Crazy Detective Chapter 805

Chapter 805 Secret War Iv

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Unexpectedly, after the toast, Miao Ying’s father introduced Zhao Yu to the rich people, one by one, while praising Zhao Yu a lot. Upon seeing this, Zhao Yu was anxious to know what he was up to.

However, Miao Ying was filled with joy by her father’s actions. She had never thought that her father would appreciate Zhao Yu in this way.

Originally, she had thought that her father would treat Zhao Yu like a fool and ridicule him in public! But, after their introduction, her father had kept Zhao Yu, by his side, introducing him and chatting with many wealthy people.

At first, Zhao Yu was able to have a nice chat with the other guests, but once the rich guys started talking about their companies, international relations and the economy, Zhao Yu couldn’t follow the conversation at all. Zhao Yu was simply not interested in these topics.

He felt bored, so he looked at Miao Ying, his eyes pleading for help. He would rather go to see the UFC battle than listen to these people’s conversations.

However, when he looked back at her, he found that Miao Ying was chatting with her mother and several distinguished ladies. Hence, Miao Ying could not sneak away with him.

Therefore, Zhao Yu thought that he would use the excuse of going to the toilet to leave this place. He had not yet opened his mouth, when Miao Ying’s father suddenly pulled him to the side and asked earnestly, “Zhao Yu, what do you think of the high-profile financing of Renado International Holdings?”

“Eh?” Zhao Yu was surprised by the question.

But, before he could reply, a silvered-haired old man hastily asked, “Isn’t your daughter’s boyfriend a criminal policeman? Is he also interested in financial investment?”

Miao Ying’s father smiled and replied, “Zhao Yu is a well-rounded genius. He’s knowledgeable of a little bit of everything! Otherwise, how could he solve so many big cases? Besides, I need someone who knows how to help me with such a large family property.”

“This is so interesting!” The old man then repeated the previous question, asking Zhao Yu, “So, Officer Zhao, what do you think of the recent large-scale financing?”

“Um… This…” Once again, Zhao Yu was baffled.

It was at that moment that he realized that Miao Ying’s father was setting a trap for him! He wanted to make Zhao Yu look like fool in front of everyone!

“Oh, dad… You must be confused!” Miao Ying had overheard her father’s words, so she had rushed over to help Zhao Yu. “Zhao Yu graduated from a police academy, so why would he need to know about finance and economy? We are criminal policemen, and we investigate criminal offenses, not economic matters!”

“That makes sense,” one of the rich guests said. He then explained, “Renado made a bold move recently. The French are the first to ban the wasting of food. It is said that the Senate recently announced the punishments for such infractions, as well as the rewards that it plans to use as incentives to stop this behavior.So, Renado should be able to get a big piece of cake now!”

“Yes,” agreed the old man. “My friend in France recommended Renado to me. As it clearly has the support of the French government, I’m going to buy into it!”

“Hmm…” At this time, Zhao Yu suddenly frowned. He then said to the old man, “Sir, if you really want to invest in something, you might as well invest in me! Ha ha…”

Everyone looked at him, doubts in their eyes. Seeing this, Miao Ying blurted out, “Zhao Yu, don’t talk nonsense.” She clearly thought that Zhao Yu was joking.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Zhao Yu stood up, deliberately facing Miao Ying’s father as he said, “Miao Ying is right. I am only interested in solving cases. I’m really not that knowledgeable when it comes to economy and commerce!”

He then added, “But I do think that business and cases have something in common! With my limited knowledge of Renado International Holdings, I suggest that you proceed with caution.”

After Zhao Yu said that, the people grew quite curious.

He then continued to explain his simile, “Just like you are solving a case, I will provide you with three clues pertaining to this situation. First, last November, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations held a special meeting, where experts claimed that food releases greenhouse gases in the process of decaying. Therefore, the General Assembly called on all of its members to learn from France, thus using its legislation to prohibit the waste of food.”

Zhao Yu then said, “Secondly, in December of last year, Chad and a few other countries in Central Africa broke out in various armed conflicts. It is reported that several small Central African countries are also facing political chaos.”

He paused and took a breath, then said, “Thirdly, Renado’s share price in the Dow Jones market has soared over the years. It is said that there are several big Wall Street names backing it.”

After saying all of that, Zhao Yu opened his hands and concluded, “Well, I think that what I have just said is clear enough…”

“This…” Even Miao’s father was surprised to hear Zhao Yu’s analysis, and it left him quite speechless.

“Officer Zhao, what do you mean by saying all of this. Is there a problem with the company?” the silvered-haired man asked. “Is it not good news that the stock price has risen? Besides, financing is a unilateral channel… It seems that there is not much of a connection.”

“Oh, but there is!” Zhao Yu confidently said. “For example, if I feel that I’m going to fart… What’s the best way for me to do so? Do I make a big sound and let everybody hear it, or do I let out my gas little by little, thus making a silent fart?”

“It’s better if you keep it silent, I guess,” someone answered.

“Wrong! No matter how I do it, you can still smell it!” Zhao Yu laughed, then said, “The best way to handle the situation is to hold it back and not let anyone know you have to fart at all! But, in this way, I will inevitably suffer internal injuries!”

“Wow!” Zhao Yu’s novel theory immediately attracted all of the people’s attention.

“That’s what I’m talking about as how things relate to Renado. The company is suffering now!” Zhao Yu tried to explain, “This big agricultural food company’s main business is in French-speaking African countries. However, those countries are either caught in the middle of a war or are caught in a famine. If such a big company wants to save itself, it will definitely need to make a bold move!”

He then added, “In addition, it made their first big fortune after French made the law against the wasting of food, but now, under the appeal of the United Nations, all of the rest of the world’s countries are following this trend! In this way, Renado is no longer a sole role model, and it has lost its competitive advantage.”

He shook his head, then said, “What’s more, you can see from Renado’s share prices in the United States, it has never exceeded $2.4 before, but has now suddenly jumped up to $3. Don’t you think that’s a bit unusual?”

Zhao Yu laughed as he concluded, “According to my judgment, its fart is just now coming out! At this time, whoever wants to throw his money into it should think twice!”

“What the heck?” Upon hearing this, the man who had just said that he had invested in it rushed outside to make a phone call, while the rest of the people all looked at him with great surprise on their faces.

Miao Ying’s mother, who had been pouring wine into a glass, spilled it all over. As for Miao Ying, she just kept scratching her head, as she couldn’t understand what he had just said at all. She wondered… When did Zhao Yu become so knowledgeable about this stuff?

The most shocked person of all was Miao Ying’s father, whose eyebrows were almost twisting to the top of his head! He couldn’t believe what he had just heard!