Crazy Detective Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Blood Test

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As Zhao Yu sat on the bed, many questions swirled in his head.

This was the fourth time! The system had been showing exactly the same “Gen Li” hexagram for four consecutive days!

Zhao Yu placed great trust in the systems’ hexagrams. In fact, if it had not been for the hexagrams, he would not have been so sure that the murder case was related to Captain Dou.

But, now that Captain Dou had confessed his guilt, he had to wonder… What did the system mean by giving me another Gen Li hexagram, which represents a friend?

After careful analysis, Zhao Yu felt that there should be no big problem with the Gen part of the hexagram, since the current island murder case was over and they had made some new progress in the old lighthouse murder case. Therefore, the Gen hexagram indicated that, within the next day, there would be even more progress in the old case.

However, the Li part of the hexagram’s meaning was unclear. He wondered…

Will I make new friends again? Or… Does it still represent Captain Dou? Is there anything else that has not already been confessed by Captain Dou?

Zhao Yu was very tired, but after seeing the incomprehensible hexagram, he couldn’t help but think about it. A few minutes later, he examined the location of the new side adventure, which was also confusing.

The side adventure pointed to somewhere that was 500 kilometers away, not in Quliang at all! And… The time for the side adventure was 8:15 in the evening.

Oh my god!

What the heck is this?

Why does the side adventure have to take place 500 kilometers away?

Are new crimes taking place?


“Ah, hero, please accompany me in pursuit of my dream…”

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s mobile phone rang abruptly. As Zhao Yu was thinking hard about these things, it startled him. He looked down to see that the screen showed an unknown number.

Who is this?

Zhao Yu looked at his watch. It was almost three o’clock in the middle of the night. Who would call me at this crazy time of night?

Zhao Yu could not help but regret opening the new hexagram. He instinctively realized that such a late call could not be a good thing. Maybe, it is an emergency that needs immediate action!

However, the phone kept ringing. So, he finally pressed the answer button.

“Hello, who is this?” Zhao Yu asked.

“I heard that you solved another big case. Congratulations.” There was a cheerful woman’s voice on the other end of the phone.

After hearing her voice, Zhao Yu jumped up from the bed. “Miao… It’s you!”

Zhao Yu had no idea that Miao Ying would be calling him at this time. Since he had returned from New Zealand, Zhao Yu had been looking forward to Miao Ying’s making contact with him, so he was ecstatic when the phone finally rang!

Miao Ying’s laughter came from the phone. “Wow, you didn’t even use you swear words! It seems that being a leader has changed you! Have you become civilized?”

“Holy shi*! Honey, where are you? You’re back? Has everything been settled? I missed you so much!” Zhao Yu expressed his feelings eagerly.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Miao Ying laughed and said, “Don’t worry. It’s almost all settled! I can come back in two days! You haven’t touched the Beiqian Devil Case yet, have you? It seems that I can catch up with it!”

“Great! I just settled the Yongjin Island murder. When you come back, let’s go to Beiqian together and catch the murderer!” Zhao Yu was very excited.

“Um… How is everything going? Have you been causing a lot of trouble?” Miao Ying asked.

“What do you think of me? I am a gentleman. How could you think that I always cause trouble?” Zhao Yu asked.

Next, they exchanged recent news. Miao Ying told Zhao Yu that the financial war had begun, and because they had taken the initiative, they had caught the other party by surprise. For some time to come, the other party would be too busy worrying about themselves and have no time to fight back!

Therefore, Miao Ying family’s overseas mission had ended, and it would only take a few days for them to return home. Moreover, Miao Ying said that she had prepared a surprise for Zhao Yu! After Zhao Yu had joked that the surprise had better not be that his future father-in-law had prepared another bottle of red wine for him, they laughed.

Later, they chatted about the case. Zhao Yu gave a full account of his heroic deeds in the Yongjin murder case. Miao Ying was fascinated and hated not having been there.

“In that case, what are you going to do to identify their relatives and find out whose sons they are?” Miao Ying asked curiously.

Zhao Yu laughed. “I’ve arranged for them to take a blood test!”

“What’s that?” Miao Ying asked.

But, Zhao Yu only told her that it was a secret, so Miao Ying scolded him, “You dare to keep secrets from me? You are a dead man when I get back!”

“Okay! We can fight 300 rounds, both in the bed and in the bathtub!” Zhao Yu took the opportunity to make a long, hot speech, which made Miao Ying scold him even more.

The next morning, Gao Facai did not break his promise. He took his beautiful student to the Quliang Police Station to visit Zhao Yu.

However, as he had come quite early, Zhao Yu hadn’t arrived yet, so they had to go to the reception room and wait for him, while drinking tea. The beautiful student named Zhang Peipei was a great assistant.

“Mr. Gao, I don’t understand. Why did you provide Zhao Yu with that false document?” Zhang Peipei asked. “If Captain Dou had not confessed, it would have caused us to be in so much trouble!”

“What false document?” Gao Facai asked her calmly. “The result of my test proves that Captain Dou and Cai Jinda have a close blood relationship. Facts prove that they are brothers!”

“I don’t mean that! If… Um… If Captain Dou is really the child of the lighthouse couple, will you help Zhao Yu to cheat?” Zhang Peipei asked him solemnly.

“Ha ha…” Gao Facai suddenly laughed, “Peipei, you are still young. You will need more experience to understand!”

“I’m worried about you!” Zhang Peipei said earnestly, “Although the result turned out to be ideal, I am very disgusted with Zhao Yu’s methods! Teacher Gao, we have solemnly vowed to be responsible for our own actions. How can we act recklessly? If you fake evidence, it’s a crime!”

“Ha ha…” Gao just smiled and said, “Peipei, you’re right!”

“But… What do you think Zhao Yu will do today in order to identify Captain Dou and Cai Jinda?” Zhang Peipei asked.

“Um… I don’t know!” Gao Facai answered her simply.

Hearing this, Zhang Peipei frowned and said, “I think we should still focus on Liu Caiyun.”

Just after Zhang Peipei finished speaking, there was a sudden noise outside the door. It was Zhao Yu’s voice.

Gao Facai made a gesture to Zhang Peipei, then put down his cup and went out the door. He saw that Zhao Yu was pulling two middle-aged men as he was walking quickly to the interrogation room. The two men had been beaten badly and had blood on their faces.

“Gao Facai! You’re here.” When Zhao Yu saw Gao Facai, he greeted him in a hurry.

“Leader Zhao, what are you doing?” Gao Facai asked before he looked at the two men, neither of whom he knew.

Zhao Yu pointed to the two men and said, “I wanted to do a blood test to identify Cai Jinda and Captain Dou, but I didn’t expect that they would quickly go ahead and tell me the truth! Therefore, Captain Dou and Cai Jinda’s relationship has already been clarified!”

“Oh?” Gao Facai and Zhang Peipei were confused.

Zhao Yu said pointing, while still pointing to the two men, “This is Cai Jinda’s second uncle, and the other one is his third uncle! They have just explained that, after Cai Xiangbin was sentenced to death that year, their eldest brother went to Yongjin Island more than once to negotiate with Liu Caiyun!”

He then added, “Once, after they couldn’t come to an agreement, Cai Xiangbin’s eldest brother did something horrible to Liu Caiyun! Therefore, the answer is clear… Cai Xiangbin’s eldest brother is not a cuckold. In fact, Captain Dou and Cai Jinda are both Cai Xiangbin’s eldest brother’s sons!”

“This…” Gao Facai sighed in his heart, truly realizing for the first time that Zhao Yu was really a badas*! After all, such a complicated thing had been solved with his fists!