Crazy Detective Chapter 784

Chapter 784 A Devil Thought

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A crime was being committed quietly on Yongjin Island amid the dark night. Xie Hao’s neck had just been cut by Captain Dou. He fell to the ground and struggled painfully, while his eyes were scarlet red and his neck was gushing blood.

At the entrance of the tent, Captain Dou and Liu Caiyun stood silently, watching Xie Hao struggle as he grew weaker and weaker until he could no longer move. Next, they worked together to push Zhang Chenggong down the high and steep cliff.

Qin Hao, the makeup artist, was held under the water by Captain Dou. Although he struggled painfully for quite some time, he finally stopped moving altogether.

In order to hang Qian Jin on the tree, Captain Dou stood under his feet and held him, while Liu Caiyun tied the rope firmly to the tree. They then ran the rope over the tall tree’s branches, then hung Qian Jin from the tree. He kicked his legs and struggled, but he soon stopped breathing before he even really knew what was going on.

When it was Li Qian’s turn to be hanged from the tree, Captain Dou put a ladder under her feet. Burying Zhang Yong had required a lot of strength, as it had necessitated that a hole be dug. It took about ten minutes to dig the big pit that was used to bury Zhang Yong alive.

Next was the screenwriter Cai Jinda. Cai Jinda was fat, but they still carried him to the lighthouse. At this time, Liu Caiyun did not show any mercy to him. She picked up a big stone and smashed his head with all of her strength, killing him with just one hit.

After all of this was done, only Kang Leming was left. In order to leave a witness, Captain Dou stabbed Kang Leming to wake him up, then ran after him into the windbreak before finally stabbing him again, while making him mistake Captain Dou for Guo Yihang!

In this way, all ten of them were finished, leaving only the final finishing touches to the plan. Captain Dou went to the windbreak and drove the speedboat back to the dock.

The mother and son carried the wrapped body of Guo Yihang to their speedboat together. Then, Captain Dou drove the speedboat to the open sea to throw away the body, while Liu Caiyun drove the crew’s speedboat back to Quliang.

As Captain Dou knew the monitoring system of Quliang very well, he asked Liu Caiyun to drive to a beach that didn’t have a monitoring camera. He then told her to hide there in a public toilet until dawn.

Meanwhile, Captain Dou drove his speedboat to the open sea, where he dumped Guo Yihang’s body, along with his belongings and the stone and knife into the sea, thus destroying the evidence!

When Captain Dou hurried back to Quliang’s seaside to park the speedboat, it was only about 7 o’clock in the morning. He forced himself to calm down, and then, as if nothing had happened, he had breakfast and went back to the police station to work!

As he expected, as soon as he returned to the police station, he received news of the murder on Yongjin Island. So, he immediately organized a group of people to go to the scene of the crime.

In Captain Dou’s words, when he arrived at the crime scene with the other policemen, he rechecked the whole crime process carefully and found no obvious flaws in his plan or execution of it. At that time, he was confident that no one would suspect him at all, but unexpectedly, in the end, that was just a fantasy.

Current day… At 1:30 a.m…. In Bureau Chief Wang’s Office

After obtaining Liu Caiyun’s confession, the truth of the case was basically clear. At this moment, Bureau Chief Wang was discussing the follow-up procedure with Zhao Yu and the others.

“Thank you!” Bureau Chief Wang held Zhao Yu’s hand tightly and complimented him, “This is all thanks to you! If you hadn’t come, I’m afraid that this case would have turned into a stalemate. So, on behalf of our Quliang Police Station, I thank you!”

Zhao Yu said, “It was not a big deal. Actually, I like these difficult cases! Ha ha…”

Bureau Chief Wang sighed and said, “To be honest, I really didn’t expect that the truth would be like this. After all, Captain Dou was competent and experienced. How could he do such a silly thing?”

“Right…” At this point, Zhao Yu asked him curiously, “Bureau Chief Wang, I suddenly remembered one thing. When you were aboard the vessel, you were on Captain Dou’s side, but later, why did you change your mind? Was it because of the DNA comparison file?”

“Hmm…” Bureau Chief Wang held his cup of tea as he said, “Well… To tell you the truth, I was really angry with you at first. Even after I knew Captain Dou was the child of the lighthouse keeper, I couldn’t believe that he could be the murderer! What’s more, the way that you were so aggressive in handling the case infuriated me, so I told on you secretly! Um… Now that I think about it, it’s quite embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry about it, as I’ll tell on you to your leader tomorrow morning, and then we will be even!” Zhao Yu said.

Hearing this, Bureau Chief Wang’s face changed instantly. Zhao Yu was the leader of the Special Investigation Group, and now that the case had been solved, his complaint about Zhao Yu was harmless. But, if Zhao Yu said the same things about him, he would surely be in trouble!

“I’m just joking! Look at yourself! Haha! Now, let’s talk about the case!” Zhao Yu laughed, but Bureau Chief Wang was still sweating.

“Um… I didn’t think much about the DNA results! But, at that time, I suddenly remembered something else!” With that, Bureau Chief Wang unlocked his mobile phone and showed Zhao Yu a picture.

He then said, “I remembered that, many years ago, I drank too much with Captain Dou, and while we were drunk, he told me one thing…”

Zhao Yu took a look at the photo and saw a fair-skinned, lovely-looking girl.

Chief Wang then continued, “Before Captain Dou became a policeman, he had a girlfriend in the army. That’s the girl. They even thought about getting married, but unexpectedly, the girl got a break in the entertainment industry. After that, the girl changed and their relationship was no longer perfect. In order to get roles, the girl slept with many men, which hurt Captain Dou a lot.”

With that being said, Bureau Chief Wang pointed to the photo and said, “I found this picture on the Internet. Now, this girl has become a social butterfly! I think this was never easy for Captain Dou to get over.”

Bureau Chief Wang blew his tea to cool it a bit more, then said, “It is because of this that I started to have doubts about Captain Dou!”

“Oh… ” Zhao Yu nodded and said, “Well… Captain Dou has always been sensitive, so when he found out about Qiao Ruxue’s experience, he must have had empathy! So, at that time, his hatred for Qian Jin and the others was raised in his heart.”

“Leader!” Wu Xiumin said, “When I was talking to Captain Dou, I found that he had a serious tendency towards paranoia, anxiety, and violence, which was mostly formed during a state of long-term depression. Therefore, I think that the psychological problems of Captain Dou may be more serious than Liu Caiyun’s!”

“Like mother, like son!” Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed. “If a mother doesn’t get off to a good start, no matter how good her son is, he will inevitably be affected by it!”

“This is negligence on our part! If I had noticed Captain Dou’s mental problems earlier, maybe there would have been no crime at all!” Bureau Chief Wang blamed himself.

Wu Xiumin then said, “So, for criminal police, the annual psychological assessment cannot be underestimated! Once the police become mentally ill, the consequences are more terrible than for those of ordinary people!”

“So true!” Bureau Chief Wang sighed. “In the future, I must learn from this lesson. There cannot be a second Captain Dou! Oh, by the way, is it possible for this case to enter the closing stage?”

“It’s all right as far as procedures go,” Zhao Yu said. “Except, for your Quliang police station, there seems to be an old case that has not yet been settled. Why don’t you take this opportunity to close it now, too?”

“Oh…” As soon as Bureau Chief Wang patted his head, he suddenly remembered. “You mean the old lighthouse murder case?”