Crazy Detective Chapter 790

Chapter 790 : Distant Truth

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“Hotpot chicken?” Zeng Ke shook his head and said, “This is the first time I’ve heard of it! Is it delicious?”

“We also have hotpot chicken in Qinshan, but it looks different!” Zhao Yu looked at the pictures on the menu and said, “Ours is a kind of pot soup that is used for health purposes. This seems very spicy!”

“Hey!” Ran Tao pointed to the menu and said, “This is a special dish from Wenxi! The chicken is fried before it’s stewed. It tastes really great. It is said that it was adapted from a Sichuan dish. In the whole northern region, Wenxi makes it the best.”

“Then… Is it spicy or not?” Zeng Ke asked. “I can’t do anything too hot, okay?”

“Sir, we have a Yuanyang pot. It’s a two-flavor hotpot, which is half spicy and half braised with brown sauce. You can have a try!” the waiter said enthusiastically.

The hotpot shop was named 0317. Zhao Yu carefully compared its location with the map.

Apparently, the side adventure would happen here at 8:15 tonight. That timing was good for Zhao Yu, as he could eat while he was waiting for the side adventure to take place.

“Well, let’s have a Yuanyang pot then!” Zhao Yu snapped his fingers and placed his order, also getting some cold dishes and beer.

“Boss… Um…” Ran Tao saw Zhao Yu ordering alcohol and wanted to say something, but finally dismissed the idea.

“What?” Zhao Yu glared at him. “You are the one who must not drink, as you will need to drive later!”

“Boss, please! I’ve been working all day. Last night, I was in the hospital watching Liu Caiyun and didn’t sleep at all!” Ran Tao complained.

He then pointed to Wu Xiumin and said, “Wu Xiumin can drive. Also, since she does not drink, that works out perfectly! We can just let her drive later.”

“No! Ran Tao, remember our division of duties! You are a field worker, and I am a psychologist. So, it’s your job to drive!” Wu Xiumin wouldn’t let Ran Tao shirk his responsibilities so easily.

Zeng Ke quickly grabbed a bottle of beer and drank a big pulp. He then said, “My driver’s license has limitations on it, one of which is that I can’t drive at high speeds!”

“Shame on you!” Ran Tao put his beer aside gloomily and glared at Zeng Ke.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yu looked around. The hotpot shop was not small and was well decorated, but because of its remote location and the snow outside, there were not many diners in the lobby.

Just behind them was a table of six or seven diners, all of whom were tall and strong. They behaved gracefully as they drank and talked softly.

The hotpot chicken was served in an old-fashioned copper pot on a charcoal stove. As such, it took some time for the waiter to ignite the stove.

“Leader…” Wu Xiumin said, “You’ve been studying five outstanding cases for quite a long time, so don’t you know where Fengdian is?”

“Fengdian?” Zhao Yu didn’t follow her. “What about it?”

“Do you really not know?” Wu Xiumin shook her head, then said, “The Baishan Reservoir! This reservoir is under the jurisdiction of Fengdian County! One of the five outstanding cases, the Baishan Reservoir Dismembered Body Case, happened here!”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu then remembered it and said, “Finally, the murderer turned out to be the forest ranger, right? Does he have some mental problem?”

“Yes,” Wu Xiumin said. “Moreover, the details of the case have been kept secret by the police.”

“Why?” Zeng Ke asked. “If the case has already been solved, why would there be any secrets that can’t be publicized?”

“Um… I tried to ask this same question too!” Zhao Yu said. “But, I failed to get permission to look into the matter further. I only was told that the case had been broken by a person with a special ability!”

“Wow! That is mysterious!” Zeng Ke laughed. “If someone with a special ability can solve cases, why do we need a Special Investigation Group?”

“Hmm…” This made Zhao Yu wonder if his Miracle System was his special ability.

“Anyway, the case is solved!” Wu Xiumin said, “Now, there are only three of the five outstanding cases left. And, in speaking a strict sense, the Devil Case is not even a real outstanding case!”

“Well, there’s absolutely something wrong with the Devil Case!” Zhao Yu said. “Otherwise, it would not have been written down in the yellow notebook!”

“Yes! Nine of the deceased fell and died in the same way. In terms of the timeline, it is definitely problematic!” Zeng Ke agreed.

During their conversation, the waiter had brought the steaming hotpot to the table. The aroma of the hotpot chicken smelled wonderful, which greatly increased their appetites.

“Wow, it’s delicious…” Zeng couldn’t help but exclaim.


At that moment, the front door of the restaurant opened and two people came in from outside. One was a middle-aged man, who was dressed in a woolen suit and appeared to be about forty years old.

He had dagger-shaped eyebrows and looked very energetic. He was tall and had closely cropped hair, and at first glance, one could tell that he was unusual.

Behind him was a stubborn-looking young man, who was slightly shorter. In terms of his moves and expression, the tall man was clearly his superior.

After they entered the hotel, they went straight to a small table in the corner. The young man reached out to the waiter and ordered a pot of hotpot chicken.

“I haven’t had authentic hotpot chicken for a long time!” the middle-aged man said, while he took off his woolen suit and revealed a plaid shirt underneath it.

“Sir, would you like beer or white wine?” the young man asked.

“Ha ha ha… Beer, as that goes best with hotpot chicken!” The middle-aged man smiled brightly, while he asked the waiter, “Hello, do you have any cold beer?”

“Wow, as there is snow flying all over, I can’t believe that you can still drink cold!” The waiter laughed. “If you insist on this drink, I can only take a few bottles out and freeze them for you…”

After that, they looked at each other and laughed.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu thought that it would be rude to interrupt them, so turned back. Now, with an hour to go before the side adventure happened, he began to wonder what would happen and who would be involved.

“Come on… Have a try!” At this time, Zeng Ke helped Zhao Yu pour vinegar sauce and put a large piece of chicken in it.

Just as Zhao Yu was about to try this piece, his mobile phone rang. So, he had to put down his chopsticks and checked his phone. He was immediately startled.

“Um… Team leader, what’s wrong?” Zeng Ke saw that something was wrong, so he asked, “What happened?”

“No!” Zhao Yu shook his head gently, then put his mobile phone on the table and said, “Liu Caiyun has confessed! This… It’s her confession! All of the facts of the lighthouse case are now clear!”

Everyone was shocked and rushed to the mobile phone to look at it.

“Oh my god! How could this be?” Wu Xiumin sat down dejectedly after reading it. “If I had thought of 100 possibilities beforehand, I would still never have guessed…”

“Yes.” Zeng Ke’s was also a grave face. “Why did this happen? I can’t guess either!”

Zhao Yu picked up a bottle and had a gulp of wine. “Cai Xiangbin, you can now rest in peace!” he muttered.

35 years ago at Yongjin Island.

The night was silent. The shining lights on the lighthouse shone on the vast sea, pointing out the correct course for the passing ships. In the lounge that was under the lighthouse, there came the sound of a man and a woman gasping.

Liu Caiyun was pressed down by Cai Xiangbin. Her body twisted and writhed. On the one hand, she didn’t want to betray her husband, but on the other hand, she couldn’t resist the burning desire in her heart and body.

Liu Caiyun had lived on the island with the lighthouse keeper for six years after she married him, but during these six years, although she lived comfortably, she never had gotten the taste of a passionate orgasm that a woman should have.

This was because the lighthouse keeper had been injured in his childhood and had no male sexual functions. So, besides his inability to have children, this condition affected even his most basic abilities.

Before he got married, the lighthouse keeper did not tell Liu Caiyun about this serious problem. For this reason, he felt ashamed, guilty, and sorry for his wife.

Although Liu Caiyun, who had never been seen an outsider on the island, was not happy with it, she just accepted her fate in sadness and silence. However, after they rescued the young and handsome sailor from the sea, everything seemed to have changed.

In fact, when Liu Caiyun and her husband rescued Cai Xiangbin from the sea, she did not have any special feelings towards him, but later, when she was helping Cai Xiangbin change clothes, she accidentally saw his body. It was during that glimpse that Liu Caiyun, who was a beautiful young woman, and Cai Xiangbin, who was a vigorous young man, saw an opportunity.

So, they had a brief and dubious relationship. Subsequently, the lonely Liu Caiyun, while her husband was asleep at night, would quietly come to Cai Xiangbin’s room and have sex with him.

However, Liu Caiyun never expected that her husband had never really fallen asleep, but had followed her and had seen everything!