Crazy Detective Chapter 786

Chapter 786 The Fourth Same One

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“Brothers?” Ran Tao’s head felt fuzzy. “So… If Captain Dou and Cai Jinda are brothers, that means that Cai Jinda’s father and Liu Caiyun…”

Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something, too. “Liu Caiyun and Captain Dou…”

“It took me so long to come to this conclusion because I was comparing the data between them as well!” Gao Facai nodded, then said, “Liu Caiyun is Captain Dou’s mother. This is true!”

“Wow, the case from a few decades ago was very complicated.” Ran Tao shook his head. “Liu Caiyun had an affair with Cai Jinda’s father? The poor lighthouse keeper!”

Wu Xiumin said, “Captain Dou’s confession mentioned that, after Cai Xiangbin’s accident, Cai Xiangbin’s family came to harass Liu Caiyun on the island. Would that be the same time that something bad happened?”

“It’s unlikely…” Ran Tao said. “Cai Xiangbin was sentenced to death because Liu Caiyun said that he had raped her! Would Cai Xiangbin’s family dare do anything to Liu Caiyun? In that case, if Liu Caiyun sued them again, wouldn’t all of the men in Cai Xiangbin’s family go to prison? Maybe… There are some other possibilities?”

Zhao Yu pondered this a moment, then said, “Like… Cai Xiangbin slept with his sister-in-law? Maybe Cai Jinda is Cai Xiangbin’s son, and Captain Dou’s father is also Cai Xiangbin!”

“My God! What did you just say?” Ran Tao shook his head. “I can’t even stand to think about that! Cai Xiangbin really is a bada*s, hooking up with his sister-in-law and having a child with Liu Caiyun, too!”

“In theory, it’s possible! It’s a pity that Cai Xiangbin and Cai Jinda’s father are not alive, so we can’t get their DNA data!” Gao Facai said.

“From the point of view of time, both scenarios are possible!” Zeng Ke kept his eyes on the beautiful female student beside Gao Facai as he spoke earnestly, like a professional, “According to the date of Captain Dou’s birth, it coincides with the time when Cai Xiangbin raped Liu Caiyun! But, if after that, Cai Jinda’s father also went to the island, his being the father is also possible!”

“But… I prefer the first possibility!” Wu Xiumin said. “Before, I was responsible for investigating the lighthouse case. According to my understanding, I think that Cai Jinda is not Cai Xiangbin’s son. Firstly, Cai Xiangbin was a seaman, who worked on other people’s fishing boats. Cai Jinda’s parents were engaged in processing fishery products, and the couple often stayed at home and were inseparable. Therefore, Cai Xiangbin would have had a difficult time hooking up with his sister-in-law.”

Wu Xiumin went on, “Secondly, Cai Jinda’s father was the eldest son, while Cai Xiangbin was the fourth son in his family. The age difference between them was 13 years. Cai Jinda’s mother was the same age as his father, so it seems far-fecthed that Cai Xiangbin would fancy a sister-in-law, who was 13 years older than him!”

Then, Wu Xiumin asked, “Thirdly, have you seen what Cai Jinda’s mother looked like?”

“Ha ha… You have no experience in this kind of thing!” Ran Tao said. “It doesn’t matter what she looked like! In this matter, Cai Xiangbin might have still been seduced by his sister-in-law. Cai Xiangbin was young and strong, after all.”

“What? It sounds like you have experience in this kind of thing,” Wu Xiumin commented. “It seems like you did this a lot, too, didn’t you?”

“You…” Ran Tao blushed.

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu quickly interrupted them, “Would it be possible that Cai Jinda’s father had an affair with Liu Caiyun before Cai Xiangbin’s accident?”

“That’s not likely!” Wu Xiumin immediately answered. “I learned that, before the accident, Cai Xiangbin’s family and the lighthouse couple had no contact with each other! However, according to the relatives of the keeper, the keeper did have some problems with sexual performance. Otherwise, he and Liu Caiyun would have had children long ago!”

Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed. “Alas! I never imagined that there would be another secret inside the secret!”

“If only Cai Jinda had a sibling!” Gao Facai said. “We can then at least test to see if he really his so-called father’s child!”

“No. Cai Jinda is the only child!” Zeng Ke shook his head.

Ran Tao advised. “Well… We can just ask Cai Jinda’s mother. The old lady must know!”

“Fool… What would you say if you were her?” Wu Xiumin shook her head. “But… As Cai Jinda’s father died less than five years ago, if we opened his coffin, we might be able to extract some viable DNA tissue!”

“That’s too much trouble, isn’t it?” Zeng Ke shook his head. “Besides, even if it proves who is whose son, it has nothing to do with the case. We still wouldn’t know the truth about the old lighthouse case.”

Zeng Ke’s remark was right. Zhao Yu thought the same, so he nodded and said, “So, the key point is that Liu Caiyun recovers soon, so that we can get this information from her. Xiumin, as you are a psychologist, we need your help.”

Wu Xiumin nodded. “I’ll go to the hospital…”

“Ran Tao…” Zhao Yu took the opportunity to say, “It’s quite late. How can you let her go alone? Hurry up, you two go there together.”

“Oh… Okay…” Ran Tao agreed, but looked very reluctant.

Zhao Yu then turned to Zeng Ke and said, “I have something urgent to do now. Come here…”

After Zeng Ke came over to Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu whispered something to him.

“I’m afraid it’s not right to do that…” Zeng Ke hesitated.

Zhao Yu scolded him, “I am responsible for whatever happens!”

“Okay…” Zeng Ke nodded. He first looked at the beautiful student, reluctant to leave, then hurried away to carry out Zhao Yu’s instructions.

“Leader Zhao!” At this time, Gao Facai addressed Zhao Yu, “Officer Wu is right. The corpse is less than five years, so it can still provide some effective DNA. If it is really necessary, we can open the coffin. I can help!”

“Ha ha… Thank you! But…” Zhao Yu said with a laugh, “It’s not necessary! Rest assured, so many of the people involved are still alive, so solving this case won’t be a difficult thing.”

“Um… So… You’ve got a plan?” Gao Facai asked.

“It’s very simple. We’ll know the answer in the morning!” Zhao Yu laughed and said, “Rest assured. You are the first one I will tell!”

“Good… Then we’ll come over tomorrow and celebrate with you!” Gao Facai bowed, then left.

After that, Zhao Yu went to Bureau Chief Wang and explained in a few words to him. Then, he left the Quliang Police Station and went back to the hotel to sleep.

As soon as he opened the door and entered the room, a voice came from his brain’s system, “Ending.”

As a result of his solving the island murder case, his completion of the Gen Li hexagram had reached an astonishing 187%. He had also gotten 20 Invisible Browsers, which was a very fruitful harvest!

The case was over, and normally, Zhao Yu shouldn’t open a new hexagram before having a good rest. However, in order to know the truth of the old lighthouse case, he opened a new hexagram.

Zhao Yu was surprised by the new hexagram. Unexpectedly, he had opened another Gen Li hexagram!