Crazy Detective Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Secret War Ii

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“Oh my god!” When Miao Ying led Zhao Yu to yet another big house, Zhao Yu was shocked. His mouth was wide open in surprise as he asked, “What the heck is this?”

He saw a huge cage, which had been erected in the middle of the big hall. “Haha, have you heard of UFC? This is a regular competition venue!” Miao Ying smiled.

She then explained further, “It’s my dad’s new hobby! Ever since New Zealand, he’s fascinated by it! Today, he has arranged several wonderful matches to take place!”

“I have heard of UFO… Or KFC…” Zhao Yu looked at the cage, while making a joke. He was still in disbelief.

“UFC is one of the world’s top combat events. It combines boxing, karate, judo, sanda, wrestling, Thai boxing and all kinds of skills within each fight. It’s known as the fight decathlon, and it is a very thrilling event!” Miao Ying said with a happy smile.

She then added, “Today, my father and his friends have invited several of the world’s top fighters to come and engage in combat for the guests. In fact, there will be a little warm-up battle in just a minute! However, the most exciting ones will happen after dinner.”

“What the heck? Rich people’s lives are really interesting!” Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed.

At this moment, the cage was being surrounded by many of the guests. They held their mobile phones high above them and were taking numerous selfies. The whole hall was abuzz with activity.

“Why does your dad like this so much?” Zhao Yu pondered over this for a moment before he asked, “Is he a good fighter, too?”

“Of course!” Miao Ying said without hesitation. “When my father was young, he was a phenomenal agent. In fact, he was basically James Bond! But… Now that he’s getting older, I hardly see him fight!”

“Then… Did you learn your skills from him? How come you fight so differently?” Zhao Yu couldn’t help but ask. As soon as he finished speaking, he realized that he had almost exposed himself!

“How could he have time to teach me? Do you know why my parents spoil me so much? It’s just because they feel guilty. I was always alone, like an orphan, during my childhood!” Miao Ying shook her head.

Then, she suddenly grasped Zhao Yu’s arm and asked him doubtfully, “Zhao Yu, what do you mean by asking me these things? It’s almost like you’ve already seen my dad fight!”

“Oh… No! I was really just kidding… Ha ha…” Zhao Yu hastily tried to correct his blunder. “Actually, I mean… Agents and fighters are totally different.”

“Of course they are!” Miao Ying nodded. “Agents are quick and sharp, and no fancy moves are needed with them, while fighters need to amuse the audience. Also, they have to have great endurance, as the matches are quite long, apparently.”

“Then… Is you dad a better fighter than you?” Zhao Yu asked again, trying to needle her for more information, without exposing himself.

“Why do you ask?” Miao Ying shook her head. “When I was a child, I tried to be a great fighter, so I would often ask my dad to spar with me and teach me. But, my dad wouldn’t ever fight me. So, I don’t really know who’s better between the two of us! But, I do feel that I wouldn’t win if we fought.”

“That’s strange…” Zhao Yu then asked again, “When your father saw me just now, he treated me like a stranger. Haven’t you shown him my picture or something before?”

“Hey? Why do you care about my dad so much all of a sudden? Why are you asking so many questions?” Miao Ying was growing suspicious. She then turned and took two drinks from the waiter’s tray and handed one to Zhao Yu.

“I’m just curious. After all, we’ll soon be related!” A little lie was never hard for Zhao Yu. “I just wanted to know what your father thinks of me, too, I guess.”

Miao Ying drank a little as she recalled earnestly, “At first, I didn’t tell them about you! When I finally did tell them later, it was at the most crucial and tense time, and my dad was so busy that he didn’t have time to care about who I was seeing at all.”

She sighed. “Later, when I helped him get the materials, he asked someone to erase my identity, including all of my personal photos..” Miao Ying tapped her head, then said, “He must have seen your picture then! And… Just last month, when I wanted to join the Special Investigation Group, I gave him your picture then as well!”

She then turned to him and asked, “But… Why are you asking me this?”

Miao Ying took another sip and said, “Honey, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past! The key is how you behave now. Didn’t you say that my parents would be easy for you to woo? So… Show me!”

Zhao Yu nodded, but his eyebrows were all twisted and furrowed as he thought… So, when I was in the hot pot chicken shop, Miao Ying’s dad had already recognized me!

Obviously, her father didn’t fight just against the injustice! Maybe he wanted to display his severity and power to me. Unexpectedly, he failed!

But, as Zhao Yu was thinking back to when they met at the door just now, he couldn’t understand why Miao Ying’s father was clearly surprised to see him…

If he had known my identity as Miao Ying’s beloved long ago, then why would he have been so surprised at seeing me here tonight?

“Hey? Look… Wow…” At this time, Miao Ying pulled Zhao Yu over to the iron cage. Under a spotlight, a foreigner suddenly appeared, wearing combat shorts.

This man was not very tall, but he was definitely well-built. Moreover, his eyes seemed cold and evil, which made people feel panic-stricken at a single glance. As soon as the man appeared, there was an explosive round of applause and cheers from the crowd.

“That’s Sangrove!” Miao Ying said to Zhao Yu, “He is ranked second in the UFC standing, and he has 23 wins in a row! This man is a fierce fighter, both offensively and defensively. Moreover, he appears to have no weaknesses! My dad must have spent a lot of money to get him here!”

Zhao Yu was still pondering over his own affairs, so he didn’t pay much attention to Miao Ying’s words. He just casually asked, “So, would you like to try to fight him, my little martial nerd?”

“I wouldn’t be that stupid! Ah… Look… It’s about to start…” Miao Ying nervously patted Zhao Yu on his back, then Zhao Yu his attention turned to the cage.

At this time, another tall, dark-skinned player had come into the spotlight. The commentator had just said that he was a professional fighter from Mexico.

“Needless to say…” Miao Ying finished her drink and said, “This man is definitely not Sangrove’s match! I’ve never even heard of him!”

“Eh?” Zhao Yu suddenly saw a very strange scene before his eyes. When the Mexican entered the spotlight and was ready to fight, Sangrove had turned his back towards him!

“Wow…” the audience screamed in unison as the atmosphere reached a climax!

“Wow! Not again!” Miao Ying nervously took Zhao Yu’s arm and said, “This is Sangrove’s signature move. Before the battle starts, in order to instigate his opponent, he turns his back to his opponent! He’s so confident!”

Zhao Yu wondered at how this guy could be even more arrogant than him! With a bell’s ring, the battle began! The Mexican player seemed very dissatisfied with Sangrove’s antics. As soon as the bell rang, he rushed straight at Sangrove.

As a result, Sangrove took a step forward, then leaped into the air.


His right foot kicked his opponent in the face! The Mexican fighter didn’t even have time to do anything before he fell on the ground and fainted. As the referee rushed forward to check him out, the audience could not restrain their excitement and began to cheer!

“Look… That’s his legendary ‘dragon tail’ move.” Miao Ying sighed. “When will I be able to fight like him?”

Zhao Yu snorted disdainfully and finished his drink. At this time, Miao Ying wanted to discuss something with him, but a waiter rushed over and said to her, “Please go to the study with this gentleman! Your dad wants to introduce you both to some distinguished guests.”

Miao Ying put down her drink, held Zhao Yu’s arm, and said, “Come on. Don’t you want to know more about my dad? Your opportunity awaits!”

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu frowned and had an uneasy sense of foreboding as they followed the waiter.

Seeing Zhao Yu hesitate, Miao Ying quickly tried to comfort him, “Don’t think too much. You just need to act like you usually do! My dad is easy to get along with!”

“Heh heh…” Zhao Yu couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. He thought that might be right… If he hadn’t slapped him!

But, since he couldn’t hide, he decided that it was better to face any consequences directly. So, Zhao Yu went with Miao Ying, holding his head high.