Crazy Detective Chapter 769

Chapter 769 Who Was Liu Caiyun?

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“Ha ha ha!” Zhao Yu laughed, then asked proudly, “Captain Dou, what else can you say now?”

“Leader Zhao, I don’t understand. What do you mean?” Captain Dou asked calmly. “Don’t you see that Li Qian is pointing a gun at me? She’s the suspect! Also, Zhang Yong fled with a speedboat. Obviously, the two of them are the real murderers!”

“Bah!” Li Qian burst into tears, while lashing out in anger. “Are you still lying? You’re the murderer!”

At this time, several of the policemen were really confused, so they quickly asked Zhao Yu, “What is going on here? Which side are we on?”

Zhao Yu sneered, then said to Captain Dou, “Captain Dou, put down your gun!”

“Hey, don’t you understand what is happening here?” Zeng Ke pointed his gun at Captain Dou, while he explained to the policemen, “Captain Dou is the real murderer!”

What? The policemen almost fell to the ground in shock.

Zhao Yu pointed to Captain Dou’s pistol, then said, “I didn’t expect that you would reveal yourself so easily!”

“Let me go! The speedboat was driven back by myself, and your leader made me do it! Only in this way could I go home!” At this time, there was a noise on the deck. Zhang Yong, who had just fled away with the speedboat, had been caught by two policemen, one of whom was the one who had fallen into the water before.

“Let go of him! He’s right! I am the one who arranged all of this was!” Zhao Yu snapped his fingers at the two policemen.

“Did you hear that?” Zhang Yong asked, while still struggling. “Otherwise, how could I be so silly as to attempt to drive away in a police speedboat?”

“Ah! What is going on now?” When the three men came to the door of the office and saw the strange scene inside, they all stopped in their tracks.

“Your pistol! You know the rules!” one of them exclaimed.

Captain Dou shook his head helplessly, then unlocked the holster, pinched the gun out with two of his fingers, then threw it at Zhao Yu’s feet.

“Captain Dou… You… How…” The policemen still couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of them.

“Leader Zhao!” Captain Dou said helplessly, “I really don’t understand. Why are you doing this? I don’t know any of those dead people. How could I be the murderer? This is ridiculous!”

Zhao Yu did not reply as he picked up Captain Dou’s pistol.

“I don’t get it!” Captain Dou shook his head coldly. “Is it because you guys can’t solve the case, so you are trying to put the blame on me?”

“Ah!” As the policemen on the scene were all Captain Dou’s colleagues, when they heard him say this, they all looked at Zhao Yu in surprise. One of them even picked up his mobile phone and called Bureau Chief Wang Chenggang.

“Still lying? Do you think that’s useful?” Zeng Ke saw that Captain Dou was unarmed, so he put down his own gun and asked, “If you have no secrets, then why didn’t you follow us to chase the suspect, but instead stayed here in the office?”

“Officer, I am not a suspect! I am not!” Zhang Yong defended himself yet again.

“I know that! I was just using you as an example!” Zhao Yu clarified, clearly a bit annoyed.

Li Qian, who was still pointing her gun at Captain Dou, then said excitedly, “I saw with my own eyes that he was about to destroy Xie Hao’s memory card! I recorded it all! He didn’t come in through the main entrance, but came around the balcony to avoid being seen by the camera! He is clearly the murderer!”

“Ha ha…” Captain Dou stretched out his hands and sneered. “Come on, you can’t prove any of that! Isn’t the memory card still right here? Just let me tell you what really happened!”

Captain Dou dropped his smile and said, “I just saw Zhang Yong running away, then I went to call the police station!”

Captain Dou had restored his composure by now, so he spoke very calmly, “But, since there was nobody in the cab, I went to the railing! However, just as I was about to make the call, I saw a figure in the office. I was afraid that someone was going to steal the memory card, so I jumped over the railing and ran in from the balcony.”

He then added, “You saw me moving the memory card just now because I was worried that it had been touched by someone else. I was just going to check it! But, unexpectedly, I met with this crazy woman!”

Captain Dou pointed at Li Qian, then asked her, “What about you? You have a camera and a pistol! What are you doing here with those things? Are you the one who really wants to destroy the memory card? If it hadn’t been for my arrival, I’m afraid that you would have already destroyed the memory card!”

“You!” Li Qian trembled with anger and shouted hysterically, “You’re lying!”

“Leader Zhao!” Captain Dou, who was now facing Zhao Yu, said, “I understand your situation, but as the case is also within my area of duty, I also want to solve it quickly! But… It is really hurting me that you would accuse me in such a way! You can’t just do as you please because you’re a leader!”

“Wow! I like you!” Hearing Captain Dou’s words, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but applaud his gutsy speech. “Captain Dou… That is really smart. I respect your guts!”

“Um… Leader Zhao…” An elderly policeman quickly came over to Zhao Yu and tried to defend Captain Dou, “Isn’t this just a misunderstanding? Captain Dou is the chief criminal policeman in charge of this investigation. How could he possibly be the murderer?”

The other nodded in agreement.

“Are you stupid? It is for that exact reason that he can get away with it!” Zeng Ke urgently explained.

“But… There’s always a motive for any killing… As for Captain Dou… What would his motive have been?” The elderly policeman still didn’t believe it could be true.

Zhao Yu nodded to Li Qian, then motioned her to put down her gun. He then smiled and said to the others, “Well, since Captain Dou refuses to confess, let me, your team leader, personally reveal the answer to you! Ladies and gentlemen, the time to witness miracles is coming!”

After saying this, Zhao Yu pulled out his phone and showed them two photos from it. “Come here, everybody look at this!” Zhao Yu held up his mobile phone to the policemen as he asked, “Do you remember the Yongjin Island lighthouse murder from a few decades ago? The person in this first photo is Liu Caiyun, the wife that was involved in that case!”

After he said Liu Caiyun’s name, Zhao Yu thought that everyone would be shocked, but unexpectedly, everyone was still just staring at each other, and there was no special reaction on any of their faces. Captain Dou, who had restored his composure, had also prepared himself, so when Liu Caiyun’s name was spoken, he also did not show any emotions on his face.

“But… I seem to know the person in the second photo!” Finally, the elderly policeman shouted out after he took another look at the images from the mobile phone.He then asked, “This woman is Captain Dou’s mother?”

Only then did the policemen turn their eyes to Captain Dou. Zhao Yu snapped his fingers and said loudly, “We have had professionals compare them… Guess what? Captain Dou’s mother is indeed Liu Caiyun!”

“Wow!” At last, the policemen all gave out the same exclamation in unison, which was the shocking reaction that had Zhao Yu expected!

The young policeman who had fallen into the water then rushed to Zhao Yu and asked, “Leader Zhao, who is Liu Caiyun?”

Hearing this, Zhao Yu almost threw his mobile phone at the young man.