Crazy Detective Chapter 789

Chapter 789 All The Way North

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Zhao Yu’s Land Rover speeded along the expressway, heading north. The sky was grey, and it appeared as if a blizzard was brewing. There were very few cars on the expressway, as well as very few people outdoors.

“Ran Tao, you talk too much!” Zhao Yu said to Ran Tao, who was in the backseat.

As he drove the car, Zhao Yu then added, “Now, you should take a nap, as it will be your turn to drive this afternoon!”

Ran Tao said helplessly, “Poor me. I have nothing else to do these days except to drive and walk the dog!”

Tycoon, who was also in the car, seemed to understand him and barked twice.

“What a pity!” Wu Xiumin complained. “Based on the information from this morning’s observation report, Liu Caiyun’s condition has stabilized! If we could stay, we should be able to find out the whole truth! I am afraid that those people coming from the Provincial Bureau don’t understand the case well enough and won’t know how to talk with Liu Caiyun.”

Zeng Ke then asked, “Why don’t they inform us in advance when the Criminal Division is going to hold such a grand press conference? I still have a lot of work left, and my report on this case is difficult to complete!”

After hearing him complain, Zhao Yu said, “The report should be easy! As long as you highlight my positive image, revealing me as noble, heroic, and invincible, as well as recording how much I love my job and devote myself to my work, such as forgetting to eat and sleep, uniting my colleagues, and putting my life aside, it should be perfect!”

When the other three heard Zhao Yu’s conceited words, they were too embarrassed to say anything.

“But, let’s talk about the conference…” Zhao Yu licked his lips and said, “In fact, Chen Zhuo did tell me about it earlier, but at that time, I was busy with the casem so I didn’t take it too seriously! I didn’t expect it to be so big!”

Despite Zhao Yu’s confident and somewhat domineering attitudes to others, once he was placed under the spotlight, he often felt uncomfortable. The reason for this might be that he was accustomed to doing shady things in his previous life.

So, when he was suddenly exposed to the public, he felt at a loss for how to act. He always felt that those who brought attention to him had bad intentions and wanted to expose him.

“But, it’s a great thing!” Ran Tao said. “After all, we have made a great achievement! Boss, think about it… Besides awards, how much of a bonus do you think that we might get this time? I’ve always wanted to buy an Audi Q5. Do you think that is possible?”

“Listen at yourself! You want to get it for attracting girls, right?” Wu Xiumin took the opportunity to tease him. “You forget what we do! I just found three long, purple hairs on the seat. I remember that kind of hair. Let’s guess who has been in this car!”

“What the heck? Wu Xiumin! Why can’t you be nice to me?” Ran Tao stood up straight and then explained to Zhao Yu, “Boss, you have to believe me. It’s all for work! That day in Jinhai, in order to get Qiao Ruxue’s confession, I had to give her a ride. We really didn’t do anything! You know me. if I really want to do anything with a woman, it would be at a hotel. I’d never dare to mess around in the boss’ car!”

Ran Tao knew that Zhao Yu was very particular about his car, so he tried his best to explain, while sweat beaded up on his forehead.

“I found the hair under the cushion, which means that Qiao Ruxue must have been lying down…” Wu Xiumin continued to tease Ran Tao. “You’re disgusting, as there was even a dog in the car, which means that you were doing it with Qiao Ruxue in front of our leader’s dog! I dare not even think of it!”

“Ran Tao!” Zhao Yu pounded the steering wheel, which scared Ran Tao. Zhao Yu then roared, “Don’t you share good things, like details, with your buddies? How was Qiao Ruxue? Good figure? What’s her number?”

“Ewww…” Wu Xiumin rolled her eyes.

In this way, they joked around with each other as they headed toward the capital. It was 1,200 kilometers from Quliang to the capital. As they started at 10 a.m., even if they drove very fast, they wouldn’t arrive there until nighttime.

This time, Zhao Yu finally understood the instructions of the system. He roughly calculated that, at 8 p.m., their car would happen to pass the location that had been indicated It turned out that the system had planned everything, knowing that they would have to travel today.

However, this trip was different from ones before. Although the Yongjin murder case was already solved, much of the closing work had not yet been dealt with because of the rush.

Hence, along the way, they were concerned about the progress of the case. In particular, they were eager to know the results of Liu Caiyun’s interrogation.

The interrogation experts from the Provincial Bureau had arrived at the Quliang police station at noon, so even if the interrogation went smoothly, the results would not be known until it was dark.

Before leaving, Zhao Yu had already told Bureau Chief Wang that, no matter what progress the investigation made, he should report it to him immediately. Bureau Chief Wang followed his instructions and sent the information of today’s work.

Upon receiving the information, Zhao Yu saw that he had guessed right. Cai Jinda’s father and his second uncle had both participated in the violent attack against Liu Caiyun. However, Cai Jinda’s father did it more than once, which resulted in Liu Caiyun’s becoming pregnant with Captain Dou.

Although his third uncle did not take off his trousers, he was also involved in the crime, so he was also guilty, but lesser so than the other two. Of course, this kind of crime, which happened more than 30 years ago, needed to be handled differently via a lot of procedural red tape.

However, Cai Xiangbin’s brothers would eventually be punished by the law. No matter how many years had passed, they still had to pay for their actions.

On the other hand, after Captain Dou had identified its position, the local Marine Police force had sent professional submarines to salvage Guo Yihang’s corpse. Unfortunately, the local seabed topography was too complex, so they were finally forced to give up the search before finding it.

Although Guo Yihang’s body was not found, the facts of Captain Dou’s and Liu Caiyun’s guilt were conclusive. Thus, the mother and son had to accept their fair punishments.

In addition to these things, as the case was clear, the Chaohai Police Station had been cooperating with family members to claim the bodies. Although Zhao Yu was not there himself, he could imagine what a tragic scene it was! Even though Qian Jin, Zhang Chenggong, Qin Hao and the others had done bad things, it was still sad that their lives had ended in such a way.

Once upon a time, Zhao Yu had the same mentality as Captain Dou, believing that, since he was a law enforcement officer, he had the right to use evil means to right wrongs. Now, he fully understood that, as a law enforcer, what he needed to do was to treat the problem objectively and fairly and maintain a healthy mentality instead of acting on impulse! Otherwise, once he had an evil thought, the consequences would be catastrophic, just like what had happened with Captain Dou!

It was approaching evening and a light snow began to fall. It melted the moment it fell on the ground, so it did not affect their driving.

Along the way, Zhao Yu let Ran Tao drive his car, while he slept comfortably in the back. As the car drove along smoothly and quickly, they were within the scope of the side adventure before seven o’clock.

Zhao Yu looked at the map. The place was called Fengdian, which was a county in Wenxi City. They were still more than 300 kilometers away from the capital. At Zhao Yu’s request, Ran Tao drove the car off of the expressway and into the county.

Zhao Yu knew that, since it was in such a small county town, which was so far away from Quliang, the side adventure had nothing to do with the case. However, since the hexagram was a Gen Li again, he still had some vague excitement about it. He honestly didn’t know what he would encounter this time.