Crazy Detective Chapter 814

Chapter 814 The Most Despicable Is The Most Invincible

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“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…” In the dressing room, Zhao Yu held Miao Ying in his arms and laughed wildly. “In order to celebrate my defeat of the world champion, how about a kiss?”

Miao Ying pressed Zhao Yu’s mouth with her hand as she scolded him, “I’m afraid that there will never be another more despicable than you! How dare you claim that you beat the champion?”

Zhao Yu sighed. “Alas! What more can I say? Did you want Sangrove to beat me to death? That would have made you a widow!”

With that said, Zhao Yu grabbed Miao Ying’s waist with both hands. Miao Ying squealed, then wriggled out of his hug.

She then pouted her lips as she scolded him, “Can’t you be even a little serious? After all, you hit my dad! As his daughter, I can’t sit just back and turn a blind eye to that, can I?”

“Okay!” Zhao Yu then took off his boxing gloves and started to take off his trousers.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Miao Ying stared at him in disbelief.

Zhao Yu replied, “You need to beat me up now. Can we call it even then?”

“But, why would you take off your trousers for that?” Miao Ying was blushing now.

“Hmm… It will make it more convenient for you.” Zhao Yu gave her some random explanation. It made no sense, but it was the first one that he could think of!

Miao Ying rolled her yes, then continued to scold him, “Zhao Yu, let’s be fair. It was wrong of you to hit my dad, but there was also no reason for my dad to bully you like that! So, I’ve decided that as soon as the party ends today, I will call you both up to solve this problem fairly… Together!”

“No!” Zhao Yu shook his head, then urged her, “You can’t get involved in this. No matter much resentment there is between your dad and me, if a woman gets involved, it will just become even more of a mess!”

Zhao Yu then said with a serious look, “Also, you mustn’t lay all of your cards on the table with your father! I’ll find a chance to talk to him alone. Believe me, I’ll settle all of this!”

Miao Ying shook her head, then said, “You don’t know my dad! For all of these years, he has always been the victor… The one who comes out on top. Now that he was beaten by you, I just don’t know that he can bear it.”

Zhao Yu argued his point, “Well, as of right now, only the two of us know about it, which is more than enough! If more people were to find out about it, the issue would only become more complex.”

He took a deep breath, then said earnestly, “Meow, we have been through so many hardships to get together already! I do not want our relationship to be affected by others! Listen to me, I will solve this problem myself! Okay?”

“Hmm…” Although Miao Ying looked reluctant, she had to admit that Zhao Yu seemed to be right in his thinking.

Miao Ying then stepped forward, took Zhao Yu’s hand, and said, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you can’t do it, just let it go. We’re leaving for Beiqian tomorrow morning anyway. Don’t forget that we still have important things to do!”

After hearing her words, Zhao Yu’s heart soared. He once again hugged her, but he really wanted to kiss her!

Suddenly, a man ran in from outside the door. Miao Ying had given the order that no one was allowed to enter, so the fact that this person had dared to disturb them infuriated Miao Ying. In fact, she got so mad that she grabbed a trash can and threw it directly at the man’s head!


Dodging the trash can, the man waved his hand and cried out, “It’s me!”

Only then did Zhao Yu and Miao Ying realize that it was the housekeeper!

“Miss, your parents asked to see you. Please come with me as soon as possible!” The housekeeper was afraid that Miao Ying was still angry, so as he spoke, he backed himself into the corner of the room.

“No, I’m not going anywhere!” Miao Ying cried, while she reached out and grabbed Zhao Yu’s boxing gloves.

Zhao Yu quickly stopped her and whispered in her ear, “No! Meow, listen to me! They are your parents! You must go! Just remember what I said. Nothing happened between your dad and me!”

“Hmm…” Miao Ying scowled as she turned and followed the housekeeper away.

Unexpectedly, just after Miao Ying left, a man came in from the other side of the room. Zhao Yu was confused upon seeing him, as the man was no other than Miao Kun!

After Miao Kun confirmed that Zhao Yu was the only one in the room, he walked toward Zhao Yu with head held high and his chest puffed out.

“Well… Mr. Miao!” Zhao Yu nodded his head to greet Miao Kun.

“Did you tell Ying about us, boy?” Miao Kun immediately asked.

Zhao Yu shook his head.

“Oh… That’s good!” Miao Kun said with relief.

He then came up to Zhao Yu and said to him, “I am warning you. If you dare to tell her anything about us, you won’t walk out of here alive today!”

After carefully examining Zhao Yu from head to toe, Miao Kun said with some emotion, “Alas! That day at the hotpot chicken restaurant, I thought that you were just a brainless, tyrannical, and stinky hooligan! I didn’t realize that you were kind of extraordinary!”

“I’m flattered.” Zhao Yu thanked him.

Miao Kun sounded quite helpless as he said, “Boy, you are such a dark horse! From your fight with Sangrove, I can see three things about you. First, you have great judgment when it comes to looking at the overall situation. Second, you are flexible and capable of thinking outside of the box. Third, you are brave and resourceful, which enables you to successfully carry out your plans. These three qualities alone are extraordinary!”

Miao Kun then added, “As such, you should be able to take on a big responsibility. You just might be the right candidate for my future son-in-law after all. But… I still don’t know why you bullied the people in the hotpot chicken restaurant. Why are you always acting like a bastar*, huh?”

“You flatter me too much!” Zhao Yu said. “I’m just an ordinary man, who has all kinds of common emotions. But, now that you want to know why I did what I did that day, I’ll tell you! Actually, I was just in a really bad mood that day!”

He then said frankly, “At that time, I had just cracked a case. You might have heard about it? The Yongjin Island murder? Anyway… The murderer was a criminal police captain! He brutally killed seven innocent victims, all the time thinking that he could escape the sanctions of the law…”

Zhao Yu shook his head. “That man lost his mind and became a murderous devil! But… I caught him! However, I was deeply affected by the case. In fact, I am afraid that if I investigate more cases like that, I will suffer a similar psychological illness in the future. It was because I felt so upset about the case that I became so violent!”

Zhao Yu then looked into his eyes and spoke earnestly, “It was wrong of me to hit you. So, you can do anything you want to me. As long as it will erase this grudge between us, I won’t refuse anything!”

After hearing this, Miao Kun said indignantly, “Hum! I have been so miserable because of you! I even lost tons of money because of you!”

“Oh? Well… You can rest assured that money is a trivial matter for me. If you like, I will give you back that ten million!” Zhao Yu said. “But… I’m sure you’re such a big shot that you won’t have to worry about such a small sum, right?”

Miao Kun was so amused by Zhao Yu’s witty tactics that he couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter. He then pointed at Zhao Yu and said, “I have been through all sorts of things before. How come I’ve lost to a hooligan? Hum. You almost ruined my reputation!”

Zhao Yu commented, “Well… It’s said that the most despicable is the most invincible…”

Miao Kun was stunned for a moment, then continued laughing, “Ha ha ha! You are the most confident hooligan I’ve ever met!”

Miao Kun finally calmed down, then sighed. “Now, I finally understand that it’s not only because of your luck that you were able to come back from the Landing alive and obtain the important information from the treasury. So… My wine was worth it! Ha ha ha…”

As he spoke, Miao Kun took out two bottles of spirits from his bag and put them on the table. He then said, “Come on! Didn’t you say that I can ask you to do anything? After this… We’re done!”