Crazy Detective Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Lose Your Head

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“Wow…” Miao Kun’s announcement came as a shock to all of the guests.

“Dam*!” Zhao Yu cursed as he heard what Miao Kun had just announced.

Before this, he had a feeling that Miao Kun would never let him get away with this so easily. However, he did not expect that Miao Kun would publicly push him onto the guillotine!

The spotlight suddenly pointed at Zhao Yu. As Zhao Yu blinked his eyes vigorously, his expression became very complicated. Now, he had no way out, so he had to stand up and wave to the guests, acting as if nothing was wrong. Meanwhile, all of the wealthy people applauded.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Miao Kun said, while holding the microphone. “Officer Zhao is marvelous. He is a chief criminal policeman and the famous detective who cracked the Headless Female Corpses Case! Officer Zhao is not only able to solve cases, but he is very good at kung fu, too! In the police force, he has no rival!”

Zhao Yu smiled faintly, as he had nothing to say. If he stood up against what was happening at this time and refused to fight, he would only make himself a laughing stock.

But, when Zhao Yu looked at Miao Ying, who was next to him, he saw that Miao Ying’s reaction was quite abnormal. She was enjoying a cocktail, and it seemed that she didn’t care about what was happening at all!

“In order to show my sincerity, I would like to bet two million dollars on my prospective son-in-law!” After announcing that, Miao Kun gave the microphone to the host.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the fight is about to being. Let’s cheer up!” The host shouted. “The big detective challenges Sangrove, a rare battle in the world…”

Upon hearing the host’s promotion of the fight, all of the guests on the scene got excited and started to make their bets. However, it was conceivable that no one would bet on Zhao Yu, regardless of the odds.

This was because everyone who knew even a little bit about fighting knew that Sangrove was a professional fighter, who was ranked second in the world! As for Zhao Yu, he was just an ordinary policeman!

Although Miao Kun had repeatedly emphasized that Zhao Yu was his prospective son-in-law, people did not worry that Miao Kun would arrange a fake fight in order to ensure that Zhao Yu would win. After all, Sangrove was a popular professional, and if he lost a fight on purpose, it would inevitably ruin his reputation and maybe even his whole career!

Because of this, Sangrove couldn’t lose to Zhao Yu. At most, he would simply spare Zhao Yu’s life.

“Come here, Officer Zhao!” When Miao Kun came over to Zhao Yu, he took him into the dressing room and said with great emphasis, “The time has come to show your strength! I know that you are a daring man! Hence, I look up to you. No matter what the result of this fight is, I will always back you…”

“Oh, I’m flattered!” Zhao Yu smiled on the outside, but cursed him inwardly… You ruthless old fellow!

“Man always pays for what he has done wrong!” Seeing that nobody was looking at them, Miao Kun immediately grit his teeth and said, “Boy, I can leave you an open back door in the dressing room! You can run away now, and never come back…”

Zhao Yu smiled coldly as he said indifferently, “Father-in-law, do you still think so little of me?”

Not waiting for him to reply, Zhao Yu continued, “Oh, don’t you remember how you scolded me in the restaurant?”

Zhao Yu then said coldly, “I can tell you very responsibly that you were right! I am a hooligan! So, your choice to compete with a shameless hooligan is your biggest mistake thus far! From the very beginning, you have lost!”

“What do you mean?” Miao Kun was puzzled by his words, and he wanted Zhao Yu to explain, but the staff had already come to take Zhao Yu away to change his clothes.

Miao Kun had no choice but to go to upstairs and return to the stand.

The silver-haired old man quickly stopped Miao Kun and asked, “What’s wrong with you today? Miao Kun, are you trying to kill your daughter’s husband? That’s not reasonable! Why would you make such an arrangement?”

“Yeah!” The millionaire woman agreed. “Although it’s just for fun, as long as he goes on stage, he has to sign a waiver of liability! Even though you want to test your future son-in-law, you can’t use this cruel and dangerous method, can you? What will your daughter say?”

The young man in the white suit then asked, “Why would you send an amateur to challenge a world champion? Let’s find someone who is more of a match for him. Is Lei Bin okay to fight him?”

It seemed that no one present was satisfied with Miao Kun’s arrangement. As Miao Kun was trying to explain to them, the housekeeper rushed over, waving to Miao Kun, so Miao Kun had to walk towards him to see what he wanted.

“Sir! Shoot! Sangrove has refused to fight!” the housekeeper said anxiously. “When he heard that we were going to replace Essien with an unknown person, he refused to fight! He said that it would be a great insult for him if he competed with a nobody! Also, when he heard that his opponent was your relative, he got even angrier!”

Miao Kun then held up two fingers and replied, “Okay. You tell him that, as long as he is willing to fight, I will give him an additional two million euros! Also, tell he that he must use all of his true strength, and remind him that he absolutely cannot show any mercy to his opponent, and as long as he does not kill Zhao Yu, I promise to have another reward for him!”

“But…” The housekeeper hesitated.

“No buts! Go now, and do as I say!” Miao Kun was so angry that he lost his temper and shouted, “I will humiliate him this time!”

The housekeeper dared not disobey him, so he turned around and ran away to negotiate with Sangrove.

“Zhao Yu, I’d like to see if you really possess remarkable abilities!” Miao Kun muttered fiercely. “This time, let’s see what you can do!”