Crazy Detective Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Dna

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“Leader, I think there should be no problem.” As Zeng Ke stood outside Liu Caiyun’s interrogation room, he asked Zhao Yu, “Liu Caiyun’s psychological defense has collapsed, so she should be telling us the truth, right?”

Ran Tao, who was beside him, nodded and said, “The Yongjin murder case alone is enough for both the mother and son to be sentenced to death!”

“But…” Ran Tao shook his head and asked, “As the lighthouse keeper is already dead, and so is Cai Xiangbin, even if Liu Caiyun tells the truth, it’s not like it would matter much…”

“That’s not true!” Zeng Ke said, “If the lighthouse keeper was killed by Liu Caiyun, that means that Cai Xiangbin has been wronged! Although these people have already been killed, at least their names can be cleared. How can you say that it doesn’t mean much?”

“Well, perhaps something in the film touched a nerve for Liu Caiyun?” Ran Tao guessed. “So… I think that Liu Caiyun is the real murderer! Think about it… Cai Xiangbin was a survivor who had just suffered a maritime accident. Even if he had not been seriously injured, he could not have raped Liu Caiyun because he loved her.”

He shook his head. “And… if Cai Xiangbin killed a person, then would he wait for the police to catch him on the island? Moreover, why was he still sleeping when the police caught him? And… Why did he insist that he was innocent after he was arrested?”

After Ran Tao said all of this with great certainty, he asked, “Well, Zeng Ke, shall we make a bet? Boss, will you join in?”

Zhao Yu glared at Ran Tao and asked, “Where’s my dog?”

“It’s in the car!” Ran Tao hurried to explain, “I couldn’t walk into the People’s Police Station with such a big dog, could I? Rest assured, that fellow is eating, peeing, and sleeping comfortable! Its life is way more comfortable than mine!”

“Leader! What do you think about the lighthouse murder?” Seeing Zhao Yu frowning, Ran Tao took the opportunity to change the subject.

“I think that it is not necessarily Liu Caiyun!” Zhao Yu thought for a moment, then asked, “Do you remember that Captain Dou’s confession mentioned that, when Liu Caiyun returned to the island, she was particularly relaxed? Think about it… If the lighthouse keeper was not good to her, Liu Caiyun should have had the opposite feeling of being on the island.”

“Oh…” Ran Tao didn’t expect this line of thinking.

“Hey…” Zeng Ke took the opportunity to make Ran Tao look like a fool, “still wanna bet, Ran Tao?”

“Um… Boss!” Ran Tao scratched his head and ignored Zeng Ke’s words. He then turned to Zhao Yu and said, “I don’t quite understand one thing…”

Zeng Ke gave a disdainful boo and thumbs down gesture to Ran Tao.

“I thought the whole case over again just now!” Ran Tao solemnly said. “I think that Captain Dou’s plan was really perfect, as there are almost no flaws! Although he and Liu Caiyun had no alibi and sailed across the sea that night, in fact, we actually can’t convict them because of that!”

Zeng Ke added, “I’ve been in the Forensics Department before. I know that, if there are no obvious features on the cigarette butts or footprints, it’s impossible to calculate the precise time that they were left at the scene! That is to say, even if we can prove that the cigarette butts and footprints near the scenes belong to them, they still cannot be used as valid evidence because they cannot tell the precise time!”

“Yes, that’s what I meant!” Ran Tao agreed. “If Captain Dou and Liu Caiyun refuse to admit everything, we might not have any other ways to prove their guilt! So… How did our boss’ plan work?”

Zhao Yu snorted coldly, but his face looked excited. “Of course my plan worked. Otherwise, how could I be worthy to be your team leader? In fact, I played a psychological game on them!”

Zhao Yu proudly said, “Since I started to doubt Captain Dou, I knew as long as we couldn’t find Guo Yihang’s body, we couldn’t do anything to Captain Dou! So, I decided to take some risks and use a series of strategies to disrupt his and Liu Caiyun’s stretegy!”

Zhao Yu snapped his fingers as he said, “The videos that Xie Hao recorded, why Li Qian pointed a gun at Captain Dou, why Zhang Yong jumped out of the vessel, and how Zeng Ke edited the videos and so on… These things were all carefully designed by me! My goal was to make Captain Zou buckle under the pressure!”

Zhao Yu grinned. “When he messed up, he subconsciously believed that he must have left some major loopholes. Then, I chased him like a mad dog! Before he could calm down and think any more about it, he had already exposed himself!”

“That’s terrific!” Zeng Ke said. “To be honest, I was frightened when I was on the command vessel as I saw the way that you spoke.”

“But…” Zhao Yu continued, “The most lethal flow was the DNA comparison results! Speaking of this, it was all really thanks to Gao Facai! Although Captain Dou’s identity seems to have nothing to do with the case, once Captain Dou knew that he was not the lighthouse keeper’s child, he couldn’t bear it!”

Zeng Ke agreed, “Captain Dou even wanted to commit suicide at the lighthouse!”


Suddenly, the door of the monitoring room was smashed open by Bureau Chief Wang, who ran out in a hurry, then shouted, “Liu Caiyun was…”

As he shouted, he urgently ordered the policemen beside him, “Quick… Call an ambulance!”


Zhao Yu was surprised and rushed into the interrogation room. Liu Caiyun lay on the ground, painfully twitching and vomiting. Her situation appeared to be extremely urgent.

A policeman on duty, who was unaware of the situation, rushed forward and suppressed Liu Caiyun, while yelling, “Don’t move!”

Wu Xiumin shouted, “Quick, untie her collar and belt!” As she spoke, she opened the first aid kit next to her and forced a roll of bandages into Liu Caiyun’s mouth.

At this time, Liu Caiyun kept twitching her body and rolling her eyes, as if she had lost consciousness.

“Wow… It seems that… It’s incontinence…” the policeman who was untying her belt cried out.

“Don’t panic!” Wu Xiumin quickly took out a syringe from the first aid kit, then skillfully prepared the medicine and injected it into Liu Caiyun.

Soon, Bureau Chief Wang came in with the medical staff, who then took Liu Caiyun out on a stretcher and sent her to the hospital. Wu Xiumin rubbed her forehead, which was filled with sweat.

She then reported, “It may be neurotic epilepsy! What carelessness! Liu Caiyun has not been registered as having this, and I don’t know her medical history at all.”

“Then… Has she confessed?” Zeng Ke asked.

Wu Xiumin shook her head. “The minute I mentioned the case, she couldn’t stand it! It was all so sudden! However, I injected her with a tranquilizer, so she should be calm! But, her mental state is rather worrisome!”

“Leader Zhao, there you are!” Gao Facai, who was accompanied by his beautiful student, suddenly appeared at the door.

Zeng Ke saw the beautiful student and blushed.

“What happened? The ambulance is coming,” Gao Facai asked, while pointing outside.

Only then did Zhao Yu tell Gao Facai everything that had just happened.

“Now that the murder has been solved! There’s no need to push so much!” Gao Facai said. “As for the old case from a few decades ago, take your time with it! I have a DNA comparison here. Maybe it will be of some help to you!”

With that, Gao handed a document to Zhao Yu.

“Thank you very much!” Zhao Yu then remembered the fake document issue and said quickly, “If you hadn’t done me a great favor, Captain Dou would not have confessed!”

“Leader Zhao, this document is also about Captain Dou, but…” Gao Facai frowned as he spoke, “this may be more shocking than the false one was!”

Zhao Yu took the document curiously and looked it over carefully. When he saw the report, he was stunned. All of the people were, of course, curious.

“Are you sure that this is correct? There is no mistake?” Zhao Yu asked.

Gao Facai nodded. “I’m 100% sure! I didn’t believe it either, so I redid it three times! Captain Dou and Cai Jinda are not cousins, but are brothers!”