Crazy Detective Chapter 762

Chapter 762 Horrible Inference

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“No way! Leader, you really frightened me. I got goosebumps!” Zeng Ke said with embarrassment. “How could this be possible? You suspect Captain Dou? Why?”

“No more useless talk!” Zhao Yu said with a stern look.

“Shh… Shh…” Zeng Ke suddenly hissed, then pointed around in shock. What he was trying reveal was that, if there was something wrong with Captain Dou, he may have put a bug in the office!

“Don’t panic!” Before the incident, Zhao Yu had already launched a nine-day Invisible Detector there. Thus, if there were any eavesdropping devices, he would have already detected it.

“Well, let me check… But…” Zeng Ke sat in front of the laptop. “Your inference is still pretty far-fetched. You actually think that the murderer is the man who is investigating the case? How is that possible? Captain Dou has no motive to kill anyone at all…”

Zhao Yu finally told the whole truth, “I just think that Captain Dou is really weird, but I didn’t say that he must be the murderer! Maybe he possibly knows something that he didn’t tell us…”

Zeng Ke tapped on the laptop, while he asked doubtfully, ” Captain Dou is strange? Why didn’t I see that before?”

“Well… I saw a lot of cigarette butts in that bag of invalid evidence just now,” Zhao Yu said thoughtfully. “Many of them are the Red Plum brand. That’s what Captain Dou smokes! Don’t forget… Those cigarette butts were found near the crime scenes!”

“But, that doesn’t mean anything necessarily. You see, Captain Dou is a heavy smoker! His cigarette butts must be all over the island. Isn’t that normal? What’s more, many people smoke Red Plum cigarettes, so those are not necessarily his butts,” Zeng Ke refuted.

“Zeng Ke, the Police On-site Investigation Code explicitly requires that smoking should not be allowed at crime scenes!” Zhao Yu said. “Captain Dou is the captain of the criminal police, so how could he carelessly throw cigarette butts at the scenes?”

“Leader, aren’t you overthinking this too much?” Zeng Ke thought that Zhao Yu’s mental status was not stable at the moment.

“Then… Why are there both new ones and old ones? There are many kinds of cigarettes on the market, but in that bag, almost all of them are Red Plums!” Zhao Yu interrupted Zeng Ke rudely. “I suspect that Captain Dou might often come to Yongjin Island. Maybe he was there at the time of the crime!”

“Don’t say that! You are a professional. You should know that this is just a verbal inference!” Zeng Ke was clearly panicked, then hurried to say, “Since you have doubts, you should keep the pack of cigarette butts, then you can verify your thoughts once you have them checked out.”

“Shi*t! Are you stupid?” Zhao Yu stared at him in disbelief. “You want Captain Dou to know that I suspect him? Let me tell you… If Captain Dou really participated in the murder, then all of us are in danger now, don’t you get that?”

“I… My God…” Zeng Ke was stunned, while his eyes were glued to the computer screen.

He had found Captain Dou’s profile. “Captain Dou, formerly named Dou Haisheng, from Dou Jiazhuang, Shengli County, Yunyan City, now lives at No.123 North Courtyard Street, Quliang City. According to this, his parents are both dead, and he was married once and had a daughter, who was raised by his ex-wife, Feng Xinran,” Zeng Ke read aloud.

“Slow down. Read it more slowly…” Zhao Yu said as he came over to the laptop nervously.

“Personal resume… Wow… It turns out that he was a soldier…” Zeng Ke pointed to the screen. “He used to be a scout and was even a company commander! And… He has won so many honor medals…”

Zeng Ke then looked up at Zhao Yu and said, “Looking at his current slovenly appearance, you would never know that he ever served as a soldier!”

A scout? Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled Captain Dou’s fight with the bald man yesterday. Captain Dou had quickly subdued that man, and Zhao Yu could tell from his moves that Captain Dou was an extraordinary fighter.

“But… It’s normal for a policeman to have been a soldier. You can’t doubt him because of that,” Zeng Ke said.

Zhao Yu said, “We have been here for three days and still haven’t gotten a clear clue. Don’t you think it’s because this case is eerily clueless? That’s why I doubt Captain Dou…”

“Um… This… But…” Zeng Ke tried to think about what Zhao Yu had just said.

His eyebrows twisted, and he finally came up with a crucial reason to refute Zhao Yu’s doubts. “Leader, you have to think about the motive for the killings. If Captain Dou was the killer, why did he kill these people?”

“Look…” Zhao Yu pointed to the computer screen and said, “Captain Dou is 34 years old. The year he was born was the very same year when the lighthouse murder happened!”

“Ah!” Hearing Zhao Yu’s words, Zeng Ke almost fell out of his chair. He grabbed his hair in shock and trembled as he said, “This is not fun! There’s no such thing in ‘Holmes!’ Ouch, my heart is pounding.”

“If Captain Dou is the child of the lighthouse couple, then he has a clear motive! After all, this film is an insult to his parents, especially his mother!” Zhao Yu said.

Zhao Yu explained excitedly, “So, he wanted to take the opportunity to kill Cai Jinda, but in the process, there was an accident, so he had to kill the other people! Captain Dou was a scout before and is now the experienced captain of the criminal police, so he not only knows how to kill people, but also knows how to mislead the police!”

He then added, “Moreover, he knew clearly that he would be in charge of the criminal police after the case happened, so everything was under his control! Using different ways to kill, choosing different places, and then leaving a witness, all of which he intentionally arranged, was done in order to confuse us about the case, so that we would transfer our suspicions to Guo Yihang!”

Zhao Yu shook his head, “As we have said before, as long as Guo Yihang can’t be found, the case will most likely end up unsolved and go in the yellow notebook!”

“Um… But… But… I still think…” Zeng Ke stammered.

Zhao Yu went on, without giving Zeng Ke a chance to finish, “Remember when we visited the scenes that first day, and I asked what the crew was shooting at the lighthouse? At that time, it was Captain Dou who interrupted us.”

Zhao Yu continued with his inference, “So… Why did he interrupt us? Didn’t he want us to shift our attentions away from the film’s plot? And then, when Captain Dou told us about the past lighthouse incident, he spoke fluently in the first half of the story, but in the latter half, when it came to the people’s suspicions that Liu Caiyun was the real murderer, he said that it was only hearsay. You didn’t see his face at that time, but I did… And… He didn’t look right at all!”

“But… Wait a minute, leader!” Zeng Ke interrupted him, then pointed to the laptop and said, “It’s says very clearly here that Captain Dou is from Doujiazhuang. His parents are both dead. Thus, his father is not a lighthouse keeper, and his mother is not Liu Caiyun.”

“So…” Zhao Yu also pointed his finger at the screen. “That’s what we’re really looking for next… The real truth!”