Crazy Detective Chapter 764

Chapter 764 Exposed

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“I’m going to locate Captain Dou’s mobile phone!” Zeng Ke said. “Leader, you need to call Xiumin… Right now!”

Zhao Yu nodded and reached for his mobile phone.

If it hadn’t been for Zeng Ke, he would never have thought of this. Yesterday, when he was chatting with the little girl, Captain Dou had looked at him carefully for a long time.

If the little girl’s mother was caught by Captain Dou, he would probably know the little girl. Therefore, Captain Dou must have noticed something. Now that Wu Xiumin was investigating Captain Dou, she might be in danger.

Just now, Zhao Yu heard back from Bureau Chief Wang that Captain Dou had gone to deal with matters related to yesterday’s wharf fight. Hence, he could be at the Quliang Police Station right now!

At the thought that Wu Xiumin might be in danger, Zhao Yu pressed Wu Xiumin’s telephone number in a panic. However, his call couldn’t get through, so Zhao Yu hung up.

No! Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought about something and slammed down his phone on the desk.

“Hey, leader, this is urgent! What are you waiting for?” Zeng Ke asked. After seeing that Zhao Yu did not make a call, he immediately got even more anxious.

“No…” Zhao Yu’s eyes were fixed at one point, and he seemed to be thinking about something very deeply. After a few seconds, he gently shook his head and said, “Don’t worry… Xiumin is okay!”

“How can you say that?” Zeng Ke asked. “That kind of narcotic is not something that ordinary people know how to mix. Captain Dou must have learned it from the little girl’s mother! Obviously, Captain Dou is a major suspect!”

“Um… Zeng Ke…” Zhao Yu said. “Don’t you realize that It would be better if Captain Dou really had laid his hands on Xiumin?”

Zhao Yu sighed softly, “But, he wouldn’t be so silly! Think about it carefully. Even if Captain Dou is the child of the lighthouse couple, and even if his saliva and fingerprints are on the cigarette butts, what can we do about it?”

Zeng Ke was speechless, while he pondered this for a long time before he finally realized what Zhao Yu was saying. “You mean… Even if it is really is him, he won’t confess!”

“Exactly!” Zhao Yu nodded. “Captain Dou is the captain of the criminal police. So, he knows all of the procedures very well. If he doesn’t confess, we can’t do anything to him!”

Zeng Ke scratched his head and said, “So… We must find Guo Yihang! But… It seems that Guo Yihang’s chances of surviving are slight…”

Zhao Yu nodded in agreement. “If Captain Dou threw his body and the murder weapon into the sea, we would never find them at all! That’s his smartest move yet!”

Zeng Ke frowned and said, “Captain Dou is fearless. He’s not afraid of us finding out about his history at all!”

Zeng Ke thought for a moment, then asked, “Can we try some more conventional methods, such as proving his presence at the murder scenes?”

“I think that would be useless!” Zhao Yu shook his head. “I’m afraid he’s already thought about that before! Holy fuc*. This dirty smoker deceived all of us!”

“Well, I’m afraid that this is the strangest case I’ve ever seen in my whole life!” As Zeng Ke spoke, he successfully located Captain Dou, who was indeed in the Quliang Police Station. It seemed that, as Bureau Chief Wang had said, he was still dealing with some matter related to the wharf fight.

“Leader, in this case… Is there anything we can do to him?” Zeng Ke grit his teeth. “We should at least search his house. What if we could find something important there, like the drug he used?”

“No! We must not rush things or startle him until we have some hard evidence. Otherwise…” Zhao Yu squinted as he said, “We really won’t have a chance!”

Zeng Ke immediately realized something from Zhao Yu’s tone, so he asked eagerly, “Leader, are you able to deal with him?”

“You must be kidding! Otherwise… How could I be your team leader?” Zhao Yu looked at the screen and said coldly, “When it comes to playing tricks, I’m second to none! Come on, Zeng Ke. Next, we will stay busy. If the murderer was really him, I must force him to reveal himself!”

Since their goal was now set, Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke began to make their plan. In the meantime, Zhao Yu called several people in succession,including Wu Xiumin, Ran Tao, and Gao Facai. These were the people who Zhao Yu trusted the most, so he knew that he could tell them everything.

All of the three people, after hearing Zhao Yu’s words, were stunned. None of them could imagine that Captain Dou, the criminal police captain, had suddenly become a major suspect in the murders on the isolated island! However, Zhao Yu’s strong analysis made them take it seriously.

Ran Tao assured Zhao Yu that he would rush to Doujiazhuang to investigate Captain Dou. Meanwhile, Wu Xiumin was still responsible for searching for the immediate relatives of the couple in order to conduct a DNA comparison.

As for Gao Facai, he volunteered to find a way to get the narcotic formula that was used by the little girl’s mother to see if it was the same as the drug that was used in the murder on the island. As for Zeng Ke, he would proceed to investigate the background of Captain Dou to see if there were any new clues to be found.

In solving cases, Zhao Yu was an experienced expert. His experience told him that once the investigation had a definite target, it would not be so difficult to find out the truth!

As Zhao Yu expected, when they turned their attentions to Captain Dou, they quickly found more clues. The earliest news came from Gao Facai. Through forensic tests, he was able to confirm that the formulas of the two drugs were identical. What’s more unbelievable was that not only were the formulas the same, but so were the proportions of the ingredients!

Gao Facai said that the narcotic formula had been circulated in hospitals, but because of its low stability, it was quickly eliminated. He then explained that, if someone was still using it now, it must be manually prepared. In this case of manual preparation, the two drugs must be produced in the same batch.

In addition, Gao Facai had previously examined the drug residues in the victims’ bodies from the island case, finding that the narcotic that was used by the murderer in the current island case was expired. Therefore, they had a reason to suspect Captain Dou.

Probably, when Captain Dou had arrested the little girl’s mother, he had taken the narcotic that she had made. Then, he must have used the narcotic to poison the crew on Yongjin Island!

However, the narcotic alone was obviously not enough evidence to convict. They could only prove that the narcotic came from an arrested thief, but they could not yet prove that Captain Dou had been the one who poisoned the victims. Therefore, in order to force Captain Dou to reveal himself, they still lacked sufficient evidence.