Crazy Detective Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Unwelcomed Sources

Zhao Yu had come to a realization about the system. He opened the "Gen-Zhen Hexagram" that morning. Gen represented mountain, and Zhen represented thunder. According to his old notes, the "Gen" hexagram apparently appeared more than any other hexagram! Reflecting on all of his experiences, Zhao Yu realized that the so-called "Gen" apparently had something to do with his career. When the Miracle System first appeared, the very first hexagram explanation had the word "Gen," and by the end of that day, Zhao Yu had singlehandedly caught the culprit of the Taser Rape Case. And on the day when he had caught the thief while riding a camel, he had also gotten the "Gen" hexagram. Even when he investigated the Lost Hand Case, every time the "Gen" hexagram appeared, he had found important pieces of evidence. One could tell that the "Gen" hexagram was most likely related to his job, and Zhao Yus job was solving cases!

Liu Changhus announcement that Zhao Yu was being transferred also had a heavy relation to his work. This was possibly because Zhao Yu had gotten the "Gen" hexagram. If "Dui" represented money, and "Gen" represented his career, then what about everything else? Zhao Yu nodded quietly. Since he had uncovered the meaning behind those two hexagrams, then he was sure to find out the meaning of the others within the next few days, right?

"I dont care if you understand or not," Liu Changhu could never guess what Zhao Yu was thinking and continued without a care, "from now on, you can take care of the cold cases!" He continued, "Oh, right, I just checked my notes. Due to it being unsolved for ten years, the Uptown Slaughter Case gets priority. Ill leave this key mission to you! Hopefully you can continue your incredible performance and quickly solve this case!

"What the heck!" Li Beini was very agitated, "Team Leader Liu, our team is currently focused on the Floating Corpse Case, so we need all the help we can get! Now you tell Officer Zhao to investigate old cases? Isnt that just weakening the strength of our team?

"Huh? Li Beini? Thats not what I mean at all!" Liu Changhu glared at her, "The Cold Case Investigation Group is directly commanded by Team A. Technically, Zhao Yu can still participate! He just has one extra job!"

"Hmph, you make it sound nice, but everyone knows how hard it is to solve cold cases! Cant you at least find some assistance for Officer Zhao?" Li Beinis words were filled with a sense of justice, "How about this, you go tell the higher-ups, and put me with Zhao Yu"

"Huh!" Hearing this, Zhao Yu Finally stood up and pressed on Li Beinis shoulder.

Seeing Zhao Yu get up, Liu Changhu instinctively took a few steps back, afraid Zhao Yu would strike at any moment.

"Sweetie," Yet, Zhao Yu was still calm as he talked to Li Beini, "thank you for your kindness, I appreciate it! Dont worry, its just the Cold Case Investigation Department! Its no big deal! Actually, Ill let you know, Ive always wanted the higher-ups to move me to this department!"

"What?!" Not only Li Beini and Team A colleagues were stunned, but even Liu Changhu was surprised.

"See here!" Zhao Yu pointed at Zhang Jingfengs office desk, "Ive already heard from Zhang that the Cold Case Department is truly amazing! The prize for solving one of the old cases is many times better than ours! If you solve the Uptown Slaughter Case, the reward is this many figures!" Zhao Yu gestured a "six" and continued, "This is a great opportunity to get rich! Also, cracking these types of cases makes you more credible! If I solve one or two of these, hehe, Im sure to be End of The Year Investigator of Excellency! Who else would it be? Where could you possibly find such a good opportunity?"

"Iyou" Li Beini brushed Zhao Yus hand from her shoulder, then spoke with disappointment, "Sir, do you have brain damage? Youre looking at the situation, and you are still thinking of making money?"

"Hehe! Good! Good!" Liu Changhu was beyond joyful and immediately raised a thumb to Zhao Yu, praising him, "Zhao Yu! I truly love your magnanimous words! I have nothing more to add, so good luck with your cases! Ill be waiting to give you your huge rewards and credit! Haha" Liu Changhu smiled as he walked out of the office, but as he entered the hallway, danger flashed in his eyes! He thought to himself, "This idiot Zhao Yu, everyone knows the Cold Case Department is a death trap, but you think its some sort of gold mine for promotion! Ill see how many cold cases you can crack. Just watch, in a bit, Ill kick you down into the patrol department, and you can go collect trash for all I care!"

After Liu Changhu left, Li Beini continued to scold Zhao Yu, "What are you going to do? You attended a training camp, and now you think youre some kind of Sherlock Holmes? If those Cold Cases were that easy to crack, why would they still be here? I dont understand what youre thinking!"

"Yeah!" Liu Xiushan agreed, "Zhao, this is obviously Team Leader Liu trying to bully you! Why are you jumping into the death trap? If you ask me, you should hurry and call Peng Xin right now and see if she can help you out!"

Zhao Yu smiled and spoke, "Cant you guys tell? Me getting transferred wasnt just because of Liu Changhu!"

"Ah?" Liu Beini was confused, "Why?"

"Think about it. I just got awarded, so if the higher-ups really thought that I was essential to this Investigation Group, why would I get transferred to the Cold Case Department? Even if Liu Changhu was trying to bully me, if the higher-ups didnt give the OK, then how could he?" Zhao Yu spoke calmly, "In the end, it is still the higher-ups who dont see me as important!"

"Ah?" Li Beini asked again, "Why?"

"Who knows? Maybe they didnt like my style!" Zhao Yu laughed, "Maybe because I got all of the prize money, but I didnt kiss up to anyone? Or maybe, to frame me, someone pulled even more strings than that! But I think the biggest possibility is that theyre jealous, jealous of my talent and glory! Jealous of my beauty and style!"

"Ah, my God!" Li Beini almost fainted from Zhao Yus words, "Bro, this is called some sort of crazy narcissism! Even I want to kick you!"

"Muwahaha" Zhao Yu laughed, "No matter what, since the higher-ups have already decided, I cant do anything about it now. I might as well accept this reality!"

"But these are cold cases!" Li Beini said, "Have you seen Liang Huan? Calling it helping the interrogation room was just a euphemism for giving him menial work! Bro, if you cant solve any case, and with Team Leader Liu against you, you wont even get to do that!"

"Wahahaha" Zhao Yu could not stop laughing, but prayed in his heart, "The amazing Miracle System, whether I have to do menial works or not, only depends on you!"