Crazy Detective Chapter 758

Chapter 758 No Banner Please

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“Stop fighting!” Although the policeman who was pushed to the ground shouted loudly, the two sides had already started a big fight and wouldn’t stop that easily.

“Stop!” The other policeman, while holding his baton, tried to control the situation, but just as he stopped two men who were shoving each other, he was pushed down by an unknown hand.

“Ah…” The policeman hurried to grab his intercom and call for help. However, when he looked up, he saw that a man wearing a black leather jacket had calmly entered the group fight.

This person was dressed quite differently than the fishermen, and there was a very obvious excitement in his eyes. He seemed to have come especially for this group fight!

This person was none other than Zhao Yu! Originally, Zhao Yu had come for the big bald man who had taken the scissors. But, after seeing such a big fighting scene, he couldn’t help but want to wave his fists among the brawlers!

After all, it had been a long time since he had been able to show his fighting skills! Hence, he could not easily miss such a chance.

Therefore, while he was looking at the crowd, Zhao Yu happily did some warm-up exercises, readying himself to jump into the exciting fight. But, unexpectedly, two guys rushed over to him first.

These two people thought that Zhao Yu was a stranger, and they only wanted to scare him. They never could have known that they were really provoking somewhat of a demon fighter! In fact, when he saw the two of them coming over, Zhao Yu went straight to one of them and punched him in the face!

“Ah…” The man fell to the ground and cried out in pain, while he rubbed his face and groaned. Seeing this, the other man was too scared to even move!

“Go to the fu*king hel*!” Zhao Yu yelled as he kicked the man.

Then, Zhao Yu took a breath. After one second, he rushed into the crowd and completely let loose his fists! Zhao Yu didn’t care about picking a side, but just hit whoever came in front of him!

Although the local fishermen fought fiercely, most of them were just bluffing. In fact, many of the people fought for a long time, yet didn’t hurt each other at all.

However, Zhao Yu was obviously different from them. He was more of a cruel villain, who wouldn’t let anyone off easily!

He took a man’s neck, kicked his calf, then made him half-squat on the ground before fiercely slamming the man on the floor. The man, who was quite shocked, coughed and spit blood.

Next, he kicked another man onto the ground, leaving him with a broken arm. Zhao Yu was like a tiger that was ransacking a flock of sheep. Everyone was clearly terrified of him!

At the beginning, there were still a few brave souls who rushed to fight with Zhao Yu. But, they all ended up in terrible situations.

One actually managed to catch Zhao Yu by the neck, but Zhao Yu quickly grabbed his hand and broke his index and middle fingers. This man’s scream scared the others, giving them goosebumps all over.

“Holy fuc*!” At this time, the big bald guy with the scissors suddenly rushed out from the crowd, trying to sneak up on Zhao Yu from behind.

Zhao Yu had already noticed him, so he was ready to give him a hard kick to the face! Suddenly, before the big bald man could run more than two steps, a guy rushed over and grabbed the man’s wrist. Then, the big bald man screamed and fell to the ground, dropping the scissors as he went.

“Ah…ah…” the big bald man screamed and struggled. But, the guy who had knocked him down pulled out a pistol and shoved it right in the big bald guy’s face!

“Don’t move! Don’t move!” The guy with the gun shouted, first to the big bald man, then to the others.

Only then did Zhao Yu recognize him! It was Captain Dou!

Zhao Yu couldn’t help but smile. He really didn’t think that this slovenly captain could be so agile in a fight!

“Don’t move!” Just behind Captain Dou, several policemen with guns quickly appeared and controlled the scene.

“Leader Zhao? Why are you here?” Captain Dou recognized Zhao Yu only after he had handcuffed the big bald guy.

Zhao Yu smiled, then went toward Captain Dou and picked up the scissors from the ground. Then, he turned around and looked at the little girl’s fish stall. The little girl had disappeared!

“Um… Well…” Suddenly, Zhao Yu was slightly embarrassed.

“Leader Zhao… Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Captain Dou was afraid that Zhao Yu had been injured, so he promptly asked him many questions with great concern.

“I’m alright…” Zhao Yu waved his hands, then said with a proud tone, “Also, you don’t need to thank me for this. I was just lending a helping hand for the sake of justice. No banners, either, please. Anyone who gives me a banner, don’t blame me if I reject such kindness!”

The surrounding fishermen were apparently stunned by Zhao Yu’s self-flattering explanation. While the police were cleaning up the mess, Zhao Yu took the scissors and went back to the little girl’s fish stall.

It turned out that the little girl did not actually go away, but had hid behind the fish tubs in fear. At this moment, upon seeing that Zhao Yu was bringing back her scissors, she came out with some trepidation.

Zhao Yu did not say much, but took out his mobile phone and continued to let the little girl check the pictures of those people involved in the case. The little girl had already seen Zhao Yu’s strength, so she dared not offend him or refuse to cooperate. So, she checked everyone’s photos carefully.

At this time, Captain Dou, who was still dealing with the aftermath of the fight in the distance, suddenly looked at Zhao Yu. It was obvious that Captain Dou did not understand Zhao Yu’s behavior at all. Moreover, he did not know what he was doing with the fish girl!

Zhao Yu smiled to Captain Dou, then waved his hand to signal that he didn’t need any help. Captain Dou then bowed his head and went on with his work.

Because of this fight just now, Zhao Yu’s side adventure score had gone up by more than 200 points! He had accumulated more than 800 points now, and if he had a similar side adventure again, he could reach the next level!

“Sir, no…” At this time, after carefully checking each picture, the little girl shook her head weakly at Zhao Yu. “I haven’t seen any of them!”

Zhao Yu was disappointed to hear this, so he asked, “Well… Have you seen any suspicious people around the wharf lately?”

“Suspicious people? Um…” The little girl tried to recall, but finally shook her head weakly yet again.

Zhao Yu sighed, but then he remembered that the little girl went to school on weekdays. She had come to the stall today only because it was the weekend!

So, she would have had no chance to meet any suspicious people during the week. As such, it seemed that today’s side adventure might have nothing to do with the case after all!

“Um… Sir, thank you for helping me find the scissors, and also… About the fish…” The little girl looked pitifully at her fish tubs, then stopped talking.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help me!” Zhao Yu took out his wallet, then said, “Those fish are all mine!”