Crazy Detective Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Same Hexagram

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“Xie Yan gave a detailed description of that woman,” Li Qian said, while her slender fingers flicked away the cigarette ashes.

She then added, “But, at the time, I didn’t care at all. I only thought that Xie Hao was using ghost stories to scare me, so that he could come into my bed. But now, when I think about it again, I am not so sure.”

“A stranger? A woman?” Zhao Yu frowned, then urged Li Qian to talk a little more.

“Maybe Xie Hao was not sure about that either!” Li Qian recalled. “He said that he was peeing in the woods that night, when he suddenly felt that someone was watching him from behind. He jerked back and saw a long-haired figure, which flashed past him. He felt that it was a woman, but in the end, he didn’t seem to know that for sure. And… I wasn’t listening that carefully!”

“We all knew what happened on this island and had heard some ghost stories. So…” Li Qian kept shaking her head. “I didn’t take it too seriously!”

“Were you not afraid at all?” Zhao Yu asked.

“You know what our crew members are like.” Li Qian sneered. “I was more afraid of them than any ghosts!”

“Wow…” Zhao Yu did not know what else to say.

Then, after there were a few seconds of silence, Zhao Yu couldn’t stand that anymore and asked, “So, you told me that Xie Tao often took advantage of actresses on set… Um… Had he done that to you as well?”

“Oh! Officer, I didn’t expect you to be so fond of gossip.” Li Qian chuckled and threw her cigarette butt into the sea.

“This is not mere gossip. It is an investigation!” Zhao Yu said.

“Well…” Li Qian sighed, then suddenly opened her arms and said to Zhao Yu, “Come over and hold me!”

Zhao Yu scratched his head. “What do you mean?”

“Hold me… Then you will know the answer!” Li Qian opened her arms, but Zhao Yu could not see any emotions on her face.

“Okay!” Zhao Yu agreed reluctantly, and as he leaned forward a little, he groaned. “I’m doing this for the investigation!”

Li Qian’s body was soft and full of a mature women’s grace. However, this only made Zhao Yu feel cold.

Zhao Yu was very familiar with this kind of coldness. In his past life, he had often been with prostitutes. They were mostly like this. Although they were charming and attractive, they rarely showed their true feelings.

After he hugged Zhao Qian, Zhao Yu said jokingly,” I understand now… Holding you is like holding a prostitute!”

“Huh?” Upon hearing this, Li Qian lost her mind for a second, then looked at Zhao Yu carefully, while she said with some surprise, “Officer, your emotional intelligence is very high.”

“So…” Li Qian said with confidence, “Xie Yan didn’t dare touch me, as he is not qualified!”

“So… do you think that his words may have been true?” Zhao Yu nodded.

“You’d better check Xie Hao’s cell phone,” Li Qian said. “The guy is particularly fond of taking selfies, so maybe you can find some clues from him!”

“Okay, I will check on that,” Zhao Yu said, but he didn’t actually believe that there would be pictures. After all, Xie Tao claimed that he had seen an unknown figure when he was doing his bathroom business, so it wouldn’t make sense that he would be able to take a picture at that time!

However, this information that had just been provided by Li Qian was indeed an important clue. Hence, it might still be helpful in solving the case. After that, Li Qian left.

Through their conversation, Zhao Yu had discovered that, although Li Qian was young, she was sophisticated and clever. It seemed that an actress like Li Qian, who had no money and no power, must truly have some skills in order to survive in the entertainment circle.

Back at the white boards, Zhao Yu used a pen to draw a circle. This circle represented the mysterious figure.

Um… While he was looking at the white boards, which were full of information, Zhao Yu felt a heavy burden. The more that the investigation drew out, the more complicated the case became!

Among the 10 crew members, six had been killed, one was missing, one was seriously injured, and only two had survived. He had to wonder…

What is the truth behind this case?

Is Guo Yihang dead or alive? Is the mysterious figure a false story that Xie Hao made up, or was there really a woman? And… Who was she, if so?

Also, is this case related to the lighthouse murder case from decades ago? If so, what is their connection? If not, then what was the murderer’s motive for the killings?

While Zhao Yu was thinking about all of these things, the Miracle System flashed, reminding Zhao Yu that it was midnight. He opened the system interface and saw that today’s completion score was 132%. Although it was not as high as yesterday’s score, it was not low for a Gen Li hexagram.

This time, he got a new device that he had never received before. It was the Invisible Recovery Agent.

This was a level one device that he could use to quickly restore 80% of his physical energy. If he could strengthen it, the effects could reach 100%!

However, the device instructions said that it had side effects. After the end of its effect, the user’s physical energy would decrease sharply. Also, it would take him some time to fully recover.

Even so, this device was definitely a good one. If he encountered a troublesome task in the future, he could work continuously by using it!

Since it was already past midnight, Zhao Yu opened a new hexagram. If it was still a Gen hexagram this time, then he could at least know that he was going in the right direction regarding his case investigation!

Wishing for the best, Zhao Yu wanted a Qian or Kun hexagram. Only with one of those could he have a greater chance to break the case.

However, the system’s new hexagram once again made Zhao Yu feel strange. Unexpectedly, the system had given him another Gen Li hexagram!

Zhao Yu bent forward and was totally upset. What is this? How could the system give me the same hexagram for three consecutive days?

Li represents new friends… Who have I met in these last three days? Is it Captain Dou? Bureau Chief Wang Chenggang? Or… That little girl?

It should not be that little girl, as normally, Kan refers to a female…

Zhao Yu was puzzled by this. Fortunately, the Gen part of the hexagram was his last hope for solving the case.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yu looked at the white boards again. Although the case had become even more confusing, Zhao Yu felt that the long-awaited truth was not be far from being discovered!