Crazy Detective Chapter 775

Chapter 775 People Who Steal My Limelight Do Not Come To Good Ends

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“Impossible! You’re talking nonsense!” Captain Dou was shocked.

He pointed at Zhao Yu and roared, “That information must be wrong! You’re setting me up.”

Zhao Yu rolled his eyes. “What a sad story! After Liu Caiyun had lived on the island for so many years without having a child, Cai Xiangbin came and won the bid. Although Cai Xiangbin is no longer alive, he should be satisfied. Anyhow, his own child is still alive in this world!”

Zhao Yu’s remarks were so full of sarcasm that it made Captain Dou crazy. He pointed at Zhao Yu and shouted, “You’re a complete bastar*! You dare to talk such nonsense! You must pay the price!”

He then shouted to Bureau Chief Wang, “They’re setting me up!”

Bureau Chief Wang frowned, while his eyes were still staring at Zhao Yu’s phone.

“Use your brain. What’s the good in me making up such false information? This is not really even that important to the case. I care about the case, not whose child you are,” Zhao Yu said. “But, I’m also quite puzzled. Doesn’t your mother know who your father is?”

Captain Dou shivered. If it hadn’t been for the policemen stopping him, he would have rushed into a fight with Zhao Yu.

“In my opinion, your mother has a lot of secrets that she hasn’t told you.” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “To tell you the truth, I even suspect that you are not the main culprit in the murders on the island, but that your mother Liu Caiyun is! I would go so far as to wager that you are just her accomplice, and all of this is what Liu Caiyun urged you to do…”

“Shut up! You just shut up!” Captain Dou shouted indignantly.

At that moment, Bureau Chief Wang handed the phone to him, then said, “Captain Dou, this DNA comparison… Um…”

Captain Dou took the phone and examined it carefully.

“You should know…” Bureau Chief Wang said, “If the forensic pathologist perjured himself, he clearly would how harsh the consequences would be. Moreover, as this is a national-level forensics team, the possibility of receiving fake information is too small!”

“Bureau Chief Wang… What’s wrong with you?” Captain Dou shouted hysterically. “Forensic pathologists may not lie and cheat, but Zhao Yu can! Believe me, he is setting me up! I admit that I concealed the fact that I was the lighthouse keeper’s child, which was wrong, but I really didn’t kill anybody!”

Bureau Chief Wang thought for a few seconds before he said softly, “Well then, tell me, on the night of the crime, where were you and your mother?”

Captain Dou stared at him as he asked, “Do you doubt me, too?”

“I’m not suspecting you…” Bureau Chief Wang cried out. “But… After you tell me, then I can go and find the evidence and witnesses that can corroborate your story! As long as you two have an alibi, no one can do anything to you! So, tell me quickly, where are you and your mother that night?”

“Hmm…” Captain Dou thought for a few seconds before he said, “The two of us were resting at home, like usual!”

“Just at home, not anywhere else?” Bureau Chief Wang frowned deeply, then nodded and said, “Okay! In that case, I know that there are several surveillance cameras in front of your house, so we will be able to prove this!”

Bureau Chief Wang felt relieved, but Captain Dou couldn’t help but shiver.

“By the way, there’s one more thing…” Bureau Chief Wang said with a solemn expression. “Where’s your speedboat right now?”

“Bureau Chief… You…” Suddenly, Captain Dou looked like he had been struck by a thunderbolt, and his eyes showed a deep depression.

“Captain Dou, you should understand that we have to solve cases based on the evidence!” Bureau Chief Bureau Chief Wang said. “So, let’s examine your speedboat carefully, so that we can prove your innocence with that as well!”

When he heard Bureau Chief Wang’s words, Captain Dou stopped talking and he got a very embarrassed look on his face.

“Well, okay,” Bureau Chief Wang opened his hands and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell us now, as we can find out for ourselves. Let’s go back to the police station. Um…”

Bureau Chief Wang then turned to Zhao Yu and asked, “Leader Zhao, is there anything else?”

“No.” Zhao Yu saluted Bureau Chief Wang, while revealing admiration in his facial expression.

It was unexpected that Bureau Chief Wang was also a clever old fox. He had just asked two questions, but both of them hit the weakest spots of Captain Dou’s story.

If Captain Dou and Liu Caiyun were suspects, then on the day of the crime, they would definitely have been on Yongjin Island! Moreover, not only would they have been there that night, but they would have been on the island earlier in order to put the drugs in the crew’s drinks in advance!

As Yongjin Island was so far from land, it was absolutely impossible for them to make up an alibi. So, as long as their whereabouts were uncovered, they could prove whether Captain Dou and his mother were the murderers.

The second point was also of great importance, as transportation had always been the key to solving these kinds of cases. If Captain Dou and Liu Caiyun had really gone to Yongjin Island, then they must have had some form of alternate transportation, as one had to get there by an official boat during the day otherwise.

Zhao Yu had just learned via Bureau Chief Wang that Captain Dou had a speedboat! So, once an investigation was conducted on the speedboat, more information and evidence would surely be found!

Zhao Yu looked at the plain-looking Bureau Chief Wang. He had never expected that this fellow could steal his limelight with just a few words. However, Zhao Yu wasn’t upset by this, but actually felt reassured by it!

It seemed that, although Bureau Chief Wang and Captain Dou were longtime friends, he still doubted Captain Dou when faced with such a mountain of evidence. Since this was the case, the situation when they returned to the Quliang Police Station would be much better than Zhao Yu had expected.

“Don’t move!” Unexpectedly, just as Zhao Yu was thinking about this, he suddenly heard a roar from Captain Dou.

When he raised his head, he could not believe what was happening in front of him.


How could this happen?

Captain Dou had not only broken free from his handcuffs, but he had grabbed a pistol from a nearby policeman! More shockingly, he had put the pistol up to Bureau Chief Wang’s chin!

“Don’t move! Move a single step, and I’ll shoot!” Captain Dou aimed the gun at Bureau Chief Wang and shouted at the others.

The policemen were all confused. An old policeman shouted, “What are you doing? Put down your gun! Quickly!”

“Are you crazy?” Bureau Chief Wang was also shocked and shouted, “You know, if you do this, you will never get another chance to redeem yourself!”

“My chances are all gone now!” Captain Dou shouted, while he pulled Bureau Chief Wang backwards to the side of the vessel’s boarding gate.

The other policemen hurried over, their guns in their hands, all of which were aimed at Captain Dou.

“Don’t move!” Captain Dou pulled Bureau Chief Wang down into the vessel.

Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke looked at each other, and besides both being shocked, they showed excitement on their faces. Now that Captain Dou had exposed himself, it meant that their previous efforts had not been wasted!

Zhao Yu sighed in his heart… As the saying goes, those who dare to steal my limelight have no good ends. Bureau Chief Wang, it seems that you are no exception.