Crazy Detective Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Was Wu Xiumin In Danger?

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“How could it be possible…” Zeng Ke kept tapping on the keyboard, while he was murmuring, trying to find more information about Captain Dou.

He found that Captain Dou was a workaholic, even though he looked sloppy. There were few crimes in Quliang, most of which were conflicts among the fishermen, such as the fight that Zhao Yu had taken part in yesterday.

The fishermen in this area were hot-tempered. If they didn’t agree with each other, they fought to solve their issues.

Captain Dou was an expert in dealing with such disputes. As such, he had a high status among the local fishermen. Generally, as long as he came to deal with the disputes himself, he could solve them successfully.

However, it was precisely because of Captain Dou’s strong abilities that Zhao Yu was suspicious of him. After all, it’s impossible for any ordinary people to commit such a crime on an isolated island.

“If… If it’s really Captain Dou…” Zeng Ke muttered, “And such a small cigarette butt could lead you to the murderer… Leader, I feel like you are going to be famous. You are Sherlock Holmes in the flesh!”

While he was listening to Zeng Ke’s compliments, Zhao Yu was still pondering the case. In fact, the cigarette butt was only a trigger, as even before the cigarette butts had drawn his attention, Zhao Yu had been somewhat suspicious of Captain Dou.

After all, besides the evidence of the cigarette butts, he also contributed his doubts to the hexagrams. This was because the three consecutive days of the Gen Li hexagrams had made Zhao Yu think about new friends, which obviously referred to Captain Dou!

However, although he could be regarded as a new friend, they still hadn’t built a deep friendship with each other yet. So, he had to wonder… Since the system still gave me a Gen Li hexagram… What does that imply?

“Leader, if Captain Dou is really the child of the lighthouse keeper,” Zeng Ke said, while he looked for information online, “Would it be possible that Captain Dou was adopted by the couple? But, if he was adopted, how could he possibly know who his parents were when he was young? I still feel that killing to avenge his parents is not a good enough reason, unless Captain Dou is truly mentally ill.”

After that, Zeng Ke deliberately look at Zhao Yu, who was looking at the laptop screen, his face stiff and his eyes blank.

“Um… What’s wrong, leader?” Zeng Ke asked.

Zhao Yu frowned, then said, “It’s far-fetched, but it’s not impossible… If Captain Dou put on a baseball cap and changed into Guo Yihang’s clothes, their appearances and figures would basically be the same. He has been the captain of the criminal police for so many years, he could manage to stab a person several times, but not end one’s life! It was so dark that when Kang Leming was stabbed, he may have become panicked, so it would have been easy for him to mistaken him as being Guo Yihang!”

“Oh…” Zeng Ke looked at Zhao Yu in a daze.

“But… But there is one more thing that I can’t explain yet!” Zhao Yu said.

“What?” Zeng Ke asked immediately.

“Everything else could be explained, but… If the murderer was Captain Dou, how could he not know about Qiao Ruxue?” Zhao Yu frowned and asked.

“Oh… That’s true… There’s no way to explain the clues that were left on the dead bodies! Um…” Zeng Ke then asked, “Did he catch Cai Jinda and force Cai Jinda to say that?”

“Um… How could Captain Dou ask such irrelevant questions?” Zhao Yu frowned. “If Captain Dou was taking revenge on Cai Jinda, he would have never known about Qiao Ruxue. After all, as to details like the Cefuroxime, even Qiao Ruxue herself did not know about them. This doesn’t make sense anyway…”

He was lost in thought as he continued surmising, “Is it… Is the murderer not Captain Dou? Or… Who else could leave those clues? Um… Anyway…”

Zhao Yu grit his teeth and said, “We still should check Captain Dou’s background carefully! At present, all of our guesses are based on the fact that he is the child of the couple. If he is not, then that means that we are wasting time thinking of something totally wrong!”

Zeng Ke pouted his lips and thought… It seems that you are the only one who believes in such a possibility!

At this moment, Zhao Yu’s mobile phone rang. It was Wu Xiumin.

“Leader, I got up very early and went to the wharf market that you mentioned. The information about the little girl’s family has all been collected and I’m now sending it to you.” Wu Xiumin said. “I’ve read it once. There should be no problems, but you can check it again!”

At the moment, Zeng Ke’s laptop received a notification of the received information.

“So…” Wu Xiumin asked again, “Do you still need me to find the immediate relatives of the lighthouse couple?”

“Good job! Yes, as that’s highly crucial!” Zhao Yu answered.

“Okay!” Wu Xiumin said, then hung up the phone.

“If Xiumin can find the immediate relatives of the lighthouse couple…” Zeng Ke nodded. “We can compare their DNA with Captain Dou’s! Almighty DNA can clear this whole thing up!”

“Yes,” Zhao Yu nodded and said, “But, somebody needs to go to Doujiazhuang, and it has to be one of our own people! Um… I have to give Ran Tao a call to see where he is currently.”

As he was speaking, Zhao Yu took out his cell phone and called Ran Tao. Meanwhile, Zeng Ke read the information that he had just been sent by Wu Xiumin carefully.

When he saw the information about the little girl, Zeng Ke could not help but frown, while he murmured, “Wow… You told me clearly that she was a witness, so how did she suddenly become the subject of the investigation? A little girl who sells fish? What’s the point of investigating her?”

Ten minutes later, Zhao Yu finally finished his call, then turned to Zeng Ke and asked, “Where’s Wu Xiumin’s information? Let me have a look at it.”

“Wow, leader, why did your call last so long?” Zeng Ke showed his laptop to Zhao Yu and asked with a smirk, “Is Ran Tao still there with Qiao Ruxue? If I were you, I’d have scolded him for an hour at least!”

“Dam*! Let me see that!” Zhao Yu pushed Zeng Ke aside, then carefully read the little girl’s information.

Zhao Yu still believed that there should be a reason that the side adventure had taken place at the little girl’s fish stall. And, the day before yesterday’s side adventure pointed to the lighthouse, which obviously reminded him that the case was related to the film, which was titled “Lighthouse!” So, there might be some clues connected to the little girl.

However, after carefully reading her information, Zhao Yu did not see anything important. But, what he didn’t expect to find was that the little girl’s father was an ordinary fisherman, but her mother was a thief! Moreover, her mother was in prison for burglary!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu could not help but think of Cui Lizhu. Cui Lizhu was still under interrogation at the Bai Ling Police Station, and her application for a parole had not yet been approved.

However, Division Chief Jiao had promised Zhao Yu that it would not be long before Cui Lizhu became a qualified temporary member of his Special Investigation Group. If Cui Lizhu had been here to help with her skills, maybe Zhao Yu would feel more confident with this case.

“Well, let me check!” When Zeng Ke saw Zhao Yu staring at the word “thief,” he put his hand on the keyboard, clicked, then found some information on the little girl’s mother. The record said that the little girl’s mother had been sentenced to seven years in prison for burglary.

“Wow…” Zhao Yu said. “It’s just burglary. Why was she punished so heavily?”

“No… You see… It’s written here!” Zeng Ke pointed out. “Her mother poisoned a rich businessman with a drug. So, seven years was given because she inflicted severe injuries upon the man.”

“Drug? What drug?” Zhao Yu turned his head and asked.

“Wait a minute…” Zeng Ke slowly squeezed into his seat and pushed Zhao Yu aside. Then, he retrieved the official police files.

After they read through the files, they were both stunned. It was clearly stated that the criminal had used a mixture of dimethylthiadine and benzodiazepine as a narcotic, which, if used excessively, might even lead to the death of the victim!

“The ingredients of this narcotic…” Zeng Ke could not speak smoothly, “They are the same as those in the drug that was used for the island killings!”

“Zeng Ke, find out who caught her!” Zhao Yu shouted excitedly.

With Zhao Yu’s reminder, Zeng Ke clicked a button and a person’s name appeared on the screen. It was Captain Dou’s name!

“Leader!” Zeng Ke burst out in a cold sweat and quickly said to Zhao Yu, “Since this information was found by Wu Xiumin… Is she in danger now?”