Crazy Detective Chapter 807

Chapter 807 Escalation Of A Secret War

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“Dad, what’s wrong with you today?” Miao Ying stood in front of Zhao Yu and said, “We are all criminal policemen. Why are you letting Zhao Yu gamble with you? What are you thinking?”

“Never mind that!” Miao Kun laughed and said, “Just have fun! Officer Zhao, do you have money with you? If not, maybe I can lend you some!”

“Don’t be unreasonable!” Miao Ying was getting angry, and she took Zhao Yu’s arm and wanted to leave. “Zhao Yu, let’s go!”

“Ying! I won’t force him to make a bet if he doesn’t want to. Just stay here,” Miao Kun said.

A wealthy man, who was beside Miao Ying, said to her with a laugh, “Men have to stand up for themselves. Besides, it’s just for fun. Don’t take it so seriously!”

“Hmm…” Miao Ying’s face looked gloomy and sullen. However, in the face of such rich and distinguished guests, she was unable to say anything.

“Forget it. After all, I know that it’s not easy for the criminal police to earn a decent salary. Ha ha ha…” At this moment, Miao Kun seemed to finally win his secret war with Zhao Yu. He then said, “Let’s just enjoy the game!”

At the beginning of their secret war, Zhao Yu had felt guilty, as he thought that he was wrong in beating up Miao Kun. So, he had wanted to change Miao Kun’s mind by proving himself to his future father-in-law. However, with the escalation of their secret war, Zhao Yu had become more disgruntled.

“Although I don’t earn much money, it’s enough to play your game a bit!” Zhao Yu said. “In fact, I think that your bets are too small! They’re not exciting at all!”

“What?” Miao Ying was surprised by his words. “Zhao Yu, are you as crazy as my dad is?”

Miao Kun and many of the other guests were also surprised. Miao Kun then asked, “Then, what kind of a bet do you think is exciting?”

“I’d like to ask what the odds are first. Don’t you have to make the rules clear?” Zhao Yu’s smart words surprised all of the others.

“Um… As I said, this is all just for fun!” Miao Kun frowned, then said, “Both sides are one two. Since I am the banker, I will make up for the price difference.”

“In fact, I still like to play Qie Sai!” Zhao Yu said. “After all, this is not a formal combat fight. Someone might play dirty in secret! So, I say we can wait for the combat to start, first look at the situation of both sides, and then bet. This is called Qie Sai! Qie Zhuang, on the other hand, is to bet after the beginning of the last round, which will helped to eliminate any cheating!”

Miao Kun was also a sort of expert in this, so he immediately asked, “But… If we let the guests choose Qie Sai or Qie Zhuang, won’t all of them just choose Qie Zhuang and wait until the last round to bet?”

“Not necessarily. If you want to play Qie Zhuang, you need to double the stakes first!” Zhao Yu said. “The more rounds you watch, the higher your stakes become.”

Miao Ying was silent upon hearing this, and she was so angry that she took another glass of champagne from the waiter and gulped in down in one swig!

“Then… How are you going to play this?” Miao Kun turned his eyes to Zhao Yu and said, “As I said, I invited so many good fighters here, just to have fun! So, officer Zhao, you can play as you want!”

Zhao Yu laughed and said, “Then… I will choose Qie Zhuang, and I’ll bet ten million!”

Miao Ying couldn’t help but spit out her drink upon hearing the number. Meanwhile, none of the wealthy guests could even respond. They all just stood there, speechless.

“Ten million is just a little fun!” Zhao Yu said lightly, “If I lose, I will have to give you ten million, but if I win, you’ll have to pay me ten million! It’s that simple!”

“You… Are you sure about this?” Miao Kun couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Sure!” Zhao Yu laughed.

“Officer Zhao, although it’s an entertainment event… We’re not kidding. Do you really have… Ten million?” Miao Kun asked, doubt filling his eyes.

“Of course! I’m not kidding!” Zhao Yu remained confident.

“Ok. Since you are so sure of yourself, then I’m afraid the players can’t wait. Come on, let’s see who will win!” Miao Kun said as he looked at the housekeeper.

The housekeeper then immediately notified the staff below via the speaker on his ear. With a bell’s ring, the match finally began.

Lei Bin and the foreign player soon met in a fierce confrontation. At this time, Miao Ying pinched Zhao Yu fiercely and pushed him into a corner. “Do you know what you are doing? Are you crazy?”

“Rest assured!” Zhao Yu pointed to the cage and said, “If either one of them win in the first two rounds, I don’t have to bet on the last round…”

“Zhao Yu, I know you got a big bonus for the Golden Buddha Temple Case!” Miao Ying said worriedly. “But, you almost died in the process! You can’t waste that money! I don’t understand you. Are you and my dad both taking the wrong medicine today?”

“It’s going to be okay!” Zhao Yu smiled at her. “Sooner or later, we are all going to be one family, thus sharing the same funds. Whether I get the 10 million or your dad does… Either scenario is acceptable. Ha ha ha…”

“You… You are even laughing now?” Miao Ying stamped her feet in anger. In her opinion, no matter who won or lost, she would be miserable.

As Zhao Yu was explaining things to Miao Ying, Miao Kun quietly called the housekeeper over to the side. Carefully avoiding Zhao Yu’s sight, he said to the housekeeper in a low voice, “Ask the two players to last until the final round. Then, wait until Zhao Yu makes a bet. Then, you must make sure that Zhao Yu loses that bet!”

Miao Kun grit his teeth, then growled, “No matter what, I will always be the winner!”