Crazy Detective Chapter 771

Chapter 771 A Prank Turned Into A Murder

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“Bloody smoker!” Zhao Yu said fiercely. “You thought that if we found your cigarette butts at the crime scenes, they’d be invalid evidence, so the police would not go too deep into investigating it! But, you were wrong, as these cigarette butts are actually your fatal mistake!”

He then added, “Our forensics team has tested the butts, and soon, we will know whether you boarded Yongjin Island before, after, or at the same time as the inciden! How about that, Captain Dou?”

Zhao Yu then narrowed his eyes and said, “As you have caught so many criminals, you should know that they have only one result in the end… They are caught! So, stop fighting in vain, as we have both your motive and sufficient evidence now!”

“What are you getting at?” Captain Dou asked in anger. “I often go to Yongjin Island and leave dozens of cigarette butts around! Thus, your so-called motive and evidence are simply your subjective assumptions. None of that can prove that I am a murderer at all!”

“You often go to Yongjin Island?” Zhao Yu asked quickly. “Why do you often go to such an isolated island?”

“When I’m depressed, I like to go to the island to relax. What’s wrong with that?” Captain Dou replied.

“Okay, fair enough…” Zhao Yu nodded.

He then said, “But… Captain Dou, do you think that my Special Investigation Group is stupid? From the first day I saw you, I noticed that something was strange about you.”

Zhao Yu then said in a loud voice, “And… As I said before, the cigarette butts were your fatal mistake. After all, we can tell much more than you think from such evidence. For example, I can tell from them the earliest time that you learned that the crew had gone to Yongjin Island to shoot this film that smeared your parents! At that time, you probably weren’t yet thinking about killing anyone! As you said before, you might have only wanted to use the legal methods that you mentioned previously to solve the problem.”

Zhao Yu then added, “But, before you took action, you figured that you had to gather more information about the crew. As it was not easy for you to inquire about such things in a public way or send someone to inquire about them for you, you quietly followed the crew to the island and observed them in the dark! But… The more you found out about them, the angrier you became. Gradually, your mind began to change…”

At this point, Zhao Yu snapped his fingers, signaling for Zeng Ke to immediately project the clips that were taken by the crew up on the big screen. Zhao Yu was really a genius. The particular scene that was being played at the moment was the one where Liu Caiyun was being raped by Cai Xiangbin.

Cai Xiangbin was being played by Guo Yihang, the supporting actor, while Li Qian was playing Liu Caiyun. On the screen, it was Liu Caiyun who was being humiliated. As they all watched, Zeng Ke intentionally turned the volume up to its highest level.

Upon seeing this, Captain Dou was so angry that he clasped his fists in both hands and growled as he gnashed his teeth.

Zhao Yu then pointed to the screen and said, “The actors are so good that I thought this was an actual true thing that was happening. I’m angry about it, too!”

Even Li Qian, who had seen such scenes a lot on set, blushed. She was extremely embarrassed when she saw her bare chest on the screen.

“Ah… Ah…”

While he was listening to the panting and wailing from the clip, Captain Dou stood up and shouted, “Enough! Enough! Enough!”

While he was shouting at Zhao Yu, he seemed to want to rush over and eat Zhao Yu alive. Li Qian was so frightened by this that she raised her gun at once! Seeing Captain Dou’s strong reaction, Zhao Yu made a gesture for her to stop, and the office finally restored to its previous state of calm.

“Leader Zhao, what on earth do you want me to do?” Captain Dou shook as he asked. “Do you want me to admit that, just because of this movie, I killed the whole crew?”

“Perhaps! At the very least, I’ve proven that you are really angry after seeing the movie. Ha ha…” Zhao Yu laughed, then shouted at the policeman, who was standing next to him, “What are you waiting for? Where are your handcuffs? Handcuff him for me!”

As the policemen were all Captain Dou’s colleagues, when they heard this command, they all shrank back.

“Hey! Hurry up and do something!” Zhao Yu stared at them incredulously. Then, a young policeman walked over and put handcuffs on Captain Dou reluctantly.

“Good… That’s what you should have done right away!” Zhao Yu nodded, then said, “Okay, let’s carry on…”

“Um… Leader…” Zeng Ke suddenly frowned. “I don’t quite understand… How can you tell from just the cigarette butts that Captain Dou didn’t want to kill anyone at first?”

“Are you stupid?” Zhao Yu stared at him as he answered, “If Captain Dou had carefully planned the murder from the very beginning, how could he have so carelessly left such cigarette butts all over the island?”

“Hmm…” All of the policemen present thought about this, agreeing that Zhao Yu was right.

“So…” Zhao Yu sneered. “Our Captain Dou didn’t want to kill anyone at first! In fact, I’m guessing that his original plan might have been to commit a prank or something like that.”

A prank? Everyone showed their doubts.

“For example, he might have planned to destroy all of the clips that had already been taken by the crew. Or, he might have been plotting to create something unexpected for them, like dressing a ghost to scare them!” Zhao Yu laughed, then said, “In short, in order to make them give up shooting the film and not make such an insult to his parents, he might have been plotting myriad tricks!”

Zhao Yu then pointed to Captain Dou. “So, the drug that you took from the female thief did come in handy, after all, as you put that in their drinks and caused them to lose consciousness.”

He clapped his hands, then said, “Everyone pay attention to this, as it’s the critical part! Just when Captain Dou was about to carry out his prank, he encountered an accident! As a result, his plan for a prank turned into a homicide!”

Everyone was shocked. Zhang Yong hastily asked, “What accident?”

“The accident… Hmm…” Zhao Yu pointed to Captain Dou and said loudly, “Come on! You tell us what you did!”

Captain Dou stared at Zhao Yu angrily, without saying a word.

“Humph! I knew you wouldn’t dare say it! Well… Let me tell you…” Zhao Yu turned his eyes around three times while he organized his thoughts.

He then said, “The accident… Either it was Guo Yihang or Xu You! Either Guo Yihang woke up and fought with Captain Dou, then Captain Dou accidentally killed him! Or… Xu You suddenly woke up and Captain Dou burned him with the signal bomb!”