Crazy Detective Chapter 772

Chapter 772 A Show

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“Here comes the most important part!” Zhao Yu then motioned for Zeng Ke to project onto the big screen the clues that the murderer left on the deceased victims’ bodies, such as cefuroxime, 255, the plus sign and so on.

“Listen to me!” In order to attract everyone’s attention, Zhao Yu clapped and said, “At the beginning, I couldn’t understand that, if the murderer was Captain Dou, how he could possibly have known the crew members’ secrets. But, after our tireless efforts and searching, we finally found the answer! It’s him!”

As Guo Yihang’s photo appeared on the screen, Zhao Yu quickly said, “We found a very important message via Guo Yihang’s communication records. It turns out that Guo Yihang joined the ‘Lighthouse’ crew for a specific reason! Long ago, Guo Yihang had already known that he wouldn’t be famous within the entertainment circles, so he made his plan B early on.”

Zhao Yu continued, “Privately, he reached an agreement with a well-known news website, which would would secure him a senior position only if he could provide a piece of breaking news to them. As Guo Yihang was a very selfish person, he thought that he could expose Qiao Ruxue’s past experience and use that as his stepping stone to success!”

Zhao Yu then added, “Since then, Guo Yihang made every effort to dig out more secrets to expose. When he suddenly found out that the man who had bullied Qiao Ruxue had joined the ‘Lighthouse’ crew, he spared no expense to get a role in order to also join the crew!”

Zhao Yu then pointed to the screen and said, “My guess is that Guo Yihang must have written down the information that he found either on his mobile phone or in some notebook. However, he never knew that the ‘Lighthouse’ crew was also being watched by Captain Dou!”

Zhao Yu then pointed to Captain Dou, while he said, “Heh heh… That evening, Guo Yihang might have wanted to collect some more information at night, but as he was doing so, he met Captain Dou unexpectedly. At that time, Captain Dou might have killed Xu You, or was doing something else shady, so when they met, they fought! As Guo Yihang was unable to defeat Captain Dou, then Captain Dou must have killed him on the spot!”

“You…” Zhao Yu’s words made Captain Dou extremely angry, but since Zhao Yu was so excited, he wouldn’t let anyone interrupt him.

Zhao Yu gesticulated wildly with hands as he spoke, “Then, as Captain Dou had already killed someone, he figured that it was over! But, at that moment, Captain Dou must have seen the information that Guo Yihang had written down!”

Zhao Yu continued, wide-eyed, “When he finished reading it, he thought of a great plan in order to hide his crime. Since Captain Dou had already killed people, then killing a few more people was no longer a problem for him.”

“Enough!” Captain Dou couldn’t bear to listen to Zhao Yu anymore. He raised his handcuffs and roared, “Leader Zhao, are you a madman? What you have just said is all lies that you have made up in your mind!”

“Hmm…” The old policeman frowned and agreed, “Yes, we need hard evidence in order to close this case!”

Zhao Yu got mad at the old policeman. “How could you say such a thing to your leader?”

The old policeman was frightened, so he quickly retreated to one side.

“Captain Dou, are you still trying to deny it?” Zhao Yu turned around and continued, “You’re an experienced criminal investigator, so you understand proper procedure. So, when you discovered the crews’ secrets from Guo Yihang, a perfect plan popped up in your mind, didn’t it?”

“No!” Captain Dou denied everything.

Zhao Yu’s voice rose to a high pitch as he said, “You quickly planned a perfect revenge story plot. You changed into Guo Yihang’s clothes and began to implement this plan, killing all of the people who bullied Qiao Ruxue! You even went so far as to separate the deceased and kill them in different ways!”

He took a breath, then continued, “After the killings, you were afraid that we would not track this back to Guo Yihang, so you left those clues on the deceased victims’ bodies for us to find. You did all of this to cover up the fact that you are the murderer!”

In an instant, everyone felt like that the sky had suddenly became hazy. They even heard the thunder in the sky, too!

However, the sky was cloudless, and the sunshine was particularly bright. Only then did they realize that, in fact, the haze and thunder was just the ringing in their hearts, as they were so extremely shocked by Zhao Yu’s words!

“That’s slander!” Captain Dou was so angry with Zhao Yu that he thumped his chest and stamped his feet. He then pointed at Zhao Yu and shouted, “You fool, how could you be our leader?”

Zhao Yu instantly shouted back, “Fuc* you! How dare you speak to me in such a way? Captain Dou, you are now a prisoner. Do you understand that?”

“Leader Zhao…” The policeman saw that Zhao Yu was in a fury, so he tried to calm him down.

However, Zhao Yu still shot more than 50 swear words in a row at Captain Dou, which made Captain Dou blush in shock. He never imagined that the great leader from the Central Criminal Division would be such a high-ranking swearer!

After he finished his tirade of swearing, Zhao Yu felt a little better. He waved his hand and said, “I’m sorry that I made such a scene just now! Now, let’s continued…”

He cleared his throat, then said, “Captain Dou then changed into Guo Yihang’s clothes, then stabbed Kang Leming. This explains why Kang Leming mistakenly thought that the murderer was Guo Yihang! But, in fact…”

“Not this again! Come on! Please…” Captain Dou was about to kneel down to Zhao Yu as he pleaded, “Can you stop making up stories? You are simply trying to put the blame on me since you can’t catch the murderer!”

Zhao Yu ignored him, while he continued with his explanation, “But in fact, Guo Yihang had died a long time ago, and his body had already been disposed of by Captain Dou. He thought that, as long as we couldn’t find Guo Yihang’s body, then the case would never be closed!”

Zhao Yu shook his head, sighed, then said playfully, “But… You still neglected one of the most important things!”

“What’s that?” one of the policemen asked in a trembling voice.

Zhao Yu patted himself on the chest and said, “Captain Dou couldn’t know that the most famous detective in the whole country would come to investigate this case!”

Zhao Yu cleared his voice and said shamelessly, “You guys may not know this, but I recently solved the strangest case in the country… The Headless Female Corpses Case! Ha ha, are you scared now?”

Not waiting for them to answer, Zhao Yu went on, “Captain Dou, you certainly didn’t expect that I would suspect you! What else do you have to say for yourself at this time?”

Captain Dou was speechless as he looked at Zhao Yu like Zhao Yu was a mad man. At that moment, Zhao Yu’s mobile pinged, indicating that he had received a message.

As Zhao Yu read the message quietly, a sly light flashed in his eyes. The next second, Zhao Yu laughed. His laughter horrified all of the people present.

Zhao Yu then smacked his lips and started to mumble, “Xie Hao saw a long-haired figure… The crew’s speedboat was driven away… And the dead bodies were carried to so many different places… All of these things point to the fact that you had an accomplice. So, would you like to tell us something about your accomplice?”

After hearing the word “accomplice,” Captain Dou clearly became nervous. Seeing this, Zhao Yu suddenly stopped smiling, then said with great seriousness, “Captain Dou, now you are trapped!”

After that, Zhao Yu played a video from his mobile phone as he said coldly, “Your accomplice… Has confessed!”