Crazy Detective Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Killers Motive


The minute it got dark, the temperature outside dropped sharply. Although he was sitting in a car with the heater going at full blast, Zhao Yu still felt cold. It was a kind of coldness that chilled one to the bone, and it made Zhao Yu feel distressed.

Although Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were responsible for investigating two different murder cases, what they were both looking for was basically the same. At the moment, Miao Ying needed to go to the Golden City Police Station to see the electrocuted victim’s body, while Zhao Yu also needed to go to the police station to collect relevant information to Han Kuan’s case, as well as to build their temporary office with Zeng Ke.

In order to avoid any unnecessary travel, Zhao Yu applied for permission from the police station and was approved to bring the suspect Han Kuan to the police station to assist in the investigation. Although Deputy Bureau Chief Zhang didn’t have the authority to approve this, he had helped them to get permission.

Due to the severe shortage of personnel at the police station, several experienced prison guards from the detention center had to help them escort Han Kuan.

Fortunately, the detention center and the Golden City Police Station were near to each other. So, after leaving Han Kuan, Zhao Yu drove the van to the local police station and arrived within five minutes.

The local police station was indeed old and rundown. It had three floors and was much smaller than the local police substation in Qianshan.

In order to show their respect to the Special Investigation Group, Deputy Bureau Chief Zhang, according to his leaders’ instructions, had emptied the Bureau Chief’s office for Zhao Yu’s use.

In addition, because of the seriousness of the case, they had summoned more staff members to arrive during the night, having called in favors from various police substations. Although the overall working environment was severely lacking, the Bureau Chief’s office was actually in pretty good shape.

It was spacious, and it even had a small sideroom attached to it. So, whenever someone got tired, he could go in there to rest.

Of course, Deputy Bureau Chief Zhang had also booked a hotel for all of them. The hotel was just across the street from the police station, which made it very convenient, as it was just a short walk away.

Fortunately, the heating in the police station was adequate, and once they got inside, Zhao Yu and the others finally were able to get warm again.

“Director Ba!” Having just arrived, Zhao Yu greeted Director Ba.

He then said, “First, I need to talk to all of the police officers who were at Han Kuan’s house the night of the murder, especially the ones who were in charge of collecting evidence. Please bring all of these people to me, as I want to ask them something! Also, don’t forget to call in the victim’s brother, Zhang Jingfeng.”

“Okay…” Director Ba nodded, but looked confused. He then asked, “So… What about the other case?”

“That case is being taken care of by the others. You just need to do as I said!” Zhao Yu waved his hand, signaling his dismissal. At that moment, Director Ba hurried out to obey his orders.

After they had sorted out Zhao Yu’s new office, Zeng Ke started installing the necessary equipment. Wu Xiumin then went to the prison at the police station, where Han Kuan was writing down his notes regarding 11 Kills.

Zhao Yu followed his usual practice and set up several white boards, then started to add case information on each of them. He felt that only by doing this could he sort through his thoughts clearly.

“Team leader, I just heard Wu Xiumin talking to Cui Lizhu,” Zeng Ke chatted with Zhao Yu as he was setting up the equipment. “She said that, from her point of view, the serial killer must have serious psychological problems…”

Zhao Yu replied without hesitation as he was adding information to the white boards, “The murderer and the character in the book are sharing the same experience. Because of the serial killer’s mental problems, he somehow related with the character in the book, which is why he began to conduct his killings according to the plot!”

Zeng Ke nodded, “You are really good at this, boss!”

Zeng Ke then said, “Since the father in the book avenges his daughter, could Miao Ying find any useful information by checking previous suicide records in the area?”

“Not necessarily, as the working conditions here are really unsatisfactory,” Zhao Yu said as he shook his head. “Besides, didn’t you hear what Chief Director said? Accidental deaths, suicides, and people that are frozen to death are quite numerous around here. Moreover, the book manuscripts were lost a long time ago. If the killer’s daughter committed suicide, it should have been done a long time ago. In short, it’s not that simple…”

Zeng Ke then said, “Oh, so her case is even more difficult than ours?”

Zhao Yu laughed, then said, “Not really! Actually, I think they should be able to solve their case by using conventional investigative means! After all, there have been four murders, so how could the killer leave not a single trace in all four of them? Plus, Miao Ying is really good. She should be able to solve her case before we can solve ours.”

Zeng Ke then pointed to the white boards and asked, “So… You think that it will be more difficult to prove Han Kuan’s innocence?”

“Precisely, as it’s much too early to even say that he is innocent,” Zhao Yu said, while looking at the white boards. “After all, Han Kuan is a talented crime fiction writer, so it’s not impossible that he just made up all of this!”

Zeng Ke shook his head, then said, “No… I have read the records. Chief Zhang is right. The psychiatrist has examined Han Kuan thoroughly, declaring that he has no mental problems whatsoever.”

He shook his head, then shrugged his shoulders. “Han Kuan is just a crime fiction writer, plain and simple. And the most unreasonable thing to consider about that scenario is his motive. Almost all of the people who knew the couple said that Han Kuan and his wife had a very happy marriage. Although they were not super rich, they live a good life. So, there was absolutely no reason for him to kill his wife!”

Zhao Yu quickly reminded Zeng Ke, “The Yongjin Island case has just been closed. Did you forget it so quickly?”

Zeng Ke shook his head, immediately understanding what Zhao Yu meant.

Zhao Yu said sadly, “That case proved… We may see a man’s exterior, but not know the darkness that is lurking in his heart. So… What if Han Kuan is also a hidden murderer?”

“Your words scare me.” Zeng Ke shook his head. “Han Kuan is already in prison. What else can he do?”

“Think about it… If the police can’t find Han Kuan guilty, Han Kuan will be set free,” Zhao Yu said. “Then… What will happen?”

“Oh…” Zeng Ke’s eyes grew wide as saucers as he gave the right answer immediately, “Han Kuan’s novel will surely become a big hit! After all, a crime fiction writer, who is involved in a homicide case, then regains his freedom sure does make for a great headline!”

Zeng Ke shook his head suddenly, then said, “But… Team leader… In order to become famous, would he really kill his beloved wife? I find that pretty hard to believe. Moreover, that is quite a gamble to take. Is he not afraid of ruining his future? After all, if no one can prove his innocence, he’ll be in prison for the rest of his life!”

Zhao Yu then asked, “Have you read about Han Kuan’s background carefully? If so, didn’t you find it strange that the couple were both over 40 years old, but never had a child?”

“Hmmm…” Zeng Ke never thought that Zhao Yu would bring this up.

Zhao Yu then said, “That could very well be a motive for the murder. Maybe Han Kuan couldn’t stand the fact that his wife hadn’t provided him with any descendants, but since he couldn’t find any official reason to divorce his wife, he went to extremes to get rid of her in this way!”

Zhao Yu continued excitedly, “Then… After he clears his name, he would be able to marry another woman and then have a child with her! As his novel will become a sensation due to this high-profile murder mystery that it is entangled within, then it will surely sell well. Hence, he could have both fame and wealth in the end!”

“No way!” Zeng Ke was shocked by Zhao Yu’s theory. He actually had to sit down on the chair for a moment and collect himself.

Just as Zeng Ke started to check the information according to Zhao Yu’s new theory, Director Ba came to report that the victim’s brother, Zhang Jingfeng, had just arrived.