Crazy Detective Chapter 757

Chapter 757 My Scissors

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Zhao Yu did not remember the last time that he had sailed a speedboat. Unexpectedly, he was still a good driver! Within an hour, he had made it to land.

Zhao Yu used his mobile phone’s navigation to find the indicated place where the side adventure would take place, which was very close to the seaside. He thought that it would be a beach or something. But, after getting closer, he discovered that it was actually a local fishing boat wharf!

There were hundreds of fishing boats near the wharf. Some working fishermen were repairing the boats, weaving nets, and drying fish.

Next to the wharf, there was a market, where local companies would come and purchase fresh seafood or ship the seafood from for exporting purposes. There was even a section that had seafood that could be sold directly to local residents. Although the sea water here was not only extremely turbid, it did emit a strong odor.

After scanning the surroundings, Zhao Yu followed the mobile navigation instructions. It was currently 4 p.m., which meant that he had about 10 more minutes to go before the side adventure would take place. As he was not in a hurry, he continued to look around the place.

The wharf market gave Zhao Yu a feeling that he had stepped back in time. The fishermen here wore old-fashioned cotton clothes, while the women still wore floral scarves on their heads.

The market had a very old asbestos-riddled roof, under which people were selling and buying seafood. From time to time, the could even hear a few dogs barking.

It was not a very busy market. Besides the merchants, there were not many customers. As such, the merchants were quite idle and were leisurely scrolling through their mobile phones. In fact, very few of them were actually working.

After coming closer to the market, Zhao Yu found that the location of the side adventure was exactly within the center of this seafood market. Upon seeing this, he could not help but wonder what would happen next!

Unexpectedly, just as Zhao Yu stepped into the market, back on the wharf, where his speedboat was docked, two or three people seemed to be having a dispute. After hearing their dispute, several people gathered around them.

However, these people were not there to stop a fight, but to encourage it! Around a dozen people soon gathered there, and they were divided into two distinct groups.

They two groups shouted at each other in loud and sharp voices, while also shoving each other. It seemed that a fight was inevitable.

As Zhao Yu looked at the people, he couldn’t understand what they were shouting about. He then looked at his watch, which revealed that it was still not time for the side adventure to happen yet. Moreover, the place where the two groups were quarreling was different from the place that had been indicated by the system.

As such, this fight should have nothing to do with Zhao Yu! In that case, Zhao Yu quickly decided that he did not want to get involved. So, he turned around and continued to look for the right place for the side adventure.

Before he even walked a few steps, he found the exact location, which was slightly surprising to him. It was a very ordinary-looking fish stall, which had a little girl, dressed in black cotton clothes, sitting nearby it.

As Zhao Yu came up the little girl, he noticed that she had two small braids. Although her skin was dark and rough, she had thick eyebrows and big eyes, which made her look quite lovely.

“Um… Hello.” The little girl greeted Zhao Yu with a sweet smile.

Only then did Zhao Yu realize that the little girl was no older than twelve or thirteen, so he quickly asked her, “Well… Are your parents around? Don’t you have to go to school?”

“Today is Sunday! My father has just come back from the sea. He is at home making our family meal, so I’m here to look after the stall. Sir, they’re all fresh! Would you like some? I can give you a good price!” The girl spoke with a light accent, which sounded lovely.

“Oh…” Zhao Yu took a look at the fish stall, seeing that there were five large, plastic bathtubs that were filled with various kinds of fish.

Zhao Yu thought for a moment, then asked, “If I wanted some, could you take care of them for me?”

“Take care of them?” The little girl did not understand his meaning, so she blinked and waited for an explanation.

“Remove the scales… Get rid of the veins, and so on…” Zhao Yu explained.

“Oh…” The little girl nodded her head vigorously.

She then grabbed some scissors in one hand and a brush, which was used to scrape the scales, in the other hand. In this way, she wanted to show that she was totally capable of performing what Zhao Yu had just requested. Zhao Yu was impressed.

After Zhao Yu observed the little girl carefully, he said, “Well, if you answer a few questions for me, then I’ll take some.”

Then, Zhao Yu showed the picture of Guo Yihang from his phone to her. He then asked, “Have you seen him before?”

The little girl was a little confused. She had never seen such a fish buyer before. However, she stretched her neck in front of the screen and looked at the picture carefully. A few seconds later, she shook her head to show that she did not know the person.

Just then, a siren was heard, while a police car screeched to a stop in front of the fish stall. Two policemen jumped out of the car immediately, then took their batons and ran straight to the group that was having the dispute.

At this moment, the quarrel was getting fierce, and the shouts of both sides were getting louder. If no one had come to stop them, it would have definitely become a big fight!

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu couldn’t help but ask the little girl, “What’s the reason behind their dispute?”

“Oh…” The little girl took a quick glance at the group, and there was a trace of fear in her eyes.

Then, she timidly said to Zhao Yu, “I don’t know… Maybe they just had a regular old fight?”

“Well…” Zhao Yu thought that this was none of his business anyway, and turned back to focus instead on what he was doing now. Then, he showed the pictures of Qian Jin and the others to the girl, one by one.

Zhao Yu believed that, since the Miracle System had indicated for him to come here, there must be a specific reason. Maybe this little girl would be the key to solving the case!

“Sir, what are you asking about these people for?” The little girl frowned, yet her face was still filled with a kind warmth.

“I’m looking for someone. If you help me, I will buy all of your fish today!” In order to find a clue as soon as possible, Zhao Yu made her a promise.

“Really?” The little girl blinked her big eyes, wiped her hands off on her cotton clothes, then took Zhao Yu’s mobile phone to have a closer look at the photos once more.

Zhao Yu handed his mobile phone to her and looked down at his watch. At this moment, it was precisely the time when the side adventure was supposed to happen!

Zhao Yu looked at the little girl excitedly, while he wondered if he would really achieve something this time!

At this exact moment, the dispute on the dock had advanced to a feverish state. Although the two policemen had rushed in with batons to stop them, one policeman had immediately been pushed down onto the ground! The scene suddenly spun out of control!

In the blink of an eye, the two sides had converged into a tangled mess! A man with a big, bald head was being hit by several others, and clearly had a black eye already. Then, he suddenly rushed towards the fish stall and was about to hit the little girl!

Zhao Yu noticed this person just in time, and was able to quickly pull the little girl to his side. At the same time, as the big bald man flew toward the fish stall, he reached out and took the little girl’s scissors away!

Apparently, this guy was coming solely to get a weapon! Moreover, as the guy grabbed the scissors, he even kicked over one of the tubs of fish!

“Ah…” The little girl was frightened and hurriedly returned the phone to Zhao Yu. She then squatted on the ground to pick up the fish that had fallen out of the tub.

The big bald man took the scissors and returned to the fight. His angry face showed a clear killing intent, which was terrifying to behold.

“Woo…Woo…” The girl burst into tears as she picked up the fish.

“Hey, the fish can’t die again! Don’t cry.” Zhao Yu comforted her.

“My… My scissors…” The little girl pointed at the bald man as she cried. “I lost the scissors. Dad will beat me now!”

“What? It’s only a pair of scissors…” Before Zhao Yu could finish his sentence, he suddenly understood something.

He looked up at the fierce group that was fighting in the distance, then said to the little girl, “Well, I can help you get the scissors back.”