Crazy Detective Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Accidents

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“These past few years, my mother’s mental state has been really bad!” Captain Dou covered his face as he said, “Her temper has been bad, too! Especially… When she heard about the lighthouse case, her mood became very unstable! She’s scared that people will find out that she is Liu Caiyun.”

As he was speaking, Captain Dou was sweating. Wu Xiumin saw the situation and asked someone to hand him another cigarette.

“Thank you!” Captain Dou seemed relieved after he took the first puff, then said, “Actually, I can’t understand it either! After leaving Doujiazhuang, we went to many cities, but in the end, my mother went back to Quliang. Fortunately, since so many years had passed and my mother had no relatives and her appearance had changed a lot, no one recognized her anymore!”

Captain Dou sighed, then said, “After my divorce, her condition became much more stable. Also, I didn’t have to listen to the quarreling between her and my ex-wife any longer! It’s just… I miss my baby!”

After Captain Dou talked about his family affairs a bit longer, he finally got to the key point. “I realized later that the reason that my mother finally chose to return to Quliang was that she couldn’t live without the island and the lighthouse!”

The smoke from his cigarette filled the whole interrogation room as he said, “Over the years, whenever we had time and enough money saved, we would go to Yongjin Island to see the lighthouse! It’s really strange, as soon as my mother arrived on the island, she would always calm down and looked happy. Sometimes, she would tell me something about the past, like how she and my dad had once guarded the lighthouse!”

He smiled, while recalling the past. “Sometimes, I felt that this island had become a part of my mother! I even thought that my mother might one day be buried here!”

Captain Dou took another puff, then said helplessly, “But, unexpectedly, the film crew came and everything changed! We didn’t know beforehand about the crew’s filming on Yongjin Island! I just happened to hear about it in a restaurant one day. When I heard that the crew was shooting a film based on the old murder case, of course I was very angry!”

Captain Dou then said, “My mother’s wounds had not yet healed, and now this film crew would come and hurt her again! How could I let them do this? So, at the beginning, I thought about having some local gangsters interfere with their filming. However, I dismissed this idea, as I couldn’t let anyone know about my mother’s history, and if I sent someone there, it might have backfired.”

Captain Dou went on, “So, in the following days, I began to observe the people in the crew secretly, while looking for opportunities to stop them from filming. Sometimes, I went to the island and watched their filming quietly. Hence, they didn’t know that I was watching them. The more I found out about them, the angrier I got!”

Captain Dou said with indignation, “They’re film was all nonsense! My mother becomes the murderer in their storyline. I was so annoyed. I knew that, if my mother found out about it, the consequences would be unbearable. Later, through in-depth observation, I found that the most abhorrent person of them all was the scriptwriter, Cai Jinda!”

As Captain Dou spoke, the disgust was clear in his tone, “All of the ideas came from him, and he was Cai Xiangbin’s nephew! This selfish little man! He wanted to make use of his dead uncle to serve his career! He deserved to die!”

Captain Dou trembled with excitement, while his eyes flashed with a cold and inexplicable light. “But… I’m a criminal policeman, so I wouldn’t kill people! So, my initial plan wasn’t anything like that! At first… I just wanted to destroy their clips. So, I figured out the day that they were ready to finish shooting, then launched my plan.”

He then added, “Zhao Yu was right about the drug. Last year, the police got a lot of narcotics from a burglar, which they kept in the evidence room. One day, we sent them to the collective destruction site. But, it was so coincidental that two buckets were left in my car, so I put them in my house secretly. Later, as I got busy, I totally forgot about them.”

Captain Dou looked up, having finished the second cigarette. But, he still clutched the cigarette butt tightly, refusing to let go.

“In order to make sure that my plan went well, I thought of the two buckets of narcotics. So, I took them to the island ahead of time, then added them to the crew’s drinks. My plan was quite simple, but something unexpected happened!” Captain Dou said.

“Guo Yihang… Guo Yihang…” While Captain Dou was talking, Zhao Yu began to murmur Guo Yihang’s name.

Captain Dou said with frustration, “It’s because of that Guo Yihang that I committed such a heinous crime!”

“Yeah!” Zhao Yu gave himself a thumbs-up. He guessed correctly! Guo Yihang was the key in this case!

“That night, I waited until midnight to make sure that the drug worked before I reached their tents!” Captain Dou said. “I knew that, besides on the cameras and computers, their films were also backed up in the cloud. So, if I wanted to delete the files completely, I would have to delete everything from there, too. I also knew that the account number and password of the cloud were all kept by the photographer Zhang Chenggong.”

Captain Dou then said, “That night, Zhang Chenggong slept very soundly. I was about to search him, but I suddenly heard a noise. Unexpectedly, there was a man hiding in the tent, who saw what I had done quite clearly! When I saw him, he rushed out of the tent. At that time, my head was all muddled, and I only knew that he must not get away. So, I chased after him.”

Captain Dou shook his head, then said, “When I caught up with him outside, I saw clearly that the man was the actor Guo Yihang! He was dressed neatly and was carrying a bag on his back. It looked like he was about to leave!”

Captain Dou then added, “However, as Guo Yihang was frightened, he tripped over a stone and fell down! Then, I rushed over, but before I could realize what was happening, he picked up a stone and hit me in the arm with it. We fought… Then… I strangled him in the end!”