Crazy Detective Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Why Me Again?

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What Zhao Yu had said about Captain Dou wasn’t a lie. Although Zhao Yu did have a bad temper, Captain Dou’s case was indeed the reason behind his violent outburst in the restaurant.

Although Zhao Yu had become a great detective and was praised by many people, he was not exactly a professional criminal policeman. Hence, he was often affected by his cases.

Although Zhao Yu seemed arrogant and unprincipled on the surface, in fact, he was just an ordinary person, filled with the same emotions and desires. Since he had been involved in case investigations, Zhao Yu had been exposed to the darkest sides of human nature. This, coupled with being faced with solving brutal murders, had really impacted him psychologically.

However, Zhao Yu didn’t really have anyone to talk to about such psychological effects. So, this was why he had resorted to violence in order to vent his emotions! After all, it was undeniable that he felt much better, at least temporarily, after beating up Miao Kun that day!

Zhao Yu had really benefited from Miao Kun’s words. He knew that if he wanted to stay on the right track, he must have firm beliefs and a strong will. Fortunately, his and Miao Kun’s confrontation had come to an end. In fact, Miao Kun seemed to have even started to warm up to him a bit!

That night, Zhao Yu accompanied Miao Ying to the dinner. During the meal, the housekeeper came to report a piece of good news. Apparently, Sangrove and Essien were recovering, yet they were still in the hospital.

In fact, the two top fighters were quite miserable. One had been beaten by Zhao Yu, while the other had been sent to the hospital as a part of Zhao Yu’s master plan. Sangrove had at least fought one round, while Essien, the Beast, had become a complete foil, never having even thrown a single punch.

After hearing the good news, everyone was relieved. This was all going according to Zhao Yu’s plan. As he had spent his earlier life specializing in street fighting, he could easily knock out his opponent without taking the guy’s life.

Although Zhao Yu had adopted such a dirty approach to knock Sangrove out, people still admired him very much. No matter what method he had used, to have issued a punch that knocked out the world champion was unbelievable in the eyes of any normal person!

Of course, the two fighters were not the most tragic ones in today’s party. The real tragic person was Miao Kun.

In addition to losing a total of ten million RMB to Zhao Yu, in order to compensate everyone who did not get to see Sangrove’s performance, he gave everyone present a fairly good amount of money.

Add to that the money that he spent on several fighters, and it really amounted to a ton of moolah! However, this was not a big deal in his eyes, so it naturally did not affect his mood.

Now, Miao Kun had finally realized that, instead of forcing Miao Ying to do what she didn’t want to do, he might as well just let his daughter do what she liked, which included being with Zhao Yu.

Moreover, he had gradually found that, although Zhao Yu seemed to be a hooligan, he did indeed have strong abilities. Therefore, allowing his daughter to be with such a person was not necessarily the worst thing in the world!

One main positive about the pair being together was that his mind could be more at ease regarding his daughter’s safety. Now that Miao Ying was with Zhao Yu, he could set his mind at rest.

After dinner, Miao Ying wanted to stay with her parents, as after today, her family would going in different directions again. So, they naturally wanted to cherish this rare reunion and spend as much time as possible together.

Of course, Zhao Yu understood this. Besides, since Miao Ying was already the deputy team leader, this meant that, from now on, they could stay together when they were on duty. So, he didn’t care much about one night of separation.

Miao Ying wanted Zhao Yu to stay, but Zhao Yu would not agree to it. After all, he had received a Qian hexagram today, so he feared that something wrong would happen if he stayed. In addition, his luggage was at the hotel, and he also had to arrange his schedule for tomorrow.

At 10 in the evening, Zhao Yu and his team said goodbye to Miao Ying and her family. Because they would meet up tomorrow, Zhao Yu left the Land Rover for Miao Ying, while he and his team left in a police car from the Criminal Division.

Snow began to fall again, soon covering the ground with a layer of frosty silver. The car left the villa and slowly came to the front gate. At this time, his team members finally started talking to one another.

Ran Tao was always the first person to speak. “Boss, you were amazing today! You even criticized your prospective father-in-law publicly. And that champion… You hit him so hard! You know… We actually called an ambulances in advance for you today!”

Zeng Ke then asked, “Team leader, I don’t understand… Why the blackout? Do you have friends in the villa that helped you pull that off?”

Wu Xiumin then chimed in, “I’ve already transferred Lei Bin one million, so you can rest assured that he won’t say anything!”

Ran Tao laughed loudly. “Ha ha! Boss, you’ve made a big fortune today. We’ve all worked hard. Shouldn’t there be some reward, hmm?”

Wu Xiumin then said, “I agree with Ran Tao. Do you know what I did to Essien? Phenolphthalein tablets in his juice! That is my exclusive recipe!”

Cui Lizhu then chimed in, “And I helped with the tablets!”

In the back seat, Wu Xiumin took Cui Lizhu’s hand and said, “Yes, she is our secret weapon! Without her, we couldn’t have gotten the pills into Essien’s drink! Our leader truly does have eagle eyes when it come to picking talents for our team!”

Zhao Yu smiled at them from the seat next to the driver, then said, “Rest assured, I am not a stingy person. Later, there will be a six figure bonus for everyone!”

Ran Tao was very happy to hear this, and he exclaimed, “Thanks!”

“But, speaking of my eye for talents… Stop!” Zhao Yu suddenly patted Ran Tao in an urgent manner.

“What?” Ran Tao did not understand what was going on.

“I told you to stop!” Zhao Yu yelled, causing Ran Tao to immediately stop the car.

Zhao Yu turned around, pointed to Cui Lizhu, then said, “Xiumin! Hurry up and search her!”

The others were confused and stunned.

Wu Xiumin was also confused, so she asked, “Why do you want me to search her?”

“Officer Zhao, why would you say this?” Cui Lizhu pulled back from them all quickly.

Zhao Yu yelled fiercely, “Cui Lizhu, I’ve just signed the document, and it’s only your first day. How could you do what you did? Besides… This is my future father-in-law’s house!”

Wu Xiumin was surprised at his cryptic words, so she asked Cui Lizhu for clarification, “Did you do it again?”

“No… ” Cui Lizhu professed her innocence vehemently.

“I tell you… I care the least about money!” Zhao Yu said. “But, what you did today will destroy my reputation! Hurry up… Hand over the stuff!”

Cui Lizhu was frightened by Zhao Yu, so she asked him, while trembling, “What do you want from me?”

As Zhao Yu glared at Cui Lizhu, Wu Xiumin reluctantly searched her. But, she found nothing.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Yu urged her, “Search again, more carefully this time!”

Wu Xiumin searched her again, only to confirm, “There really is nothing on her!”

Cui Lizhu was so frightened that tears were streaming down her face. “I only have one cell phone that you gave me! Why are you treating me this way?”

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu stared at her, then came up with an excuse quickly, “Cui Lizhu, can’t you see? I’m testing you!”

Upon hearing Zhao Yu’s words, everyone was baffled. Some of them were even a bit embarrassed.

Cui Lizhu then asked, “Are you mad at me or something?”

Zhao Yu then said, “I am an honest man, do you understand? So, you guys need to learn that from me. Especially you, Cui Lizhu! You should not only be an honest person and virtuous person, but you should also be a decent person…”

Instantly, the air in the car seemed to be frozen. It was so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Cui Lizhu finally broke the silence as she said weakly, “Team leader, if that’s the case, I’d rather you were still a bad rascal like before…”

Ran Tao wiped the nervous sweat off of his brow and quickly tried to change the subject. “Boss, let’s talk about those bonuses instead…”

Just as Zhao Yu was just going to continue to preach the lesson that he had learned today to the rest of his team members, his mobile phone suddenly rang. It was Director Chief Jiao.

Zhao Yu dared not ignore it, so he answered it immediately. After less than a minute, Zhao Yu arched his eyebrows and asked with great surprise, “Again? Why me?”