Crazy Detective Chapter 766

Chapter 766 Crazy Reasoning

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“Qian Jin!” Zeng Ke answered without hesitation, “Director Qian Jin was very familiar with everyone, so he naturally knew their secrets! He knew that Kang Leming pimped, Xie Hao harassed actresses, Zhang Chenggong liked to take indecent pictures in secret, and Cai Jinda modified the scripts at will. Leader, do you think that he told Captain Dou all of these secrets?”

“Maybe… But… It still doesn’t make sense!” Zhao Yu shook his head. If he told him these things, why would Captain Dou hang him?”

Who knows, when Zhao Yu heard this, he suddenly stared at Zeng Ke and said, “Zeng Ke, you just reminded me of something! If we want to know the answer, maybe the key is not from whom the murderer got the information, but how he got it!”

Zeng Ke didn’t follow him, so he just stared at him blankly.

“Do you think it’s possible that one of the crew members wrote about Qiao Ruxue’s experience on the notes in his phone or in a diary?” Zhao Yu took a guess. “Then, perhaps this was information obtained by Captain Dou, so he planned the killings! In this way, he could both kill Cai Jinda and frame Guo Yihang!”

“Holy shi*t…” Zeng Ke opened his mouth wide. “That’s crazy! But… How could Captain Dou easily obtain that information?”

Zhao Yu shook his head and pondered this question for quite a long while. “Perhaps there are many coincidences in this case. Maybe someone lost his phone or diary, or maybe the information was found by Captain Dou when he killed the person!”

“Wow! Do you mean that when Captain Dou killed the person, the person may have been viewing his cell phone notes or his diary at that moment? So, Captain Dou discovered this information, then made his plan? Only… How could it be possible for him to plan to kill so many people in one single night? Moreover, Captain Dou was coming for Cai Jinda, but Cai Jinda died first. Doesn’t that mean that he must have gotten the information from Cai Jinda?”

“Not really!” Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, “Cai Jinda may not have been the first one!”

“Why do you say that?” Zeng Ke couldn’t follow his logic.

“We are not sure that Captain Dou is the child of the lighthouse couple or that he did this to take revenge on Cai Jinda,” Zhao Yu opened his hands and said.

“My God…” Zeng Ke was very confused.

“Well, let’s still assume that Captain Dou is the child of the couple and came to kill Cai Jinda, but…” Zhao Yu circled a name on the white board, then said, “We still can’t forget about the burnt Xu You!”

“Xu You?” Zeng Ke scratched his head.

“Xu You’s body had the least amount of drug residuals in it, and the murderer did not leave a clue about Qiao Ruxue on him. So, we initially suspected that Xu You might have suddenly woken up and seen the murderer, which made us assume that the murderer had then burned him with a signal gun! So, Xu You was probably the first person killed!”

“You mean…” Zeng Ke nodded, as he now understand Zhao Yu’s meaning.

Zhao Yu pointed to Xu You’s name on the board, then said, “Let’s say that the real story goes like this: Although Xu You looks honest, he secretly recorded the bad things that all of those people had done! So, after he was killed by Captain Dou, Captain Dou got the information, then changed his plan on the spot and decided to kill more people in order to confuse the police and turn their attention to Guo Yihang.”

“Wow, Captain Dou is really a criminal genius! This is amazing!” Zeng Ke exclaimed.

“It’s no wonder that when I first came to the scene I felt that is was so weird!” Zhao Yu recalled. “At that time, the case seemed to be carefully planned, but hastily executed.”

“Um… Well…” Zeng Ke pondered this, then said, “Xu You was an old guy in the crew. He was also very friendly with the others. So, maybe he really did know many of their secrets! It’s just that…” Once again, he scratched his head, then said, “Xu You was burned by a signal bomb. So, his cell phone was burnt, including his notes and diary that would have been in it. Besides, if Captain Dou didn’t want to kill him originally, how could he have possibly been in the mood to check his dead body after he had killed him?”

“Um… That’s a good point…” Thinking of this, Zhao Yu closed his eyes and was lost in his thoughts again.

“Leader, Captain Dou has been aboard the speedboat for awhile now.” Zeng Ke said as he looked at his watch. “At this speed, he can get here within 40 minutes! So, our plan is…”

Zhao Yu waved his hand, then said, “If we can’t get this clear before he gets here, we can’t act rashly! We must destroy him completely, but only when we are ready!”

“Then… What about Zhang Yong?” Zeng Ke asked. “That fellow can’t wait to go home! I’m afraid that he…”

“Don’t worry, as nobody will dare to let him go without my approval!” Zhao Yu looked at the white board, then said, “Now, we have to think about Qiao Ruxue. Who were we just talking about?”

“Oh… Xu You!” Zeng Ke pointed Xu You’s name on the board.

“Well, you work on getting Xu You’s communication records and see who he called just before he died…” Zhao Yu urged. “Besides, I remember that some policemen had been to Xu You’s house to search it. Tell them to check his folders to see if he had any backup files.”

“Okay, I’ll do that right now!” Zeng Ke quickly sat down in front of his laptop, but before his hand had touched the keyboard, Zhao Yu stopped him.

“Wait!” Zhao Yu seemed to have thought of something and muttered, “We seem to have missed one person…”

As Zeng Ke raised his head, his face look puzzled.

“If anyone in the crew cared about Qiao Ruxue, I’m afraid that he would possibly be the only one…” Zhao Yu’s thoughts were flying now.

“Guo Yihang?” Zeng Ke guessed.

“Guo Yihang was missing. Of all these people, we have never seen his personal things! And… We don’t know if he took drugs or not…” Zhao Yu frowned tightly and grit his teeth.

He then asked, “Was Guo Yihang Captain Dou’s accomplice? No… How could Captain Dou kill his accomplice? But… Guo Yihang must be dead! Was Guo Yihang the first deceased victim? Was he the one who had written about Qiao Ruxue?”

As he was looking at Zhao Yu’s nervous face, Zeng Ke once again felt deeply uneasy.

“Li Qian said that Guo Yihang was recommended by the director Qian Jin. If he had no background in film, why did Qian Jin recommend him?” Zhao Yu wondered aloud, while continuing with his crazy reasoning. “Guo Yihang must have bought his way into the role with money! But… It’s unreasonable to buy such a boring role that didn’t need much acting at all…”

“Leader, calm down…” Zeng Ke quickly interrupted him, then asked, “Do you mean that… Guo Yihang was actually investigating Qiao Ruxue’s affairs in the crew? Do you think that he wanted to expose everything and avenge Qiao Ruxue?”

“No!” Zhao Yu firmly refuted his guess. “Qiao Ruxue said that Guo Yihang was a selfish man. So, he did this not for Qiao Ruxue’s sake, but only for himself!”

“But, how could it benefit him?” Zeng Ke looked at Zhao Yu, who did not reply, but just looked at the screen.

“Oh… I see. I’ll search about that, too!” Zeng Ke quickly tapped the keyboard and soon found Guo Yihang’s call, Wechat, and QQ records.

Once there was a target, then twice of the workload could be accomplished with half the effort. As a result, it was less than ten minutes before they found a load of exciting information from Guo Yihang’s message records.

“Oh… I see! I can’t believe we found it!” Zeng Ke first looked at Zhao Yu in surprise, then looked at the signal that was tracking Captain Dou’s phone.

He then said, “Leader, we still have about 20 minutes, then Captain Dou will be here!”

“Okay. Everything is going as planned!” Zhao Yu said to Zeng Ke. “You first need to inform Ran Tao that, after he leaves Doujiazhuang, he must join Wu Xiumin and go to Captain Dou’s home to check out his mother’s situation!”

“Okay. But, what if his mother refuses to admit that she is Liu Caiyun? We don’t have DNA…” Zeng Ke didn’t seem confident about this plan.

“Humph! There’s no need for his mother to admit it! I’m afraid you don’t understand how good your leader is!” Zhao Yu said confidently.