Crazy Detective Chapter 773

Chapter 773 The Final Blow

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In the video from Zhao Yu’s mobile phone, an old woman in her sixties suddenly appeared. She was crying bitterly as she looked at the camera.

She then cried out, “I killed them! This has nothing to do with my son!”

In addition to the old woman’s crying, there were also several dog barks heard in the background of the video. Obviously, the dog Tycoon was also there.

Zhao Yu didn’t let the video finish before he said, “Captain Dou! Your mother, Liu Caiyun, is your accomplice! These terrible murders on the isolated island were committed by you and your mother. She’s confessed to it all!”

Captain Dou shuddered, then stumbled back two steps and almost fell down. His greasy hair drooped in front of his face, and he looked as if he was on the verge of collapsing.

“Do you think that you can hide from the world’s justice system, just because you are a captain of the criminal police?” Zhao Yu sneered. “You’re still too naive! I suspected that Liu Caiyun was your accomplice from the very beginning. So, I had people go to your home, where your mother instantly confessed to them.”

Zhao Yu spoke righteously. But in fact, he had used very unconventional means in secret to obtain this outcome. When Zhao Yu was arguing with Captain Dou, Zeng Ke had been very busy!

He first sent the videos that Captain Dou had tried to destroy in the memory card to Ran Tao and Wu Xiumin, who were interrogating Liu Caiyun. Then, he recorded Captain Dou’s response in secret and used special software to edit what Captain Dou said.

For example, when Captain Dou had actually said, “You want me to admit that, just for this movie, I killed the whole crew,” Zeng Ke had cut the first half sentence out, which left the last half alone, which made Captain Dou sound like he was confessing!

In addition, Zhao Yu had forced Captain Dou to wear handcuffs for a specific purpose. When the photos of Captain Dou wearing handcuffs were sent to Liu Caiyun, she naturally believed that Captain Dou had already been arrested and charged with the murders!

Moreover, Wu Xiumin was an interrogation expert, so under her repeated attacks and probing, they finally got Liu Caiyun’s to confess on camera. However, Liu Caiyun had said that she was the only one who had killed all the people, which was obviously not true. Therefore, in order to know the whole truth, Zhao Yu had to make sure that Captain Dou completely collapsed and divulged everything.

Hence, Zhao Yu snorted coldly and continued to exert pressure on him. “Captain Dou, the reason why you carried out such an urgent plan that evening was because you had an accomplice present, and you knew that this accomplice would definitely help you, as she was your mother, Liu Caiyun!”

As Zhao Yu roared out his accusation, Captain Dou couldn’t help but tremble.

“You must have driven another speedboat.” Zhao Yu went on to explain, “I’ve looked at the island terrain, so your speedboat should have stopped at the reef beach that is just outside the windbreak. As there are many reef caves, if you dragged the speedboat there, you would not have been seen by any of the people on the island! That’s why you stabbed Kang Leming in the windbreak, because after stabbing him, you could then leave with your speedboat!”

Hearing Zhao Yu’s inference, Captain Dou was stunned silent.

Then, Zhao Yu added, “After killing the people, you and your mother had to leave separately. One needed to drive the crew’s speedboat away to forge the false impression of Guo Yihang’s escaping from the murder scenes, while the other person needed to discard Guo Yihang’s body to ensure that his body would not be found! As you’re young and strong, my guess is that you had to deal with the body.”

Then, Zhao Yu said, “So, you drove your speedboat to take Guo Yihang’s body away, then threw him into the sea or hid him somewhere. Meanwhile, your mom drove the crew’s speedboat off to the Quliang seaside, creating the false impression that Guo Yihang had escaped from there!”

“You… You are wicked!” Captain Dou trembled and his eyes flashed. “Shouldn’t you feel ashamed of speaking of an elderly woman like this?”

Zhao Yu refuted him loudly, “That’s six lives that we are talking about! No… In addition to Guo Yihang, that makes seven! I’d like to ask you the same question about what you did! As a captain of the criminal police, when you killed so many people, didn’t you feel ashamed?”

“You… You are so despicable!” Captain Dou roared as he tried to lunge towards Zhao Yu.

Li Qian was shocked and quickly raised her gun at him. But, since there were so many policemen standing beside him, they rushed forward and immediately stopped Captain Dou.

“See that? He just wanted to murder an official officer… Did you see?” Zhao Yu clucked his tongue as he stared at him.

Captain Dou shouted in anger, “Zhao Yu, you have wronged a good man. And now, you have even wronged my mother. You’re a bastar*d!”

“I didn’t wrong your mother, and I didn’t wrong you. Your mother has confessed! Your trick has been exposed. Wait… You will be punished by the law!” Zhao Yu said.

“You are illegally forcing a confession! My mother’s so-called confession was forced! We did not kill anyone… We are not guilty!” Captain Dou struggled and looked as if he wanted to tear Zhao Yu apart.

“Da*n it!” Zhao Yu wanted to force Captain Dou to confess his guilt, but unexpectedly, he still fought hard to deny it!

“What has happened?” At that moment, Bureau Chief Wang finally arrived. When he saw the mess in the office, he shouted, “Stop! All of you!”

Hearing his roar, the policemen stopped in their tracks. Captain Dou also froze in place.

“Leader Zhao, over the phone just now… I heard it all!” Bureau Chief Wang, who was frowning tightly, came over to Zhao Yu and had a complicated expression on his face.

He then said, “I admit that Captain Dou is indeed a major suspect in this case now! I also admit that your Special Investigation Group has the authority and privilege to lead this investigation now, and we can’t stop you! But, I do hope that you can treat my colleague and his family fairly. If Captain Dou is really related to the Yongjin Island murder, we will never tolerate him in our ranks again! However, I hope that you can be cautious in case there has been a misunderstanding…”

“A misunderstanding? Bureau Chief Wang, if it weren’t for my respect of you and your reputation, I would have revealed him long ago!” Zhao Yu immediately raised his voice and shouted, “Bureau Chief Wang, Liu Caiyun has confessed! They killed these people, so what else is there to say?”

“You are lying!” Captain Dou cried. “My mother was framed by you! Everything she said was forced!”

“You’re lying. Our colleagues had a good conversation with the old lady. That’s all,” Zhao Yu refuted his claims.

“Alright!” Bureau Chief Wang waved his hand, then said to Zhao Yu, “Since you insist on this being the truth, how about this… Let’s take Captain Dou back to the police station first, then take his mother, too. That way, we can properly follow the procedures.”

There was nothing wrong with what Bureau Chief Wang had just proposed. After all, Captain Dou and Liu Caiyun, whether or not they were suspects, must be dealt with according to the proper procedures.

However, Zhao Yu knew that, if he couldn’t break Captain Dou at this moment, he would would probably fail to do so later on. Thinking of this, Zhao Yu took a quick look at Zeng Ke, gauging whether or not Zeng Ke had received any news from Liu Caiyun. Had she admitted it all?

However, Zeng Ke shook his head helplessly, indicating that Liu Caiyun had only admitted that she was the murderer and that the murder had nothing to do with Captain Dou. She must have even refused to explain the specific details!

Dam* it! If Liu Caiyun refused to confess and Captain Dou refused to admit that he killed the people, then this case would be very troublesome to close!

As Zhao Yu was thinking of these things, Chief Wang asked, “Leader Zhao, how about that? Let’s go back to the police station, okay?”

As Zhao Yu had no reason to reject this proposal, he nodded helplessly. Bureau Chief Wang quickly waved his hand, causing the other police to immediately gather around Captain Dou and walk him out to the deck.

As Captain Dou passed by Zhao Yu, he gave Zhao Yu a fierce look. His eyes looked both evil and gloomy, as well as cold and provocative.

As he watched Captain Dou being taken away, Zhao Yu felt heavy in his heart. He knew that once he returned to the police station and went through the regular procedures, Captain Dou had a greater chance of exonerating himself from all charges. As long as he refused to admit his crimes, the police had no other ways to deal with him.

So, Zhao Yu looked anxiously at his cell phone again, hoping to get some good news from Ran Tao and Wu Xiumin. However, the good news didn’t come.

However, bad news did. Zhao Yu had just received a message from Chen Zhuo, the liaison officer.

Chen Zhuo had sent a few words, but Zhao Yu understood them all. Bureau Chief Wang had reported what had just happened to the Criminal Division. So, Chen Zhuo was checking in to inquire about the situation.

Dam* it! Zhao Yu swore in his heart. The next second, Zhao Yu looked at Captain Dou with angry eyes as he thought…

Alright! Captain Dou, you asked for it! In order to solve this case, I will deal you the final blow!