Crazy Detective Chapter 776

Chapter 776 Dont Want To Run

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Invisible Cloak?

No… Not in broad daylight, and not in front of so many policemen. That’s not a good choice.

Invisible Bullet Proof Suit?

But… Should it be used on Bureau Chief Wang or on me?

Invisible Aircraft?

Fly Captain Dou to the sea?

Zhao Yu was wondering what to do next, when he heard Chief Wang’s cry, “Calm down Captain Dou!”

Bureau Chief Wang was being pulled down into the boat by Captain Dou, while he was exhorting loudly, “Let’s sit down and talk about this! If you are innocent, no one can prove that you are guilty!”

The other policemen also nodded their heads when they heard him say this.

“Don’t move! Don’t come over! Ah!” Captain Dou shouted at the nodding policemen frantically, while he grasped the pistol more fiercely.

As they were concerned about Bureau Chief Wang, the policemen did not dare to follow Captain Dou off the vessel, so they all gathered at the entrance, while watching him carefully yet helplessly.

Zhao Yu smacked his lips and thought in his heart… I can’t just stand by!

Thus, he ran quickly to the railings, while trying to use the Invisible Aircraft on Captain Dou. He dragged him into the water, but just when he was ready to implement the device, he started to worry that Captain Dou might shoot people at random below once he was flying above them! Unexpectedly, while Zhao Yu was pondering this possibility, Captain Dou started shooting!


The loud gunfire scared everyone. Zhao Yu looked down quickly, but saw that Captain Dou had only shot into the sky and did not hit anyone. After shooting the single shot, he pushed Bureau Chief Wang forward, then rushed into the grass near the dock!

Zhao Yu was puzzled by his actions…

What is he doing?

There were several speedboats near the dock, but he didn’t go for them. Instead, he ran off to the island! Isn’t that a dead end?

“Catch him! Hurry up!” Bureau Chief Wang pointed to the place where Captain Dou had disappeared and shouted, “Get him back for me! Ouch!”

Apparently, Bureau Chief Wang had hurt his foot while he was being pushed by Captain Dou. After hearing his order, the policemen immediately went after Captain Dou.

Bureau Chief Wang urged them, “Catch him alive, do you understand?”

“Yes!” the policemen replied in unison.

At this time, Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke were still standing on the deck and watching the scene unfold. Zeng Ke asked, “Leader, what should we do? Captain Dou ran to the island, so I suppose he can’t escape us this time.”

“Of course not!” Zhao Yu smiled and said. “But… Don’t forget, our Special Investigation Group has a tradition! Since we found the murderer, it is our responsibility to catch him!”

“But…” Pointing to the distance, Zeng Ke shook his head and sighed. “They’ve already gone to catch him, so I’m afraid… Um… Eh? Leader?”

Once Zeng Ke looked back, he found that Zhao Yu had already disappeared! At that moment, a sound was coming from the other side of the vessel, so Zeng Ke rushed over to see what it was.

He found that Zhao Yu had jumped out of the vessel into the water, then quickly climbed onto a speedboat! Then, as Zeng Ke watched helplessly, Zhao Yu drove directly to the east side of the island!

Once he was gliding along the sea, Zhao Yu drove along the east side of the island. In fact, Zhao Yu didn’t want to drive a speedboat to catch Captain Dou, but he really just wanted to drive to an unseen place first, then change into the Invisible Cloak and use the Invisible Aircraft. In this way, he could rush ahead of the policemen to capture Captain Dou!

To his great surprise, when he was driving the speedboat around a pile of rocks and trying to use his devices, he suddenly saw many moving shadows in the grass. Obviously, they were the policemen who were chasing Captain Dou. It seemed that Captain Dou was heading to the east of the island too!

As Zhao Yu looked eastward, he finally understood what was going on. That was where the lighthouse was. Captain Dou was most likely going there!

Zhao Yu remembered that there was a temporary dock under the lighthouse, so he thought that maybe there was a speedboat hidden there, which Captain Dou might use to try to escape!

Zhao Yu sped up the engine, then drove the speedboat straight toward the lighthouse. With the exceptional speed of the engine, Zhao Yu was able to reach the small dock under the lighthouse in less than three minutes.

However, there was only an old wooden boat at the small dock, and he could see no other means of transportation there at all. Zhao Yu immediately stopped the speedboat at the dock, then rushed towards the lighthouse.

Zhao Yu was right. He had just crossed the grass on the shore when he saw a familiar figure running towards the lighthouse! It was Captain Dou!

Zhao Yu’s eyes lit up as he rushed over. But, as he was in such a hurry, he forgot that Captain Dou had a pistol in his hand. Sure enough, as soon as they met, Captain Dou raised his hand and pulled the trigger!

“What the heck?” With a loud cry, Zhao Yu jumped behind a big stone.

Bang Bang…

Two bullets flew over his head, frightening Zhao Yu immensely.

“Dam*!” Zhao Yu then remembered that he also had a pistol, which he had snatched from Captain Dou earlier. So, Zhao Yu took out his pistol and shot a couple rounds in front of him.

“Ah! Watch out! Lie down!” After he had fired a few rounds, Zhao Yu heard other people’s voices.

As Zhao Yu peeked out from behind the rock, he was depressed to see that Captain Dou had disappeared. Instead, his shooting had only shocked the policemen who had just come after Captain Dou.

Zhao Yu rushed out from behind the stone and shouted to the others, “It’s me!”

After that, he rushed after Captain Dou before the others could even realize what was happening. Just as Zhao Yu arrived at the lighthouse, he suddenly heard sounds coming from inside. It was someone’s footsteps, running up the stairs!

Zhao Yu rushed to the entrance of the lighthouse, but just as he wanted to go inside, a gun fired again!


As the bullet hit the ground, a cloud of dust shot up. The sound of the gunfire was very loud because of the sound-gathering effect of the lighthouse.

“Fuc*!” Zhao Yu stepped back two steps and looked up at the huge towering lighthouse.

“No way!” Only then did Zhao Yu finally understand one thing.

Captain Dou had run here so desperately not to escape, but because he wanted to commit suicide!

Don’t …You must not die now! Zhao Yu said to himself. After all, the truth had not yet come to light!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yu boldly took a step forward to see what Captain Dou was doing. At that moment, he heard a loud sound that came from the top of the lighthouse!


A piece of debris fell from the lighthouse, causing Zhao Yu to take a step back.


Again, there was a tremor in the lighthouse, and the earth trembled with it. This time, Zhao Yu completely understood what was happening! Captain Dou was trying to smash the lighthouse, then die with it as it crashed down around him!