Crazy Detective Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Was It Really You?

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Special Investigation Group office, Yongjin Island command vessel.

“Yes, that’s it!” Zeng Ke pointed to the screen as he explained, “I used the latest image restoration technology to increase the image rate of the original mobile video. Although it’s not a 100% restoration, at least this allows us to see the figure’s basic outline!”

“Well, how long will it take?” Zhao Yu asked anxiously, while he closely watched Captain Dou’s reaction to this news. At this moment, Captain Dou’s expression was extremely complex, and Zhao Yu couldn’t tell whether he was excited or nervous.

“Ten minutes at most!” Zeng Ke answered. “I have entered the image information of all of the people from Champion Pictures. Once the restoration is complete, I can compare their information with the mysterious figure’s, one by one!”

“And… The people related to the old lighthouse case should not be ignored either. The relatives of the lighthouse couple, Cai Xiangbin’s relatives, Qiao Ruxue and her husband… Anyone related with the case can’t be missed!” As Zhao Yu spoke, he saw Captain Dou’s eyes twitch slightly.

In order to get a bigger reaction out of him, Zhao Yu smacked his lips, pointed to the blurry figure on the screen, then muttered, “I’m guessing that this is a female with long hair.”

When he heard the words “long hair,” Captain Dou trembled and his face became dark and gloomy. This was because Xie Hao had seen a figure with long hair when he was in the woods!

“Ah, hero, please accompany me in pursuit of my dream…” At such an intense moment, Zhao Yu’s mobile phone suddenly rang. Zhao Yu had deliberately set the volume to its maximum, so when it rang, everyone was shocked.

“Hello…” Zhao Yu hurried out of the room, but spoke extra loudly into the phone, “Oh… Officer Chen, what’s up? You need talk to Zeng Ke? Zeng Ke is with me. Um… I know… Okay…”

Zhao Yu waved to Zeng Ke as he shouted, “Zeng Ke, hurry up! Officer Chen is looking for you. It’s urgent!”

“Oh…” Zeng Ke looked at the screen, then touched the card reader with Xie Hao’s mobile memory card before quickly running out.

This left Captain Dou all alone in the room. Captain Dou looked at the card reader and the connecting wires, his eyes flashing with a cold light. At this time, Zhao Yu handed Zeng Ke his mobile phone and walked back.

Before he had taken two steps, from outside the command vessel, a cry was heard, which was quickly followed by the sound of something falling into the water!

“Huh?” Upon hearing the sound, Zhao Yu rushed to the side of the vessel. As he looked down, he shouted, “Holy fuc*!”

He then quickly waved to Zeng Ke and yelled, “Zeng Ke! Quick… Zhang Yong ran!” The sound of the speedboat running engine could be clearly heard from the sea.

“Oh!” Hearing his call, Zeng Ke rushed down the boarding plank of the command vessel.

Zhao Yu waved his hands and shouted to Captain Dou, “Quick! Captain Dou! Zhang Yong ran away!

After that, Zhao Yu ran off the boat with Zeng Ke, while Captain Dou came out of the office and approached the side of the boat. Zhang Yong had taken a speed boat and had run away via the sea!

A policeman who was in charge of guarding the dock had been pushed into the water and was struggling to call for help at the moment. At this time, there were two or three remaining policemen on the deck, and when they saw this unexpected scene, they seemed a little confused and were stuck in a daze.

Seeing this, Captain Dou quickly shouted at them, “What are you doing? Go after him!”

“Okay…” Several policemen hurried off of the command vessel, following closely after Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke.

By this time, Zhao Yu had already jumped onto another speedboat and had started the engine. Zeng Ke bent down and reached out to rescue the policeman who had been pushed into the water.

Captain Dou was so nervous that he took out his cell phone and wanted to call the police station. But, at that moment, he looked at the empty deck and suddenly had an idea.

He turned around and looked around the Special Investigation Group office, then slowly stepped back. He knew the command vessel very well, so he knew that there was a camera on the deck that was facing him.

So, he quickly put his cell phone above his ear and rushed into the cab of the command vessel. This would make it appear to the camera that he was looking for help in the cab, when in fact, he went straight through the cab and into the narrow corridor on the other side of the vessel!

The corridor was connected to the balcony of the Special Investigation Group office, with only one railing between them. Captain Dou knew that there was no camera here, so he went over the railing directly, opened the sliding door, and entered the Special Investigation Group’s office.

After entering the office, he rushed to Zeng Ke’s desk and reached out to unplug the memory card that was inserted in the card reader. However, when his finger touched the memory card, he suddenly stopped! The next second, he looked around sharply, as if he had suddenly understood something.

“Dam*!” he shouted in horror, then quickly scanned the whole room. Then, he immediately retreated, trying to return to the deck.

At this very moment, a cabinet behind the office suddenly shook. Then, the cabinet door creaked open, and from inside, a woman jumped out! Moreover, the woman had a camera in her left hand!

“Oh my!” Captain Dou shivered with fear, while his right hand instinctively reached for the pistol that was at his waist.

However, something even more surprising happened at that moment. The woman raised her right hand, revealing a black pistol!

Captain Dou was even more confused when he saw that the pistol was pointing at him. Now, he recognized that the woman was none other than the survivor… Li Qian!

Li Qian trembled with horror, while her chest shook violently. Her eyes were filled with irrepressible tears.

“It’s you!” Li Qian shouted excitedly. “You are a policeman! Why did you kill so many people?”

Captain Dou’s face turned red and he could not say a word. He was in a state of true shock.

His right hand was still on his holster at his waist, but when he saw the deck through the window, where Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke had quickly returned, he finally understood that this was all a trap! Therefore, he dropped his hands and finally gave up on the idea of drawing his pistol.

“Yes!” Zhao Yu exclaimed excitedly, while laughing loudly. “Ha ha!”

Although Zeng Ke was also very excited, he was much more careful than Zhao Yu. He took out his pistol and rushed into the office first, not yet celebrating.

Several other policemen were frightened to see what was happening. As they were all on duty, but had no guns with them, they had to take out their batons, which they pointed at Li Qian as they shouted, “You… Stop now!”

“No… You have the wrong person!” Zhao Yu laughed as he corrected everyone. “You should be giving those orders to your captain! Ha ha ha…”

These people were even more surprised to turn and see that Zeng Ke had pointed his gun at Captain Dou! They all stared at Captain Dou, feeling quite foolish and confused.