Crazy Detective Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Battle

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It turned out that, due to the importance of the current lighthouse case, in the process of investigating, the policemen were only assigned different tasks, but could not fully know all of the investigation’s information. Moreover, although the local people knew about the lighthouse murder case from decades ago, they were not familiar with the name Liu Caiyun.

Therefore, when Zhao Yu claimed that Captain Dou’s mother was Liu Caiyun, some of the policemen were at a loss for who he was talking about. After Zeng Ke understood this, he introduced the old lighthouse case to several of the policemen present. When they learned that Liu Caiyun was the wife of the lighthouse keeper, their faces all filled with surprise.

An elderly policeman, who recalled the old lighthouse case clearly, after listening to Zeng Ke’s explanation, looked at Captain Dou and asked in shock, “Captain Dou, is this true? Your mother is… Liu Caiyun!? And you are…”

Zhao Yu did not wait for Captain Dou to answer, but turned to him and said, “Captain Dou, you should have known that, sooner or later I would find out the truth!”

He then added, “Even though your mother is not registered and your records say that both of your parents are dead, we will look into this again!” Zhao Yu was determined to prove that his accusation was not nonsense.

But, just as he had said before, he needed to wait for Wu Xiumin and Ran Tao to have everything in place before he made his big move.

As Liu Caiyun’s photos were still kept in the police archives, when Wu Xiumin and Ran Tao saw Captain Dou’s mother, they did not need any DNA after all. They only needed to compare the photographs to confirm her identity!

Moreover, Wu Xiumin was a psychology expert. After she and Ran Tao entered Captain Dou’s home and had a nice conversation with Captain Dou’s mother, she was convinced that the old lady was the same one who had disappeared for decades… Liu Caiyun!

This news was undoubtedly the most important piece of evidence, as only by confirming that Captain Dou’s mother was Liu Caiyun could all of their previous assumptions and guesses be proven correct! When her identity was confirmed, it provided a clear motive for Captain Dou to have committed the killings!

“Captain Dou, won’t you admit it now?” Zhao Yu sneered. “You are the child of the lighthouse couple! Cai Xiangbin killed your father and raped your mother. Then, when Cai Jinda, who was Cai Xiangbin’s nephew, wrote a script to slander your parents, you couldn’t stand that, so you took revenge and killed these people!”

After Zhao Yu finished explaining his accusation, the office was completely quiet. Everyone’s eyes were all directed at Captain Dou, who was standing in the center of the office.

“Ah… Ha ha ha… Ha ha ha ha…” Unexpectedly, after a few seconds of total silence, Captain Dou burst out laughing, which gave everyone present goose bumps.

“Leader Zhao, I admit that I didn’t report this informations, so that is my fault!” Captain Dou said, his evil eyes shining. “But, you don’t have to set up me like this, do you? Even if my mother is Liu Caiyun, and even if Cai Jinda slandered her, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I killed anyone! After all, that’s six lives! I couldn’t afford to commit such a heinous crime!”

Zeng Ke said, “In fact, your target was only Cai Jinda, but when you killed him, something unexpected happened! So, you had to kill more people.”

“What?” The elderly policeman couldn’t follow this stream of logic.

“Sir, please…” At this time, the policeman who had fallen into the sea before came in with his mobile phone and spoke to Zhao Yu in a hurry, “It’s Bureau Chief Wang. He needs to speak to you.”

“I’m not available at this moment! Don’t you see that the murderer is about to confess?” Zhao Yu waved his hand, then said in a fierce tone, “Well, you can just turn on the speaker and let Bureau Chief Wang and his colleagues listen altogether!”

“Leader Zhao! Stop kidding!” Captain Dou was eager to stop him, so he shouted angrily, “Please use your brain and think about this carefully! I am the captain of the criminal police, and although I have no great achievements, I still understand the basic principles of protocol! Even if I wanted to avenge my mother, I could do that in many ways. For example, I could take legal measures!”

“Take legal measures?” Zhao Yu shook his head. “If your mother was not afraid of being exposed by the media, why would she have hidden for so many years?”

Captain Dou replied with an innocent look, “Why don’t you believe me? Even if I didn’t want to be exposed or I didn’t want to take legal measures, I would still have other ways to deal with this! Everyone in Quliang knows that, the moment I would have given an order, the whole film crew would have had to leave!”

Captain Dou then clutched his fist and said, “Hence, I didn’t kill anyone! There was no need! I could just have been rid of them by sending them away!”

Captain Dou then said remorsefully, “I’m sorry I kept this from you, but it was not easy for my mother to conceal her identity for so many years, and I really didn’t want to involve her in the case and sprinkle salt on her old wounds! It’s my fault that the truth was concealed. But, that’s all there is to it, so please don’t play with me, okay?”

Captain Dou’s words had their desired effect immediately, as the policemen who had been starting to suspect him were clearly persuaded by them. At that moment, they all looked at Zhao Yu with imploring eyes, trying to plead with him on Captain Dou’s behalf.

“Brilliant!” Zhao Yu applauded Captain Dou again, then nodded and said, “Captain Dou, you’re really good at this! You’re practically a genius! Being a captain of the criminal police is really putting you in a small position, which is unworthy of your talents!”

Zhao Yu hurriedly raised his arms and said to Zeng Ke, “Zeng Ke, show them!”

Zeng Ke immediately projected the information about the little fish girl’s mother on the big screen.

“Look!” Zhao Yu pointed to the screen and said, “This woman is a burglar who was arrested last year. She caused a rich merchant family to all faint by using an artificial drug. She then went into the house to steal and was finally caught by our great Captain Dou!”

He then added, “We have verified the formula of that drug, and guess what?” Zhao Yu then opened another picture. “The formula is the same as that which was found in the victims of the murder on the island!”

Only then did the police understand Zhao Yu’s meaning, and they were once again tongue-tied.

Captain Dou waved his hands and said, “I remember that thief! She couldn’t have committed that crime by herself. She must have had at least one other partner. So, if we find her partner, we can find out the truth!”

Zhao Yu pointed to Captain Dou. “The man who stole the female thief’s drug, then used it to poison the crew… Is you!”

“That’s nonsense! How could I use the burglar’s drug?” Captain Dou shook his head, completely denying this claim.

“You know what you did!” Zhao Yu said. “Gao Facai has confirmed that the drug that the crew members took and the drug of the female burglar are from the same batch. He also found that the drug had already expired. If it had been the burglar’s partner, why would he have used expired drugs? Moreover, the female burglar used to be a pharmacist in the county hospital, so she wouldn’t need any partners at all!”

“Well… Even if she did not have any partners, it still couldn’t be me! That’s just ridiculous…” Captain Dou’s was not finished with his denial, but Zhao Yu interrupted him.

Zhao Yu then said solemnly, “No worries, as we don’t expect you to easily confess your guilt. We have just begun! Now, let’s talk about the cigarette butts. We found a lot of Red Plum cigarette butts near the crime scenes. That’s the brand that you often smoke!”

“There are many smokers here, all of whom use that brand!” Captain Dou said.

“Note that the cigarette butts will be tested, so we can certainly confirm whether you left them.” Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly became wide. “And… We can also confirm whether they were left after or before the crime was committed!”