Crazy Detective Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Secret War Iii

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The study was on the third floor. When Miao Ying arrived with Zhao Yu, Miao Ying’s parents had been waiting at the door for quite a long time.

Just as they had discussed in advance, as soon as they met, Miao Ying’s mother brought Miao Ying into the study to meet with all of their distinguished guests. Miao Ying’s father took this opportunity to take Zhao Yu aside.

After seeing that no one else was around, he said to Zhao Yu with a sullen face, “It appears that my 79 Sauvignon Blanc was wasted!”

Miao Ying’s father then grit his teeth and added, “I thought the man who had helped us so much in New Zealand was a good guy. Hence, imagine my surprise when I found him to be just a bad rascal!”

“Oh… That wine was really good! Thank you!” Zhao Yu licked his lips, arched his back, and clenched his fists.

“Humph!” Miao Ying’s father shook his head, then said coldly, “Unexpectedly, my hunch was quite accurate! After such a short period of time, we have already met again!”

Hearing this, Zhao Yu felt strange. It seemed that Miao Ying’s mother really did not know him, so he had to wonder… Was the hotpot chicken thing really just an accident?

Miao Ying’s then father said angrily, “Boy! I have always been fair. So, now… I’m going to give you a choice. Get out of here and leave my daughter alone, and I promise you can leave safely!”

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu knit his eyebrows.

Since Miao Ying’s father was being so straightforward, he didn’t need to pretend any longer, so he immediately said, “Well, I admit that, in the restaurant, I was wrong. I apologize. Please forgive me. But… How could I have known that you were Miao Ying’s father?”

Miao Ying’s father scolded him immediately, “Let me tell you, I have principles, and no matter how poor, weak or ugly you are, I wouldn’t care. But, it’s impossible for me to let my daughter marry such an unprincipled and bullying scoundrel!”

“Okay.” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “In that case, I’ll explain all of this to Miao Ying!”

With that said, Zhao Yu was going to walk into the study promptly to do just that, but Miao Ying’s father was shocked and stopped him in a hurry. He then said angrily, “How dare you? Are you trying to threaten me?”

Miao Ying’s father trembled as he asked, “Do you know that a single word from me could destroy your reputation? If I want you to disappear, that’s easy too! Boy, you’re screwing around with the wrong people!”

“Hey… Are you threatening me now?” Zhao Yu asked, his voice tinged with a little anger. “I don’t care what I did to you before, but Miao Ying and I love each other, so no matter how you threaten me, I will never give up on us! Let’s just go inside and explain all of this to Miao Ying…”

With Zhao Yu’s collar in his one hand and his other fist clenched, Miao Ying’s father seemed like he was about to attack him as he bellowed, “You ignorant fellow! You asked for it!”

Zhao Yu merely looked and him with a scornful look and replied, “Okay, I hit you! That was wrong! If you want to hit me back, I won’t say a word.”

“What are you two discussing?” At this point, Miao Ying suddenly came up to them and asked. Her father was startled and quickly let go of Zhao Yu’s collar.

“What are you talking about? Are you two good now?” Miao Ying asked.

Zhao Yu frowned tightly, and just as he was trying to tell Miao Ying the truth, Miao Ying’s father jumped forward and patted Zhao Yu on the shoulder, laughing as he said, “Ying, you’re quite right! We’re getting along very well with each other! Ha ha ha… He’s a talented person… Quite like your daddy was back in the old days!”

As he spoke, Miao Ying’s father’s forehead was covered with a cold sweat. He secretly pinched Zhao Yu’s back, warning him not to talk.

Zhao Yu found this both annoying and funny at the same time. It seemed that, although Miao Ying’s father had a high authority and a prominent status, he also had his own weaknesses.

“Oh, old man, come on, we are waiting for you!” Miao Ying’s mother did not expect Miao Ying to suddenly run out and interrupt the two men, so she had come out to play the mediator role.

After that, the four of them went into the study together. In addition to its large size and magnificent decorations, the study also contained precious works of arts, such as calligraphy, paintings, and so on.

The people allowed entrance to the study were limited to the top figures among the area’s most elite and rich. Just at a glance, Zhao Yu recognized several business tycoons, as well as other familiar public figures.

As soon as he entered the study, Miao Ying’s father took a glass of wine that was handed to him by the housekeeper, raised it high, and said a lot of grand remarks, welcoming the guests and thanking them for coming.

Miao Ying’s father’s sense of humor and witty words made the crowd laugh. Then, with a toast from Miao Ying’s father, all of them raised their glasses high in the air.

After putting down his wine glass, Miao Ying’s father suddenly grabbed Zhao Yu’s shoulder and pushed him forward, introducing him to the others, “Everybody, may I have your attention, please! This is Zhao Yu, the leader of the Special Investigation Team of the Central Criminal Division. Have you heard about the Headless Female Corpses Case? That was solved thanks to him!”

“Oh…” The Headless Female Corpses Case had caused a sensation throughout the whole country, so as soon as it was mentioned, all of the distinguished guests cast looks of admiration towards Zhao Yu.

“Haha, here’s another good piece of internal news!” Miao Ying’s father kindly pointed to Zhao Yu and added, “Group leader Zhao is Ying’s boyfriend, my future son-in-law!”

A middle-aged woman, who wore a lot of jewelry, said enviously, “The young man is so handsome and upright. He’s a perfect match for your daughter!”

Another man raised his glass and said, “Congratulations!”

All of the other guests soon raised their glasses again to celebrate this news. Miao Ying’s father also let the housekeeper pour Zhao Yu a glass of wine.

As he was quietly drinking his wine and smiling, Zhao Yu felt that all this was quite strange. After all, he thought that Miao Ying’s father would take revenge on him rather than speaking so highly of him.

Zhao Yu didn’t quite understand this, and he had to wonder… What tricks does Miao Ying’s father have up his sleeve?