Crazy Detective Chapter 809

Chapter 809 Another Plot

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In the lounge, Miao Ying’s mother complained to Miao Kun, “Hey! Our goal is to make officer Zhao Yu leave Ying, right? What is all of this for? You praised him so much that he even called you his father-in-law, and now, you gave ten million to him! You’ve never even been that generous with me!”

“All right, don’t you mess things up!” Miao Kun’s eyes were red, and besides being angry, he was totally shocked. He could not have imagined that he would lose!

After all, he had managed all of the fights. All of the organizers, contestants, and even the referees had to listen to his commands. But, unexpectedly, Zhao Yu had won the bet, even under such foolproof conditions!

Losing the money was a trivial matter, as such an amount was not a big deal to Miao Kun. However, losing face was!

“Sir…” At this time, the housekeeper rushed over and whispered to Miao Kun, “We didn’t find out the reason for the blackout. Also, even if someone touched the power supply, it wouldn’t affect the camera, as the cameras are all powered with batteries. But, strangely, they also powered down when the power was cut off! Moreover, it was not only the cameras, but the cell phone that I was using went dead, too!”

After hearing this, Miao Kun asked, “What about Lei Bin?”

The housekeeper said, “Lei Bin said that Sky Wolf would have absolutely dodged his punch, but the electricity was cut off, so he screwed up. Now, he is really angry with himself.”

“Idiot!” Miao Kun slammed his fist down on the table fiercely and shouted at the housekeeper.

He then said, “Okay, leave me alone! Go get ready for dinner and make preparations for Sangrove’s grand finale. Fortunately, the guests did not see anything wrong, and they just thought that I didn’t want the money from Zhao Yu.”

The more Miao Kun thought about the fight, the more he shivered with rage. The housekeeper had never seen Miao Kun so angry, so he quickly left.

“Calm down! Let’s forget about it!” Miao’s mom advised her husband. “Our daughter is not a child anymore. Since she has made her choice, then we just must let her do as she wants! After all, Miao YIng suffered a lot when she was young because of us.”

“I was wrong!” Miao Kun frowned and said. “I underestimated Zhao Yu!” I forgot that, in New Zealand, so many professional killers and agents didn’t even catch him. It’s really all my fault. I underestimated our enemy!”

Miao Kun said sadly, “Alas, when the Secret Service handed me Zhao Yu’s information, I didn’t even take the time to read it. So, I didn’t remember his appearance! I really can’t imagine… This man gave me such a big surprise…”

“The Central Criminal Division… The Headless Female Corpses Case…” Miao Kun recalled all of these things in great angst. “He even knows the real intentions of Renado, as well as the inside story of the Wall Street tycoons! He is even proficient in antique painting and calligraphy, and he knows art! He’s also a gambler…”

Miao Kun hammered another heavy blow on the table as he said, “We were all deceived by him!”

His wife was also shocked, and she asked, “So, who do you think he really is?”

“Hmm… In my opinion, this man is a real genius!” Miao Kun said. “Or, behind him, there must be a truly powerful organization! Think about it… Signal shielding, the power being cut off… Those are things that ordinary people just can’t do!”

He then added, “As far as I know, only the most advanced magnetic storm bombs can achieve that kind of effect! However, the magnetic storm bombs will be damaged if people use them even once, and it is impossible that the electricity could come back on in a short time!”

“Eh?” Miao Ying’s mother was frightened when she heard this, so she said, “Then… Stop competing with him! Let’s wait till we find out more information about him.”

“No!” Miao Kun said ferociously. “I cannot just sit by and watch! I can’t let my daughter marry such a mysterious person! Moreover, this man has a bad temper. He is a hooligan! I can’t risk my daughter’s happiness. Besides, I don’t know whether this man is an enemy or a friend. If he has any secret purpose in pursuing Ying, it could be dangerous for her!”

“Hmm…” Miao Ying’s mother then said soothingly, “Don’t think too much about it, old man. After all, he helped us in New Zealand! If he’s not with us, why would he give us the information in the case at the Landing? At the very least, he is a true Chinese patriot!”

Miao Kun clenched his fist and said coldly, “You’re right. But, either he is our friend or our enemy. I need to bring our grudge to an end first.”

“What? Old man, are you saying that you want to…” Miao Ying’s mother looked worried.

Before his wife could even finish talking, Miao Kun stood up and went to the hall, followed by his wife.

In the hall, Zhao Yu was explaining to Miao Ying, “Don’t be angry, okay? You know that I’m a proud person. I can’t lose. How about this… If you think I’ve done anything wrong, I’ll give my back the ten million now, okay?”

“Okay!” Miao Ying frowned. “It’s not about the ten million at all! Don’t you think that it’s very odd that you won? And… What about this blackout?”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying?” Zhao Yu was puzzled.

“You think I don’t know what’s going on?” Miao Ying asked. “My father is acting so strange today. I’m afraid that he deliberately lost to you!”

Zhao Yu wanted to tell her the truth, but seeing that Miao Ying was suspecting her father, he gave up that thought immediately and asked, “I don’t understand why he would want to lose to me…”

“You are still not telling the truth, are you?” Miao Ying squinted at him. “My father must have promised you something. There’s no reason that you two would behave so weirdly at the same time otherwise! You two must be playing some tricks.”

“Um… This…” Zhao Yu scratched his head as he thought to himself… It seems that Miao Ying really hasn’t participated in a criminal investigation for a long time, as her observation skills have somewhat diminished. Clearly, Miao Kun set a trap for me, trying to disgrace me!

Miao Ying stubbornly believed that her father and Zhao Yu had planned this together. Zhao Yu wanted to explain more, but at this time, Miao Kun and his wife entered the hall from the main entrance. With the spotlight shining, Miao Kun picked up the microphone and greeted the guests.

After a few minutes of conventional greetings, he said with a smile of exultation, “Dear guests, our dinner is about to begin, and the final battle of Sangrove and Essien the Beast is about to start as well! I hope you’ll have a good time tonight!”

Upon hearing this, Miao Ying quickly approached Zhao Yu and said, “Essien, an Israeli fighter, is a new star of UFC. After his debut, he seems to be invincible, and is now ranked 11th in the world! Nevertheless, he has never had to fight Sangrove, so tonight will be a good show!”

Miao Ying had just finished speaking, when suddenly, something happened on the stage. First, the housekeeper rushed up the steps and whispered something to Miao Kun. Then, Miao Kun’s face suddenly changed!

“Oh, sorry everybody!” Miao Kun said in embarrassment. “I just received some unfortunate news! Mr. Essien was sent to the hospital because of a sudden illness! So… I’m afraid that tonight’s battle…”

Upon hearing this, everyone began to despair.

“Oh… Never mind… Tonight’s show will continue!” Miao Kun suddenly changed his mind. “Mr. Sangrove will be here for the battle later, but his opponent will be replaced by my future son-in-law, Zhao Yu! Come on! Please give him a round of applause!”