Crazy Detective Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Self Redemption

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In the dressing room, staff members were helping Zhao Yu get ready. Women were not allowed in there. However, since Miao Ying was Miao Kun’s daughter and Zhao Yu’s girlfriend, no one dared stop her from entering.

“It’s a little strange!” Zhao Yu said to Miao Ying as he took off his trousers. “I mean… Why aren’t you stopping me this time? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be killed by the champion? Shouldn’t you say something at least?”

Miao Ying looked at him disapprovingly and said, “Zhao Yu, I really don’t understand… What does my dad like about you so much? How can he treat you better than he treats me?”

Zhao Yu was hurt and somewhat depressed by her words. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“You don’t know how many times I have begged him to allow me to compete with professional players! But, he didn’t agree to it even once.” Miao Ying made a fighting gesture as she explained, “After all, it is only by playing with these real masters that I can make any real progress! Sol, it seems that I won’t be able to make any progress this time!”

As Zhao Yu changed into shorts for his professional combat match, he said, “I don’t even understand the rules yet!”

“Huh? You just stop your acting, okay?” Miao Ying said with a laugh. “You, don’t think I know what’s going on? Just now, you and my father hugged and whispered to each other. And you think that I actually believe that he’s really going to make you fight?”

Zhao Yu felt desperate and didn’t know how to reply.

“Well… Good for you!” Miao Ying said. “Apart from me, I have never seen my dad like anyone so much! He must have spent a lot of money to make your battle with the champion happen!”

Zhao Yu couldn’t help but sigh. “Your dad really loves me, but… I’m afraid that his love is really going to hurt me…”

Miao Ying shook her head, then said, “Don’t play the fool! I’ll tell it to you straight… My dad must have arranged all of this for you. After all, you’re a newcomer, and you can’t beat Sangrove! So, my father’s arranged it so that you can at least fight till the end.”

She took a breath, then continued to explain, “If you do well, you may manage to hit Sangrove with a few punches! Nevertheless, my dad’s bet of two million will be wasted on you. However, you can build up your reputation in front of these guests, so that all of them will look at you with great admiration from now on! After that, no one will dare to belittle you. Instead, they will think of you as a master of both civil and military abilities!”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yu seemed to have been hit by a thunderbolt. He never thought that Miao Ying would regard his life-and-death battle as nothing but a mere show.

“What?” Miao Ying asked as she patted Zhao Yu. “Did you forget that I am your captain? How could you and my dad think that you could fool me? If my dad hadn’t planned all of this on purpose, how could you know anything about finance and trade? And the arts? And that ten million…”

“No! That’s not true!” Zhao Yu shook his head and felt helpless.

“It must be! The worst part is that my dad should know better than to be so silly!” Miao Ying exclaimed.

At this time, someone knocked on the door, urging Zhao Yu that it was time to go. Zhao Yu’s battle was about to begin! At that critical moment, Zhao Yu grabbed Miao Ying and kissed her affectionately.

But, Miao Ying quickly pushed Zhao Yu away. “What are you doing?”

“Meow!” Zhao Yu pressed himself against Miao Ying as he said resolutely, “I have to tell you the truth! Since you and I will most certainly have a hard time being together again, I should not do this. But, the fact is that I cannot hide anything from you!”

“Wow… You…” Miao Ying was surprised by his words. It was only at this time that she realized that Zhao Yu didn’t look quite right.

Zhao Yu sighed, then finally made up his mind to come clean completely. “A few days ago, I met your father by chance. Well… Some unpleasant things happened! Um… I beat him up! I mean… I slapped him. His face… That’s what I did…”

After he said all of that, although Zhao Yu felt a bit relieved, he still looked at Miao Ying hesitantly, wondering how she would react.

“You what… I mean… What did you just say?” Miao Ying still did not understand.

“I hit your father!” Zhao Yu repeated. “But, at that time, I didn’t know that he was your father! And… Besides… It was unintentional!”

“Are you kidding me?” Miao Ying asked, clearly unwilling to believe it.

“Why don’t you believe me?” Zhao Yu asked. “That’s exactly what happened. Although your father was a very good fighter, your boyfriend was better, so I really beat your father up! Meow, I know that this is all my fault, so I am willing to accept any punishment! I just hope that you can understand one thing… My feelings for you will never change. No one can stop me from being with you!”

“Wait!” Miao Ying waved her hand at him in a hurry.

She realized that Zhao Yu was serious, so she asked him hastily, “The injury on my father’s face… That’s your work?”

“That was from a few days ago. It looked much worse then! Yes, it was me!” Zhao Yu nodded and couldn’t help but grin with pride.

“Ha ha ha ha… Ha ha ha ha ha…” The next second, Miao Ying burst into a fit of wild laugher. She was shaking so much, she couldn’t even stand still!

Zhao Yu just kept the same silly grin on his face.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Miao Ying kept laughing as she put one hand on Zhao Yu’s shoulder and the other hand on her own waist.

After she laughed for a long time, she said, “You beat my father up! This is a big joke! My dad has a special bodyguard team to protect him. If you had really beaten him up, then you would have been torn apart by his bodyguards. Don’t you get it? It can’t be true!”

Zhao Yu helplessly tightened his trousers as he said in a huff, “Forget it! If you don’t believe me, I can’t force you to! But, I have a few more things to say… I want to explain to you…”

“What?” Miao Ying was curious.

Zhao Yu frowned slightly as he said, “Your previous guess is totally contrary to the facts! That French company, as well as the paintings and porcelain, were simply excuses for your father to embarrass me! So, I asked my members to help me in secret. And… About the ten million bet… I bribed Lei Bin ahead of time to win!”

Zhao Yu then admitted, “I had to do that because your dad was controlling the game. If I didn’t do anything, I’d have been bankrupt in the end!”

Hearing this, Miao Ying stopped laughing abruptly. Zhao Yu’s words had clearly shocked her.

“What? You bribed Lei Bin? How could that be possible?” she asked in disbelief.

Zhao Yu then took the opportunity to explain, “Lei Bin always asks for 80,000 RMB for a fighting show, and that’s before taxes! So, my one million could buy him easily. However, he was worried that your father would find out and make trouble with him, so I arranged for the blackout. That way, Lei Bin could take advantage of the blackout to knock down his opponent and completely remove any suspicion of his tampering with the fight!”

“You… How could this be?” Miao Ying was still quite confused.

Zhao Yu kept explaining, “In fact, Qie Sai and Qie Zhuang are big taboos in gambling! Professional gamblers won’t allow anyone to do play that way!”

Zhao Yu went on to confess everything in detail, “Your father thought that he could control the whole situation, but in fact, the person that chose Qie Zhuang had the real initiative! Because I chose Qie Zhuang, he could only make arrangements in the last round. But, I had implemented my plan before the first round! Think about it… Whoever I placed my bet on would be forced to lose by your father! So, as long as I bribed either of them, your father would inevitably be the loser!”

“Zhao Yu… You… How could you do that to my dad?” Miao Ying was somewhat confused and felt more than a little angry. It was totally unexpected to her that her speculation would be completely wrong!

“I had no other choice!” Zhao Yu said earnestly. “Your father and I met in a small restaurant, and there were no special bodyguards around him at that time. I guess he didn’t want anyone to know about his business. So, when we met today, he pretended not to know me. So… You must not go to your dad to argue about this! Understand?”

Zhao Yu continued earnestly, “In fact, I can see that your parents just love you too much. That is the reason why they dared not oppose… They knew that you would be unhappy about it! So, only the two of us know what I just told you. Hence, you can’t complain to your parents! Besides, if it were me, I would go much further to ensure my daughter’s happiness.”

“But we can’t just sit around and do nothing!” Miao Ying was absolutely out of her wits. “They didn’t voice any objections before! They also said that they would respect my choices! They even gave you that red wine! How could they secretly dislike you?”

“Ying, they did all of that because of me!” Zhao Yu said. “Because I hit your father, he misunderstood me, thinking of me as a shameless hooligan. That made both of your parents change their minds about me! It’s really all my fault!”

Then, Zhao Yu pounded his chest and said with great determination, “I am determined to change their minds again with my sincerity! That’s why I agreed to fight with Sangrove today. Now, I have the chance to redeem myself on the stage!”