so on.”

He then added in a serious tone, “You know the rules. Our Forensics Department has limited personnel. Therefore, it would be better for your people to deal with those images and videos. Perhaps it will even be helpful to your investigation!”

“Oh.” Zhao Yu nodded. It had suddenly occurred to him that he had missed these important pieces of evidence!

At this moment, Zhao Yu had a very uncomfortable feeling about this isolated island case. In the past, Zhao Yu was always the first one to arrive at the scene. Moreover, the investigation team and the forensics team would all stay in the same place, so that he had all of the first-hand information at his fingertips from day one.

But, this current case was an exception. Because he had arrived later, the forensic pathologists had already taken the bodies of the deceased victims, as well as many pieces of evidence from the scene. So, he did not have access to all of the evidence and didn’t see the scene first.

Later, because of the backwards conditions of Quliang, the forensic pathologists went to Chaohai City, which was far away, while he stayed on the command vessel near Yongjin Island. In this way, Zhao Yu had clearly missed a lot of things.

“So, should the evidence be sent to Quliang Police Station or sent directly to you?” Gao Facai asked him.

“Well, send it all to the vessel. It’s well-equipped, so we can check it all here!” Zhao Yu said. “Tell your students to pay attention and be very careful in the transporting of the evidence, please! This is crucial!”

“No worries! The Chaohai Police Bureau has deployed a special vehicle to escort them during the transport,” Gao Facai assured him.

“Well, that’s good.” After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu still couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. He wondered if he would be able to find anything from these videos.