Crazy Detective Chapter 812

Chapter 812 The Fight

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“Hey, hurry up and get on the stage! Everyone’s waiting for you!” At this time, a staff member came over and shouted at Zhao Yu.

“Get out of here!” Miao Ying said, clearly furious. She then rushed over and kicked the man out of the dressing room.

Zhao Yu quickly got up and pulled Miao Ying away as he said, “Come on, Ying. This time, I’ve decided not to run away! I want to impress your parents with my sincerity!”

“Zhao Yu! You b*stard!” Miao Ying was so angry that she wanted to grab Zhao Yu by the collar and shake him.

But, as Zhao Yu dodged her, she simply shouted, “So… You really hit my dad?”

Zhao Yu grinned and nodded.

“So… When my father spoke so highly of you before… That was all to embarrass you? To drive you away?” she asked.

Zhao Yu continued to nod.

Miao Ying then asked, “My father arranged for you to fight Sangrove, too?”

“Uh huh…” Zhao Yu said.

“How could such an impossible thing happen to me?” Miao Ying grabbed Zhao Yu’s arm as she said, “Zhao Yu… This could be dangerous! If Sangrove gives his full effort, he could really hurt you… Or at least make you truly miserable!”

“I know!” Zhao Yu said as he nodded. “But, only in this way can we remove the resentment your father has towards me and make your parents respect me! Let’s just wait and see what my destiny holds.”

After saying that, Zhao Yu turned around to leave. But, Miao Ying stopped him, yelling, “No!”

As Miao Ying reached for Zhao Yu with one hand, she grabbed Zhao Yu’s trousers with the other. She then said, “Zhao Yu, I’ll go ask my dad to cancel the fight! You’re not a fool, so you know what’s going to happen if you fight Sangrove…”

“Miao Ying!” Zhao Yu suddenly cried out, “You listen to me. Today’s fight is the only chance for me to prove myself! Besides, it’s my choice! You know me, and although I am not a gentleman, I never run away. If I did, I would regret it for the rest of my life!”

“Zhao Yu… Why do you insist upon doing this?” Miao Ying asked. “If there is any misunderstanding between us all, then let’s sit down and have a good talk about it. We’re family, after all.”

“You’re wrong!” Zhao Yu said. “This is the best way to solve this problem between your father and me! Whether I win, lose, or even die, I’ll show your dad know that I’m a man of iron, not the hooligan that he’s been making me out to be!”

“Zhao Yu, you know that it’s already not easy for us to be together. You can’t…” Miao Ying was very anxious, but she knew Zhao Yu very well, and if she forced him to cancel the fight, it would devastate Zhao Yu.

“Okay! I’ve made up my mind. You don’t have to say any more!” Zhao Yu said resolutely. “Miao Ying, because it was so hard for us to get together, it is for that exact reason that I can’t allow anybody to split us up! I will risk my life to protect our union! Believe me… I can do it!”

“You…” Before Miao Ying could even properly reply, she had already burst into tears. She pulled at Zhao Yu’s trousers and did not know what to do or say.

“Hey, let go!” Zhao Yu said. “You should not be so pessimistic. Don’t forget, I am not weak! Don’t underestimate me!”

Miao Ying’s brain was so full of myriad thoughts and anxieties that she carelessly released her grip on his clothes. As a result, Zhao Yu’s trousers suddenly fell down, and a part of his bottom was exposed, totally naked! Zhao Yu tried to lift his trousers back up, but he was wearing boxing gloves, so he could not!

“Hey… Do me a favor! Don’t just stand there like a fool!” Zhao Yu telled at Miao Ying, who returned to her senses and helped Zhao Yu lift his trousers.

After he got everything situated again, Zhao Yu said, “Babe! Give me a kiss for encouragement!”

Hearing this, Miao Ying broke into a fit of laughter, kissed him softly, then whispered, “Well, honey… I’ll cheer up… Just for you!”

“Yeah!” Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying, as she had boosted his morale exponentially just now.

Miao Ying then gestured as she said, “But… You must remember this… After you are separated by the referee, you slap him like this… Non-stop! This means that you surrender and are conceding defeat. Then, the referee will stop the fight. Do you understand?”

But Zhao Yu already had his back to her and was leaving the dressing room…

When Zhao Yu came out of the dressing room and entered the hall, there were already a lot of people in the hall and in the grandstand. They all wanted to see how this fight would end. Of course, what they really wanted to see was what kind of tragedy would befall Zhao Yu.

After seeing Zhao Yu, the host immediately gave a loud introduction, which really enlivened the atmosphere. Under the guidance of the staff, Zhao Yu walked towards the octagonal cage.

“Hey, Boss!” Ran Tao suddenly ran up to Zhao Yu and said anxiously, “That’s the world champion! Tell us about your Plan B, Plan C, or anything, as we can’t simply sit by and watch you die!”

“Okay!” Zhao Yu whispered. “Later, when I beat Sangrove, they will probably arrange for me to do another fight. At that time, you ask Wu Xiumin to…”

Zhao Yu then explained everything to Ran Tao in a low whisper. After listening to the whole plan, Ran Tao felt terrible.

As he watched Zhao Yu, who was now walking away, he shook his head and muttered to himself, “Boss… You must be mad! After all, you don’t have a pistol tucked in your pants. So, how will you possibly beat Sangrove?”

He sighed, then muttered, “Xiumin was right. We’d better call an ambulance for him. Or… Arrange transport to the mental institution!”

After Zhao Yu appeared on the stage, a few staff members immediately came forward to help him. One handed him a mouth guard, which Zhao Yu bit only once before promptly spitting it out.

Boos came from every corner of the audience when they saw that. Zhao Yu turned to give them all the middle-finger, only to realize that he couldn’t because he had gloves on!

Some time after Zhao Yu’s appearance, after another shout of introduction from the host, Sangrove came out. As he was the world champion of boxing, he naturally had to come out last in order to show his seniority. It was like Zhao Yu was the opening act and he was the main attraction!

As soon as the boxing champion came out, the audience’s cheers became thunderous. The excited people were all shouting, while their arms were waving wildly about.

After jumping onto the stage, Sangrove glanced at Zhao Yu. His eyes were filled with anger and resentment.

But, it wasn’t his opponent that he hated, but the rich people who had manipulated the event behind the scenes. If it weren’t for the money, he couldn’t have even come to such an absurd fight.

In his opinion, going on stage to compete with Zhao Yu was just like playing a clown in a circus! Therefore, after Sangrove came onto the stage, he did not follow his usual routine, but sat down, humming nonchalantly.

At the same time, on the stand, the housekeeper was holding a laptop. She turned to Miao Kun and said worriedly, “Sir, we are going to sustain a big loss this time. The whole stakes total close to 20 million, and not one person bet on Zhao Yu to win.”

“That’s okay. It’s just money,” Miao Kun said nonchalantly as he drank his wine. “Just take it as a gift to my friends! As long as that a*shole can pay me back what he owes me… Ha ha ha…”

Under the stands, Zhao Yu seemed to hear Miao Kun, as at that moment, he turned his head to look up at him. When he turned back, he suddenly saw a scene that made him feel desperate…

Ran Tao and Zeng Ke, accompanied by Miao Ying, had come to the front of the octagonal cage to watch the fight! Miao Ying had a white towel in her hand, so it seemed that she was already prepared for Zhao Yu’s defeat in advance.

“Dam*!” Zhao Yu cursed under his breath.

At this time, upon the referee’s instruction, the two sides left their seats and came to the center of the ring to prepare for the fight. Before the fight, the two sides were supposed to punch each other’s gloves to show respect.

However, the proud Sangrove refused to do so, as Zhao Yu was a mere amateur in his eyes. So, just as he had refused to do during the day, Sangrove did not even glance at Zhao Yu. Instead, he turned his back towards Zhao Yu, showing his contempt.

“Oh my! Wow…” an onlooker in the crowd exclaimed upon seeing such an affront.

In fact, Sangrove’s turning around made the whole room boil over with excitement and tension yet again. However, people’s cheers only lasted for a few seconds before another dramatic change took place on the stage.

Unexpectedly, just as Sangrove turned around, Zhao Yu quietly snuck up and, right in front of the referee’s dismayed eyes, Zhao Yu punched Sangrove in the back!


Sangrove fell down immediately, not even knowing what hit him!

“Ah! Eh?” The referee was so shocked, he stamped his feet and shouted, “What’s wrong with you? The fight hasn’t even started yet! I didn’t ring the bell…”

Zhao Yu didn’t even bother to care about the referee at all. Instead, he continued to punch and kick Sangrove like crazy!