Crazy Detective Chapter 796

Chapter 796 System Upgrade

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In a luxury suite in Beijing’s East Asia Hotel, 11:30 p.m

Zhao Yu briefly paused to enjoy watching the snow falling outside the window before he closed the curtain, went over to his desk, and began to read his speech in preparation for tomorrow’s press conference. However, before beginning, he could not help but sigh as he thought about what happened in the restaurant earlier that day.

What’s wrong with me?

Zhao Yu knew clearly that today’s fight should not have happened, and it was all his fault. Neither the seven people, who had been eating at the next table, nor even the middle-aged man had done anything wrong. They had simply suggested for him to control his volume.

They had no malice towards him, so he definitely shouldn’t have lost his temper, much less have thrown a stool! Honestly, he did not even know why he had done it. It was almost like some kind of instinctive reaction.

As Zhao Yu was an introspective person, he now realized that he shouldn’t have behaved like that in the restaurant. However, his mood at that time might have been affected by the case, or perhaps his hooliganism in his past life may have had more of a deep influence on him than he had imagined.

“Shameless, stupid hooligan!” These words of the middle-aged man still echoed in Zhao Yu’s ears.

Before this incident, Zhao Yu had always regarded the word “hooligan” as somewhat of a compliment. However, today, he had felt ashamed after being called it.

Today, his win was all thanks to his system device. Otherwise, he would have surely suffered.

Zhao Yu thought to himself…

It’s not good for me to go on like this! If I ever encounter the same thing in the future, I can’t be so rude again. I mustn’t forget that I’m a criminal policeman and a big detective, so I can’t be a hooligan!

After a bit more reflection, Zhao Yu felt much better. He even felt that maybe today the system had arranged that specific adventure for him on purpose to teach him not to be so complacent and self-righteous in the future.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s mobile phone beeped, and he saw that he had just received a text from Zeng Ke. The message said that the virus that he had put in the film crew’s cloud had been activated, and the film had been completely deleted.

This was exactly what Zhao Yu had told Zeng Ke to do. Zhao Yu had guessed that Gao Peng and the others would use the Yongjin Island incident to make a fortune out of the sad situation, so he asked Zeng Ke to deal with it in advance. Undoubtedly, if Gao Peng had gotten his hands on the film samples, he would have edited the film and then released it!

Then, the Yongjin Island murder case would inevitably attract national attention. By that time, regardless of the quality of the film, the company would make a lot of money.

However, it would be an inhumane act in regards to the victims of the Yongjin Island case, as not only was it a great insult to them, but it would also hurt their family members. In addition, it was unfair for the lighthouse couple, as well as Captain Dou and Cai Xiangbin’s family.

“As*hole!” At the thought of Gao Peng, Zhao Yu was filled with anger. He regretted that he had not taught that guy a tough lesson.

He then said, “So many people have died, yet this fellow does not want to allow them to rest in peace! He will certainly come to no good end in the future!”

After putting down his mobile phone, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but recall all of the people involved in the isolated island case, including Captain Dou, Liu Caiyun, Guo Yihang, Qiao Ruxue, Li Qian, and even Cai Xiangbin, who had died decades ago. Their fates were all closely connected with the old lighthouse.

He had decided that, if these people could have only had more sunshine and less darkness in their hearts, they might not have come to such awful ends. In fact, through this case, Zhao Yu was determined that, no matter what, he would always pay attention to his and his loved ones’ mental health from now on.

After the completion of the Gong Li hexagram today, Zhao Yu achieved had a 123% completion score and had obtained three devices, which were the Invisible Perfume, the Invisible Torchlight, and the Invisible Parachute. Although the completion score and rewards were fair, Zhao Yu could still feel that the system was not satisfied with his side adventure performance.

For a long time, the system had always maintained its own principles, and as long as Zhao Yu insisted on doing good things, it would give him a high score and amazing devices. But, if Zhao Yu did terrible things, the results would be similar to today’s.

This strengthened Zhao Yu’s determination to correct his bad temper. If he could master this, although he couldn’t guarantee that he would be a perfect person, at least things like what happened in the hotel restaurant today wouldn’t happen again.

Since he knew that there would be an important speech to give tomorrow, Zhao Yu decided not to start a new hexagram yet. At this time, Zhao Yu suddenly noticed something. It turned out that, after today’s fight, his side adventure score had already exceeded 1,000 points, which was enough for him to upgrade to the next level!

Zhao Yu did not hesitate to press the upgrade button, thus upgrading the adventure system for the third time. This upgrade took a lot longer than either of the two before it had, as Zhao Yu had to wait for five minutes before the system had completed its upgrade successfully.

After opening the new interface, Zhao Yu found that, although the structure of the main interface didn’t change, the screen had some three-dimensional effects on it. When he looked at it more carefully, he found that, besides the screen, the system had added new functions and improved many of its original functions.

For example, in the hexagram section, there was now a historical records function, which he could use to search through all of the hexagrams that he had ever opened before! There was also a radar that, when the system reached a certain grade, could help to locate the side adventure! This would undoubtedly make it much more convenient and easy for Zhao Yu to complete the side adventure!

Among the many improved functions, the device bar had undergone the most dramatic changes. There was a new option that had been added, which was called “select devices.”

After clicking the function’s button, many new devices that he had never seen before appeared, including an Invisible Laser Cutter, an Invisible Anesthesia Gun, and other super devices. All of these devices’ icons were dark.

After trying it out via several attempts, Zhao Yu soon understood how to properly this new function. It turned out that, if he used this function before opening a new hexagram, he could pick out the devices that he wanted to use in advance, and then, after the end of the side adventure, if he could achieve the expected completion score, he could get those exact devices!

However, if he wanted to select these devices, he first needed to consume a certain amount of points. The more powerful the device was, the more points were needed.

Take the Invisible Laser Cutter for example. If he wanted to get this device, Zhao Yu needed 500 points to activate it, which meant that he must achieve a 180% completion score on the side adventure.

If he didn’t achieve 180%, the 500 points would be deducted from his total points. In addition to the “select devices” function, the device bar also had other new functions, such as the “duplicate devices” and “synthetize devices” functions.