Crazy Detective Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Despicable Plan C

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In the office, Zeng Ke spoke to Zhao Yu in a helpless tone, “Xiumin and Ran Tao have tried their best, but the old lady just refused to admit it!”

“The two of them must have planned their speeches in advance!” Zhao Yu said. “Their strategy now is to admit nothing!”

“Bureau Chief Wang must have sent someone to Captain Dou’s house to take over! If we go back to the police station now, I’m afraid…” Zeng Ke was also aware of the bad things that might happen in that scenario, so he appeared to be extremely depressed.

“Zeng Ke, call Gao Facai immediately!” Zhao Yu grit his teeth and said, “Let’s start plan C!”

“Are you sure we really have to do that? Now that Captain Dou knows our purpose, I’m afraid that it will be hard to deceive him. If plan C doesn’t succeed, we’ll all be in a lot of trouble, including Gao Facai…” Zeng Ke was clearly hesitant.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already told him!” Zhao Yu said. “There’s no time for us to delay. Hurry up and call him!”

After that, Zhao Yu ran outside the door and shouted, “Hey!”

The policemen were all startled, so they stopped and looked back at him curiously.

“Leader Zhao, what do you want?” Bureau Chief Wang asked.

Zhao Yu pointed to Captain Dou and asked, “Captain Dou, are you not curious at all as to why I think that your mother, Liu Caiyun, is your accomplice?”

“How could there be an accomplice if I haven’t committed a crime?” Captain Dou asked him indignantly. “Would you stop slandering me?”

Zhao Yu said with a grin, “Captain Dou, you’re the captain of the criminal police. Ask yourself, have you never doubted why this is so in all these years?”

“Doubted why? What do you mean?” Captain Dou asked.

“Come on, Leader Zhao, can we go back to the police station?” Bureau Chief Wang interrupted him, but Zhao Yu stared at him coldly, forcing him to clam up instantly.

“Captain Dou, did your mother Liu Caiyun tell you that your father was killed by Cai Xiangbin and that she was raped by him?” Zhao Yu asked.

“You! Shut up!” Captain Dou didn’t want to hear anyone talking about the rape, so he grit his teeth in anger.

“Although Cai Xiangbin was sentenced for his crime, Cai Xiangbin’s family had spread the news that your mother was the real murderer! She killed the lighthouse keeper and then framed Cai Xianbin!

“Enough! Shut up!” Captain Dou couldn’t bear to listen to Zhao Yu any longer.

“Your mother must have told you how hard this was for her?” Zhao Yu went on without hesitation. “She was stigmatized and abused, so much so that she couldn’t even stay on Yongjin Island!”

Zhao Yu then said, “So, your mother took you to Doujiazhuang and married a lazy man whose wife had just died! I guess your childhood must have been very terrible? Your family was poor… Those must have been tough days!”

“You! Shut up! Why on earth are you bringing all of this up now?” Captain Dou was in a rage.

“Yes, let’s just go back to the police station!” Bureau Chief Wang interrupted and advised.

“Hum!” Zhao Yu snorted coldly, then continued, “After your mother suffered this humiliation in Doujiazhuang, she went away with you again! From then on, your mother and you depended on each other, until finally, you became a police captain. Isn’t this story touching?”

Hearing this, the people present were confused by Zhao Yu’s words. They didn’t understand what he was trying to say.

“But…” Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s tone changed as he asked, “Captain Dou, have you ever thought about the reason that your mother drifted around with you? Why didn’t she want people to know that she was Liu Caiyun?”

“You…” Captain Dou clenched his fists, while also seeming to have realized that something was wrong about this.

“You should have doubted it yourself as well, I suppose?” Zhao Yu laughed and said, “In fact, your mother was running away! She was not running away from slander, but from the truth and facts that she didn’t even want to believe herself!”

“No!” Captain Dou was hoarse and exhausted.

“It turned out that what people were saying about her was no slander!” Zhao Yu said ruthlessly. “In fact, the person who really killed your father and framed Cai Xiangbin was your mother!”

“You bastar*!” Captain Dou was so angry that he wanted to rush straight at Zhao Yu and tear him into pieces.

“Don’t lie to me!” Zhao Yu went on, “In fact, you have long suspected the truth of the lighthouse murder case! But, you were stubbornly unwilling to believe it. You just can’t accept the fact that your father was killed by your mother!”

“Ah!” Captain Dou was furious as he shouted, “I… I’m going to kill you!”

“Stop him… Quick…” Bureau Chief Wang had policemen stop Captain Dou from lunching at Zhao Yu. Then, he said to Zhao Yu angrily, “Team Leader, have you finished? If that’s all, we need to go back to the police station immediately!”

“Alright!” Zhao Yu nodded silently, frustration flashing in his eyes.

Bureau Chief Wang glared at Zhao Yu, then went over and pulled Captain Dou towards the boat. But, before he had walked even two steps, Zhao Yu’s mobile phone suddenly rang…

“Ah, hero, please accompany me in pursuit of my dream…”

The loud ring rang throughout the deck, and the policemen were startled by it and paused to hear what was going on. As Zhao Yu was watching Captain Dou leave, he answered the phone.

Suddenly he shouted, “What!” Seeing that Zhao Yu was so shocked, the policemen turned their heads to look at him curiously.

“What are you saying? My God…” Zhao Yu covered his mouth in surprise, then waved to the others and said, “Wait! Stop!”

“Leader Zhao, what’s wrong now?” Bureau Chief Wang was clearly a little annoyed.

“Alright, thank you! This is helpful!” After that, Zhao Yu hung up the phone, pointed to Captain Dou, and cried out, “Captain Dou! Do you want to know the truth?”

“Zhao Yu, what are you trying to say?” Captain Dou asked, clearly exhausted.

“This time, I have the absolute truth!” Zhao Yu laughed, then raised his mobile phone and said loudly, “Because I had doubts about you, I took your DNA files and compared them with the people who were involved in the case, including the crew members, your mother Liu Caiyun, and the immediate relatives of the lighthouse keeper.”

He grinned widely. “In order to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, I also got a strand of your hair in secret and did another DNA comparison using that! Um…”

Zhao Yu then pointed to his mobile phone. “Just now, our professional forensic pathologist sent me a message, stating that the comparison has been completed. The result is… Um… A little bit of…”

“Leader Zhao, what is it?” Bureau Chief Wang asked anxiously.

“Well, I’ll give you my cell phone. The comparison results are on it! See for yourselves!” With that, Zhao Yu threw his phone to a young policeman, who immediately delivered it to Bureau Chief Wang.

“What’s this called? Karma?” Zhao Yu closed his eyes and said with emotion, “This is destiny, right?”

“Ah!” Bureau Chief Wang read Zhao Yu’s information and was so surprised that he almost fell on the ground, while he muttered, “How could this be?”

Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “According to the comparison results, Captain Dou and Cai Jinda, the deceased, are closely related. Cai Jinda is Captain Dou’s cousin!”

After hearing this, a great silence filled the space.

“You’re talking nonsense!” Captain Dou was shocked.

“In other words, Captain Dou’s biological father and Cai Jinda’s biological father were brothers!” Zhao Yu nodded to Captain Dou, then asked, “Now, you know who your biological father is, don’t you?”