Crazy Detective Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Incomplete Confession

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In the monitoring room, Zhao Yu let out a prideful laugh and said, “My first sight of the crime scene made me doubt you. What a perfect crime!”

When Zhao Yu said this, all of the senior officials beside him were impressed by him. No one expected that the speech of this group leader from the Criminal Division would be filled with such wit and clever sarcasm.

“After I began my plan, the first person I killed was the actor Xie Hao!” As he spoke, Captain Dou began to smoke his fourth cigarette. “I picked up a knife from the crew’s supplied, and after I cut Xie Hao’s neck, he struggled for a bit, then died!”

He then added, “In order to leave a clue for the police, I used Guo Yihang’s mobile phone to send one of Xie Hao’s previous film pictures to Xie Hao’s mobile phone via Bluetooth, while also changing the screensaver to it. Um… The next one I killed was Zhang Chenggong. His case was simple. I just pushed him off of the cliff. However, I was afraid that the USB would be damaged, so I stuffed the USB into his mouth and sealed it with tape.”

Captain Dou went on, “Of course, after his fall, I went down to confirm his death before killing the others.”

At this point, Captain Dou was extremely calm. Although he was talking about the murders, he was behaving like he was describing a very common thing. “Next… Was the makeup artist Qin Hao!”

Captain Dou smoked as he said, “He was not very difficult either. I went down the cliff with his body on my back, then drowned him in the water. I’m afraid that it was not easy to leave his clue after his body had gotten wet, so I wrote down the molecular formula before drowning him! Originally, I wanted to write ‘cefuroxime’ on him directly, but in order to make the clue a little more difficult, and also to show my chemical knowledge, I changed it to the molecular formula!”

He then added, “But… Whatever I wrote, my purpose was the same! I just wanted you to associate it all with Qiao Ruxue!”

After that, Captain Dou took a few more puffs from his cigarette before continuing, “But… The next one took a little more effort! In order to hang a person when you lack pulleys, it indeed poses some difficulties! The hardest and most difficult thing was dealing with Qian Jin, as that guy is very fat! When I began to tie him with ropes on the tree, he struggled violently, and I could only pull the rope and wait for him to die!”

He shook his head in remembrance. “At that time, I was worried that the branches would break or that that ropes would not be strong enough. It took me a long time to hang him!”

He exhaled heavily. “It was really hard, and I was sweating all over!”

After flicking a few cigarette ashes, Captain Dou said, “Um… Next, I went after that actress Li Qian! The role she played in the movie was rubbish, and she acted like a who*e. So… I wish I could have killed her as well!”

Captain Dou wore a sullen face. “Unfortunately, Li Qian’s name was not on Guo Yihang’s record, which showed that Li Qian and Qiao Ruxue had no contact. So, if I had killed her, I was afraid that it would have affected my plan! Of course, I didn’t let her get easily though, as I hung her up on the tree too! I tied her with an extra rope, which saved her life, and there was also a ladder that I placed under her feet!”

Captain Dou then said, “After I handled Li Qian, I went after Zhang Yong! He was also not in the record, so I carried him to the garden and buried him alive, just leaving him a small hole to breathe through! The reason that I chose the garden is that the soil there is the softest on the whole island!”

Captain Dou pondered something for a moment, then said, “Actually, I knew very well that digging a pit to bury him alive would waste my precious time, but I still did it in the end! I can’t say why. Maybe, it’s due to my many years of criminal investigation, which had caused me to become quite OCD. Or… Maybe I wanted the police to turn their suspicious eyes on Zhang Yong. Anyway… That’s what I did!”

“So… What about your choosing different methods to kill them?” Wu Xiumin asked. “Did you do that for the same reason?”

“Um… Yes!” Captain Dou answered simply, almost without thinking. “In my subconscious mind, if the victims died in different ways, it would make the case more difficult for you all to figure out! Specifically, it would be difficult for the police to determine the exact time and sequence of the deaths. Most importantly, it would… Ha ha… Even I feel ridiculous about this one…”

Captain Dou said nervously, “Um… The main reason why I adopted different methods of killing is that I wanted to try out these different methods of killing in order to obtain some experience, which I thought might help me solve some cases in the future. Ha ha… Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?”

“Then…” Wu Xiumin thought for a moment, then raised her hand and asked, “What about the other two?”

“Okay, I’ll go on and explain!” Captain Dou threw the butt of the fourth cigarette into the ashtray and drank some water. Then, he continued, “As for Cai Jinda, he was given a special way to die! After all, all of this happened because of him! So, I spared no effort in carrying him from the tents to the lighthouse. I then beat him to death with a stone! You are so smart, so you should be able to understand my purpose in this.”

Captain Dou raised his head, then said, “I killed Cai Jinda under the lighthouse as a symbolic gesture. On the one hand, I wanted to avenge my father, who had guarded the lighthouse, and on the other hand, it was also a warning to the world that the lighthouse is ominous. So, hopefully, no one will disturb my family anymore!”

He then added, “I deliberately smashed Cai Jinda’s face to make him ashamed of seeing anyone ever again, even in hell!” As he spoke of this, Captain Dou clenched his fists, while looking extremely excited.

Wu Xiumin quickly changed the subject and asked, “Did you intentional sparing Kang Leming’s life?”

“Yes!” Captain Dou answered simply. “Before I started everything, I changed into Guo Yihang’s clothes and hat. Since I’m similar to Guo Yihang in shape, and it was so dark, even if there were survivors, I would have been mistaken for Guo Yihang! That’s also why I spared Kang Leming!”

Captain Dou said coldly, “I have been working in the front lines for so many years, so I know the importance of a witness! If I left a living mouth to identify Guo Yihang, it would naturally be very beneficial to my plan! It was a little risky, but I think it was worth it! However, that bast*rd Zhao Yu guessed right again!”

He shook his head. “When I went to the island, I parked the speedboat in a reef cave outside the windbreak. Then, I intentionally chased Kang Leming into the windbreak! That way, after stabbing him, I knew that I could just go to the reef cave to get my speedboat!”

Then, Captain Dou went on to explain, “Then, I drove the speedboat to the dock, tied my speedboat to the crew’s speedboat with ropes, and lifted Guo Yihang’s body into my speedboat and tied him with stones. Later, I drove the crew’s speedboat back to the shore, creating the impression that Guo Yihang had fled by speedboat. Then, I drove my own speedboat to the open sea and threw the body into the open sea!”

He continued, wide-eyed, “I know the sea around Quliang very well. The place where the body was dumped is deep, so it can’t be salvaged at all! What’s more, when the ocean currents pass, even if the body floats, it will follow the ocean currents…”


Captain Dou’s words were not yet finished before the door of the interrogation room was kicked open. Zhao Yu rushed in from outside, pointed to Captain Dou, and shouted, “You scum! You still think you can fool us!”

Then, Zhao Yu rushed over to pound on the table and shouted, “You should be a scriptwriter! Where’s your mother in all of this? I don’t understand. She lied to you! Do you still want to protect her?”