Crazy Detective Chapter 782

Chapter 782 The Biggest Loophole

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“What did I say?” Zhao Yu asked, while speaking to Wu Xiumin and the others. “You can’t give this fellow a break! See, in just two hours, he has already compiled a new confession!”

“Zhao Yu, I’ve confessed. What else do you want from me?” After hearing Zhao Yu, Captain Dou grit his teeth in fury.

“What do I want from you? Of course, I want the truth.” Zhao Yu’s tone was domineering.

“I’m telling you the truth. You can choose to believe it or not!” Captain Dou’s face turned red.

“I believe that your confession is true, but not complete!” Zhao Yu deliberately put his face close to Captain Dou’s as he said viciously, “You tell me… How far is it from Yongjin Island to the site where you dumped the corpse in the sea? How long did it take you to drive your speedboat there?”

“An hour!” Captain Dou answered without hesitation.

“Fuc*!” Zhao Yu first swore, then said, “Okay… So… First, you drove two speedboats to the shore of Quliang. Then, you stored the crew’s speedboat, then drove your own speedboat to dump the body! Let’s say it took you an hour to get to the dumping point. Then, that’s two hours for a round trip, plus an hour to the shore. Thus, you could have only done all of this in three hours at the fastest speed! Don’t forget, you still had to go back. Was there enough time and fuel?”

“Of course there was enough!” Captain Dou replied.

“Nonsense!” Zhao Yu waved his hand and said, “Although I failed in math in school, even I know that you couldn’t make it in such a short time! That night, you didn’t start until after midnight. Then, you killed seven people in different ways and spared three people. You didn’t have that much time…”

Zhao Yu then said, “I remember clearly… You said that you received the news around 7 o’clock that morning, then took the policemen to the island! So, you had to have completed all of the killings at least before 7 o’clock and returned to Quliang! Would it be possible for you to do all of that alone? I suggest you to tell the truth!”

Zhao Yu quickly added, “You didn’t drive the crew’s speedboat back to Quliang, but it was your mother, Liu Caiyun! She participated in your murder plot this whole time!”

“No, my mother had nothing to do with this at all! I did everything!” Captain Dou trembled as he denied his mother’s involvement.

Zhao Yu, however, insisted, “That old lady has already told us all about it. Why do you persist in denying it? Did you forget the video that was recorded by Xie Hao? It has been restored, and it shows that the long-haired woman that Xie Hao saw was Liu Caiyun!”

“It must be a mistake!” Captain Dou insisted.

Zhao Yu threw a pile of documents in front of Captain Dou’s face and said, “We haven’t been idle for the past two hours. Thanks to the monitoring camera near your home, we learned that you and your mother left the house that afternoon before the incident, and it was only at 9 a.m. the morning after the incident that your mother returned home… Alone!”

“What can this prove?” Captain Dou shook his head and said, “Maybe, my mother went to a friend’s house, or maybe she went fishing that night! Although we left together, we didn’t stay together…”

“Then, why did you say that you both were sleeping at home before?” Zhao Yu asked loudly.

Captain Dou hesitated, not giving a response.

“Alright!” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “Captain Dou, those people closely involved in matters cannot see them clearly! You keep emphasizing how perfect your plan was, but you don’t even realize your biggest loophole.”

“Loophole?” Captain Dou didn’t understand what Zhao Yu was saying.

“Your biggest loophole is that you made a plan hastily! Did you honestly think any plan that you made in half an hour would be seamless? Don’t be silly! Think about it. The plan you came up with on the spur of the moment is so fragile that it couldn’t withstand a closer look at all!” Zhao Yu said.

Zhao Yu then added, “I admit that, if we can’t connect the case with you and with the lighthouse murder from several decades ago, then maybe everything will be alright for you. But, once we are able to connect them, you lose! Your alibi, your means of transportation, your cigarette butts and your footprints that were left on the island will be your undoing!”

After hearing Zhao Yu’s words, Captain Dou lowered his head silently.

“As I said before, your biggest mistake was in meeting me!” Zhao Yu said proudly. “You never expecting that I would come to handle this investigation alongside you! What’s more, you didn’t expect that I would associate the case with the old case from a few decades ago!”

Zhao Yu smiled with proud. “Let me tell you. I’m an expert in solving old cases! Have you heard of the Mianling Kidnapping Case or the Headless Female Corpses Case? I handled those too. So, it does not look good for you.”

In the monitoring room, the others felt awkward when they heard Zhao Yu’s self-praise. Although they had no doubt about Zhao Yu’s ability, it was rare for them to have a leader who was so proud and somewhat arrogant.

“Ok, I admit that my mother was on the island too!” Captain Dou said in a weak voice. “After I killed Guo Yihang by mistake, she also panicked. She didn’t know what to do! Then, when I decided to implement the plan, she wanted to stop me, but didn’t succeed in doing so! Finally, she decided to help me and drove the crew’s speedboat back to shore…”

Hearing this, Zhao Yu shook his head again and sighed. “Captain Dou, I can understand your feelings of responsibility as a son, but… What we really want to know is the truth, not to hear some made up story!”

“Zhao Yu! What else do you want to know? All I have to say is… My mother is old. Although she and I were on the island together, I really did everything! She just helped me by driving the speedboat away!” Captain Dou seemed panicked.

Zhao Yu shook his head again. “Then… Who helped you dig the pit for Zhang Yong? Could you really carry Cai Jinda to the lighthouse alone? Did Qian Jin struggle when he was being hanged? The autopsy report shows that, when Qian Jin was hanged, he died at once, and there was no sign of a struggle at all! Come on, Captain Dou, we’re the Special Investigation Group, not a mere university club, so what Liu Caiyun has done will come to light eventually!”

Captain Dou frowned and seemed to be thinking carefully about something.

Zhao Yu smiled coldly and asked, “Are you doing the math in your head again? Let me help you. As seven people were killed, there is no doubt that the prime culprit will be sentenced to death, but what about the one who helped? That would mean at least 10 years, maybe even 20 years or life imprisonment as the sentence!”

Zhao Yu shook his head. “Liu Caiyun is already 61 years old. Such a sentence would mean that she would most likely die alone in prison. Captain Dou, as you are the captain of the criminal police, you should understand this! Besides, everyone is responsible for his own actions!”

As he was speaking of this, Zhao Yu became gloomy. “Guo Yihang had myocarditis, but myocarditis is different from heart disease, as with it, there is no possibility of suffering from a sudden death! Hence, how could you strangle him to death so easily?”

“You!” Captain Dou shivered when he heard his question.

Zhao Yu then said, “Our professionals have calculated that, under the lighthouse, the murderer hit Cai Jinda in the face with a stone with great force from 1.6 to 1.8 meters away from the ground. If one wanted to kill a man, he would have to lift the stone over his head! If that had been you, the height would have had to be more than 1.9 meters! Besides, the stone spun sideways in the air, so the murderer must be left-handed! You are not left-handed, but your mother is!”

Zhao Yu paused, then asked, “Captain Dou, do you still insist on hiding the truth that your mother Liu Caiyun was your accomplice?”