Crazy Detective Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Tragic Suicide

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Zhao Yu did not know whether Captain Dou was using a hammer or an axe, but his every blow made a tremendous noise! Stones fell from the lighthouse and dust exploded all around him.

“Leader… What’s happening?” At this time, the policemen arrived and gathered at the lighthouse door.

One of them asked Zhao Yu, “Is Captain Dou inside?”

“Oh! The lighthouse is going to collapse!” Someone nearby noticed the tremors and hurried to give everyone a warning.

“Ah!” All of the policemen were shocked, so they gasped in surprise.

Some of them tried to rush inside with their guns, while others backed up quickly. A few of them even called in to report this matter to their leader.

“Hey, don’t shoot!” Zhao Yu pulled back several of the policemen who were wanting to rush into the lighthouse.

He then asked them, “Don’t you understand? Captain Dou has made it clear that he wants to commit suicide. If you shoot him, it would just bring unnecessary trouble!”

At this time, the dust that was being raised inside the lighthouse was fluming out from the entrance, causing the policemen to cover their mouths and noses.

“Leader Zhao! What can we do?” one of them asked. “The lighthouse is going to collapse, and Captain Dou will die!”

Zhao Yu looked around, thinking about his next move. At this moment, if they rushed in to capture Captain Zhao by force, it would be much too dangerous. After all, Captain Dou had a gun, and the lighthouse was going collapse at any moment!

Zhao Yu opened the device bar in his brain and wanted to choose a suitable device to solve the problem. However, after much consideration, he deemed that it was not appropriate to use any of them.

Zhao Yu stepped back a few steps and looked up. He saw a gap at the top of the lighthouse. If he flew in from there, his plan looked like it might just be feasible!

However, there were a large number of policemen present, and some people were even using mobile phones to record the scene. So, it would a bit difficult to conduct his plan under so many watchful eyes.

Just while Zhao Yu was hesitating, Captain Dou, who was now on the top of the lighthouse, was still beating the lighthouse with great force. However, because of his excessive physical exertion, his frequency of beatings was becoming slower with each passing minute.

“Um…” Zhao Yu looked at the device bar and suddenly saw the Invisible Loudspeaker.

Zhao Yu grinned as he turned on the Invisible Loudspeaker, then feigned putting his phone in front of his mouth, while shouting loudly at the lighthouse, “Captain Dou, don’t struggle! It’s no use! The lighthouse has withstood being battered by wind and rain for years! Do you think that you can knock it down with a mere hammer?”

The sound from the Invisible Loudspeaker was very loud and vivid. The policemen next to Zhao Yu were surprised to see that such a loud voice was achieved through Zhao Yu’s mobile phone!

“Captain Dou, you have no way to escape! You’re the captain of the criminal police. Think about it!” Zhao Yu said. “Are you naive enough to think that, if you die, the island murder case will be over? On the contrary, if you die, it will only harm your mother, as it will leave her all alone and make her bear the brunt of the charges!”

As Zhao Yu was speaking, the knocking frequency continually got slower from the top of the lighthouse.

“So… You’d better come down and talk this out with me. Even if you can’t save yourself, you have to think about your mother, right? Zhao Yu continued to advise him, “Captain Dou! You can’t do this…”

“Oh, oh, oh…” While Zhao Yu was exhorting Captain Dou, the policemen next to him suddenly let out a cry.

Zhao Yu looked up in a hurry to see that Captain Dou had given up beating the lighthouse and was now brandishing his gun.

“Captain Dou, come down!” The policemen waved their hands quickly and shouted at him in unison.

Captain Dou was covered with dust, his face and hair had turned gray, and his expression could not be seen clearly. However, judging from his apathetic movements, he seemed like he didn’t want to live. Captain Dou stood on his feet for only two seconds, then jerked forward and fell from the top of the lighthouse.

“Ah!” Everyone was shocked. They lurched forward in surprise instinctively, but it was too late.

The lighthouse was taller than six floors. Hence, it was almost certain that he was dead after falling from such a high place.

However, at this critical moment, Zhao Yu suddenly rushed ahead. Just when Captain Dou was about to hit the ground, Zhao Yu jumped up and struck him with his shoulder while he was still in the air. Clashing with his shoulder, Captain Dou bounced off of him.

After rolling on the ground for a long time, Captain Dou finally stopped. Although Captain Dou was severely bruised, he was alive!

“Ah!” Seeing this magical scene happen right in front of them, the policemen were all shocked!

Such a rescue in the air seemed to exist only in the movies. In reality, it was impossible! No one could believe that it had really just happened!

“Oh!” Zhao Yu wriggled his shoulders, while pain showed on his face.

Zhao Yu had used the Invisible Parachute on Captain Dou, insuring that Captain Dou wouldn’t die. But, that meant that Zhao Yu had to feign such a rescue in the air, so that the others wouldn’t get suspicious.

“Leader Zhao! Are you alright?” A policeman rushed forward to help.

“I’m alright!” Zhao Yu waved his hand and pointed to Captain Dou. He then cried out, “Hurry up, go see how he is doing.”

“Oh… Oh…” Captain Dou looked dusty, while he groaned softly. When he realized that he was not dead, he suddenly screamed out in anguish.

However, the policemen had rushed up to him by that time and were now pressing him to the ground.

“Leader…” Zeng Ke rushed over in a hurry, Bureau Chief Wang following closely behind him.

“What’s happening? Did you catch… Ah…” Zeng Ke had just run up to Zhao Yu, when he suddenly pointed behind Zhao Yu and shouted.

When Zhao Yu looked back, his expression changed to one of utter shock. Unexpectedly, the huge and tall lighthouse had begun to tilt and collapse! What was even more surprising, the lighthouse was falling in their direction!

“Run!” With a loud cry, Bureau Chief Wang turned and ran away. The other policemen also ran away as fast as they could.


Finally, after tilting more than a dozen degrees, the lighthouse could no longer hold itself upright and collapsed! After a loud rumble and crash were heard, a huge cloud of smoke and dust covered all of them.

Amid the smoke and dust, people’s coughing sounds could be heard. Fortunately, they had run fast enough to arrive at a safe zone before the lighthouse had collapsed, so no one was injured. But, just like Captain Dou, they all looked dusty and gray.

Zhao Yu coughed twice as he pulled Zeng Ke to a place where there was no dust. Before he could stand up, his phone suddenly rang.

“Hey, boss!” It was Ran Tao. “What’s going on? The Quliang Police Station has sent someone to take the old lady to the police station for interrogation. But… She still refuses to confess!”

Another cough came from amid the smoke and dust. Zhao Yu turned around and saw a policemen pulling Captain Dou away.

Alright!” Zhao Yu said with relief into the phone. “Give the suspect to the Quliang Police to deal with! You and Xiumin inform Gao Facai about this news, then tell him to send someone to Captain Dou’s home to collect more evidence!”

“Oh… Alright!” Ran Tao agreed.

Zhao Yu took another look at Captain Dou, then said with emotion over the phone, “This island murder case will soon be closed!”